Goals and Highlights: Pumas 3-2 Querétaro, 2020 Liga MX
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2:58 PM9 days ago

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2:57 PM9 days ago

Pumas were more effective and took advantage of the extra man to get their first points of the tournament
2:57 PM9 days ago

End game

Pumas 3-2 Querétaro
2:54 PM9 days ago


Andres Iniestra is expelled after a strong entry at ankle level
2:52 PM9 days ago


Iturbe power shot that goes over the top
2:50 PM9 days ago


Five minutes were added
2:44 PM9 days ago


Changing Pumas. Rodriguez leaves and Mayorga enters.

Change of Querétaro. Islas leaves and Zurita enters

2:43 PM9 days ago

Goal of Pumas 3-2

2:42 PM9 days ago


Mendoza enters and Gutierrez leaves. Change of Pumas
2:41 PM9 days ago


Goal Pumas

Delayed diagonal and great shot by Dinenno for the 3-2

2:37 PM9 days ago

Goal of Querétaro 2-2

2:33 PM9 days ago

Goal of Pumas 2-1

2:32 PM9 days ago


Goal Querétaro

Sepulveda for direct free kick with the collaboration of Talavera

2:30 PM9 days ago


Change of Gallos. Ibarra went in and Escamilla came out
2:29 PM9 days ago

Goal of Querétaro 1-1

2:27 PM9 days ago


Goal Pumas

Center with violence to the small area of Iturbe and is auto-goal 2-1

2:25 PM9 days ago


Changing Pumas. Iturbe entered and Alvarez left.
2:23 PM9 days ago


Center to second post where Sepulveda can't close
2:21 PM9 days ago


Goal of Querétaro

Freire's own goal, delayed to Talavera and the ball goes into the net

2:20 PM9 days ago


Now Pumas bow to the extra man on the field
2:17 PM9 days ago


After the review in the VAR, the referee decides to expel Alfonso Luna
2:13 PM9 days ago


Shooting of Gonzalez to the location of Alcala
2:11 PM9 days ago


Center that manages to reject Gil Alcalá with both fists to the side
2:07 PM9 days ago


Talavera-containing shot without bouncing
2:06 PM9 days ago


Betancourt also left and Ramírez entered through Querétaro
2:06 PM9 days ago


Start of the second half
2:06 PM9 days ago


Changes of both teams

Querétaro: Rivera went out and Arellano came in

Pumas: Quintana leaves and Mozo enters

1:52 PM9 days ago

Gol Pumas 1-0

1:48 PM9 days ago

Half time

Pumas 1-0 Querétaro
1:46 PM9 days ago


Goal by Pumas

Dinenno's second post finish and Pumas already win it

1:45 PM9 days ago


Gonzalez's hairstyle that passes a few centimeters from the goal of Alcala
1:43 PM9 days ago


Great shortcut from Talavera to second post. It was Sepulveda's 1-0
1:39 PM9 days ago


Center of Gutierrez that goes through the whole area, but comes out very high and passes by
1:37 PM9 days ago


Kneeling in the middle of the field where Madrigal hits Iniestra
1:37 PM9 days ago


After Queretaro's dominance in the first minutes, Pumas neutralized in midfield, but the game has come to a halt
1:33 PM9 days ago


Diagonal shot from above the goal by Omar Islas
1:27 PM9 days ago


Rivera is left lying on the field after a strong clash with Nicolas Freire
1:26 PM9 days ago


Gonzalez's powerful center shot that brings out the feathered defense with a lot of hardship
1:24 PM9 days ago


Double fault of both teams, Vigon fell for Pumas and later, Betancourt with Queretaro
1:19 PM9 days ago


Shot by Rodriguez and great shortcut by Alcala that takes it out of the angle
1:17 PM9 days ago


Carlos Gonzalez's long overdue corner shot
1:15 PM9 days ago


Dangerous center shot where Talavera rejects last minute and avoids goal
1:09 PM9 days ago


Bentancour shot that saves Talavera and commands a corner kick
1:08 PM9 days ago


Querétaro with greater control of the ball and is putting Pumas in their own field
1:04 PM9 days ago


Ball that passes through the entire Querétaro area without finding a recipient
1:03 PM9 days ago


Free shot of Roosters that goes directly to the Talavera area
1:02 PM9 days ago

The match between Pumas and Querétaro begins
12:57 PM9 days ago

The teams are now taking to the field for their first game of the season
12:54 PM9 days ago

The Pumas anthem is now being sung prior to the start of the game
12:49 PM9 days ago

Many debuts will take place this day, among them Alfredo Talavera's under the UNAM Pumas' goal
12:44 PM9 days ago

The players begin to conclude their warm-up phase, to prepare for this match
12:39 PM9 days ago

The Pumas send an important message to their fans before this game
12:37 PM9 days ago

XI Querétaro

Alcalá; Luna, Nava, Doldán, Cervantes; Escamilla, Madrigal, Rivera, Islas, Sepúlveda; Betancourt
12:33 PM9 days ago

Hand to hand is in the goal. Great duel between Talavera and Alcalá
12:32 PM9 days ago

The inclusion of Rodríguez and Gutiérrez in the starting eleven to face Querétaro stands out
12:27 PM9 days ago

XI Pumas

Talavara; Quintana, Vázquez, Rodríguez, Freire; Iniestra, Álvarez, Gutiérrez, Vigón; Dinenno, González.
12:25 PM9 days ago

Instead, many players went to Tijuana, which was also due to the change of owners.

Gerson Vázquez, Areli Hernández, Ariel Nahuelpán, Paolo Yrizar, Jorge Aguilar, Jordi Cortizo, Clifford Aboagye, etc.

12:20 PM9 days ago

Querétaro, because of the change of owners it had, brought many players from Atlante, such as: Kevin Ramírez, Irving Zurita, Alfonso Luna, Omar Islas, Francisco da Costa, Sebastián Sosa, Nicolás Albarracín, among others.
12:19 PM9 days ago

They're gone...

Pumas had some painful losses for this tournament, such as Pablo Barrera, David Cabrera, Victor Malcorra, Martin Barragan and Alfredo Saldivar.
12:15 PM9 days ago

Querétaro's players are already on the field to start the warm-up
12:15 PM9 days ago

For this match, as in the previous ones, the health measures are being carried out to take care of all the members who will be part of this game
12:12 PM9 days ago

Carlos Gutiérrez, Juan Iturbe, Brian Figueroa and Alfredo Talavera were the high points of the Guardians 2020 tournament
12:09 PM9 days ago

Today will mark the debut of coach Alex Diego in the First Division, at just 35 years of age.

And he will do it in front of the team that debuted him as a professional player.

12:06 PM9 days ago

In excellent condition is the field of the University Olympics to live his second game of the season, as yesterday Cruz Azul beat Santos
12:04 PM9 days ago

The last few seasons have been good for Pumas, as they have not lost since the 2017 Clausura
12:00 PM9 days ago

Days before his debut, the Spanish Míchel González resigned from the technical direction of Pumas and, at least this match, will be directed by Andrés Lillini
11:59 AM9 days ago

We begin with coverage of the only Sunday meeting.

With more doubts than certainties, Pumas receive Queretaro from the Estadio Olimpico Universitario

5:27 PM10 days ago

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Latest games

The last time they played in the Mexican capital was on August 21, 2018 with a 1-0 win for the Gallos with a goal by Camilo Sanvezzo.
5:27 PM10 days ago

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Key player Querétaro

Goalkeeper Gil Alcalá was one of the few to stay, although he has shown leadership, class and skill under the three posts.

5:26 PM10 days ago

Key player Pumas

Carlos Gonzalez is the vital cog in the attacking game and will be responsible for getting the goals to UNAM.

5:26 PM10 days ago

Querétaro reinforcements

In front of the new owners, many Atlante players were the tall ones like Eduardo Bravo, Sebastian Sosa, Francisco da Costa, Kevin Ramirez, Omar Islas and Francisco Rivera.
5:26 PM10 days ago

Pumas reinforcements

Juan Iturbe, Brian Figueroa and Alfredo Talavera were some tall ones for this competition; although some important players like Pablo Barrera, Victor Malcorra and David Cabrera left.
5:25 PM10 days ago

Querétaro: a new team

With the sale of the team, the staff has changed completely and now the technical management will be under the command of Alex Diego.
5:25 PM10 days ago

Pumas: Showing their faces

Days before his debut, Spanish coach Michel Gonzalez left the team, so Andres Lillini will take over temporarily.
5:25 PM10 days ago

Kick-off time

The Pumas vs Querétaro match will be played at the stadium CU, in México City. The kick-off is scheduled at 1 pm ET.
5:24 PM10 days ago

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