Goals and Highlights: Chivas 0-0 Leon in 2020 Liga MX
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9:53 PM10 days ago

Full Time | Chivas 0-0 León

In a game that really picked up during the second half, neither Chivas nor León were able to break the deadlock in their opening match. Ángel Mena wasted plenty of chances.
9:51 PM10 days ago


Long-range shot from Molina, easily stopped by Cota.
9:48 PM10 days ago


Four minutes of added time!
9:46 PM10 days ago


Sánchez receives accidentally a finger to the eye from Moreno , and the game has to be stopped while the medical staff checks on him.
9:42 PM10 days ago


Mena misses another huge chance! He now sends a volley over the crossbar from a very advantageous position.
9:41 PM10 days ago

84' | Chivas Substitution

Zaldívar comes off so 'Chofis' López can come on.
9:40 PM10 days ago

83' | León Substitution

Osvaldo Rodríguez takes Pedro Aquino's spot on the field. 
9:38 PM10 days ago


Macías tries to head the ball over Cota, but the attempt hits the post!
9:37 PM10 days ago


Montes tries to surprise Rodríguez with a strong shot to the near post, but the keeper responds well!
9:35 PM10 days ago

78' | León Substitution

Sosa is replaced by Rodríguez in the away team.
9:32 PM10 days ago


Chivas beginning to exhibit better play!

A good chance ends with a decent shot from Calderón to the near post that forces a save from Cota.

9:29 PM10 days ago


Cota makes another save to a set-pieces play.
9:27 PM10 days ago


Barreiro lets a ball pass by him, leaving Calderón in good shooting position. The strike is stopped by Cota.
9:24 PM10 days ago


Montes takes a shot with his right, but Rodríguez is there to make the save!
9:23 PM10 days ago

66' | Chivas Substitution

Angulo is replaced by Villalpando.
9:22 PM10 days ago


Another incredible miss from Mena!

Ramírez cuts the ball back to the Ecuatorian who sends it wide despite having an open goal.

9:20 PM10 days ago


There's a collision inside the Chivas area, and the game is stopped so the medical team can check on Calderón.
9:15 PM10 days ago

57' | Leon Substitution

Armando León leaves his place on the pitch for Joel Campbell.
9:14 PM10 days ago


Mena is found by a low cross right on the penalty spot, but he makes an awful contact with his left and a huge chance is wasted.
9:13 PM10 days ago


The game continues to lack any clarity from either team.

Chivas has gained a bit more possession than they had in the first half.

9:06 PM10 days ago


A couple of interventions from Toño Rodríguez to stop crosses from reaching León players inside the box.
9:05 PM10 days ago

46' | Chivas Substitution

Calderón replaces Brizuela on the pitch.
9:03 PM10 days ago

45' | Second Half Begins!

We're underway with the last 45 minutes of the match between Chivas and León!
8:48 PM10 days ago

Half Time | Chivas 0-0 León

We go to the break with no goals on the scoreboard.
8:47 PM10 days ago


Molina tries a lobbed pass looking to find Brizuela who was making a run.

Cota gets to the ball first, however, there's a collision between both men.

8:46 PM10 days ago


Montes takes a free-kick, but the attempt is just wide of the goal!
8:42 PM10 days ago


Chivas tries to power their way into the Leon box, but not much understanding is shown between its players.

The ball ends up reaching Cota who plays it with his feet.

8:37 PM10 days ago


This is a typical Matchday 1 match in which both teams are still adapting after the break.
8:32 PM10 days ago


Macías leaves Brizuela in a good position to score, but the left-footed strike is wide from the far post of Cota.
8:30 PM10 days ago


Leon currently with possession of 69% despite being the team away from home.

Chivas really struggling to get any build-up play going.

8:26 PM10 days ago


An attempt by Barreiro that ends up going well over the bar.
8:22 PM10 days ago


Leon attempts with crosses coming in from the right, but they are unable to be precise and create danger.
8:18 PM10 days ago


The game continues with a lot of struggle in midfield. Neither team is able to create too much in offense.
8:11 PM10 days ago


Chivas attempts to put pressure on León, but they're still unable to put either Macías or Zaldívar in scoring position.
8:07 PM10 days ago


First shot of the match by Montes is easily stopped by Toño Rodríguez.
8:02 PM10 days ago

0' | Kick-Off!

The match between Chivas and León is underway!
8:00 PM10 days ago

Both teams have stepped onto the pitch and we're ready for the start of the match!
7:55 PM10 days ago

Chivas president Amaury Vergara dedicates this match to essential personnel


7:51 PM10 days ago

José Juan Macías, the young striker who has played for both clubs is ready for the start of the match!

7:44 PM10 days ago

Chivas is looking for their third consecutive victory against León at Estadio Akron.
7:38 PM10 days ago

Chivas will debut their new kit in the match against Leon tonight. The traditional red-and-white striped shirt this time doesn't feature any blue on it.

Here, the captain Jesus Molina can be seen checking it out.

7:31 PM10 days ago

Chivas: Starting XI

Rodríguez; Sepúlveda, Mier, Ponce, Sánchez; Molina, Vázquez, Angulo, Brizuela; Zaldívar, Macías.

7:28 PM10 days ago

León: Starting XI

Cota; Tesillo, Barreiro, Moreno, Ramírez; Aquino, Meneses, Montes; Mena, León, Sosa.

7:21 PM10 days ago

Chivas partnered up with Twitter for the #TweetsEnElAkron campaign in which tweets from their fans are displayed within the stadium to compensate for the lack of a crowd.

This way, the players can feel the support from their huge fanbase.

7:07 PM10 days ago

Earlier today, Alexis Vega confirmed that he has tested positive with COVID-19 and will be unavailable for tonight's match.

7:05 PM10 days ago

Recent Matches

Guadalajara has 5 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses against León between Liga MX and Copa MX in their ten most recent matches.
7:02 PM10 days ago

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11:28 AM10 days ago

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11:27 AM10 days ago

Leon has not reported any positive COVID-19 cases in their current squad, which means that Ignacio Ambríz will have all his men at his disposal for the game.
11:25 AM10 days ago

Antonio Rodríguez, José Juan Vázquez, Oribe Peralta, José Juan Macías, Rodolfo Cota y Jesús Godínez are the players from the current squads that have defended both shirts.
11:22 AM10 days ago

Luis Fernando Tena will continue to be absent from the Chivas bench after testing positive for Covid-19.

In addition, Fernando Beltrán, Uriel Antuna, and Ronaldo Cisneros will not be available to play for the same reason.

11:21 AM10 days ago

Tonight's officiating team

The referee of the match will be Jorge Isaac Rojas.

He will be assisted by Alberto Morín and Miguel Ángel Chua as linesmen.

Diego Montaño will act as the fourth official.

11:19 AM10 days ago

How to watch Chivas vs Leon Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are Universo and Telemundo.

If you want to directly stream it: Chivas TV's paid stream.

If you want to follow it on the internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!

11:17 AM10 days ago

Leon's pre-season

The green side faced FC Juárez and Pachuca as part of the Telcel Cup, with a record of 1 victory and 1 setback.

The Guanajuato squad lost 5 players for this semester: Ignacio González, Sebastián Fassi, Miguel Herrera, Ismael Sosa and Ramiro González. 

They secured the signings of  Emmanuel Gigliotti, David Ramírez and Alfonso Blanco for the 2020 Guard1anes.

11:15 AM10 days ago

Chivas' pre-season

Chivas played 5 preparation games during the preseason and was part of the GNP Copa Por Mexico.  Their balance was of 3 wins and 2 losses.

In this tournament, they ended up runner-ups after losing the final to Cruz Azul.


11:11 AM10 days ago

Kick-off Time

The Chivas vs Leon match will be played at the Estadio Akron, in the Guadalajara metropolitan region, Mexico.

The kick-off is scheduled at 8:00 pm ET | 5:00 pm PT.

11:08 AM10 days ago

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