Goals and Highlights: Orlando City 1-0 Montreal Impact in 2020 MLS is Back Tournament
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10:11 PM10 days ago

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10:08 PM10 days ago

90'+6' -Finish the game!

Orlando is qualified for the next phase!
10:07 PM10 days ago

90'+2 -Substitution (Montreal)

Out: Piette

In: Urruti

10:05 PM10 days ago

90'+1' -Substitution (Orlando)

Out: Mendez

In: Dezart

10:00 PM10 days ago

90' - Added time!

The referee added 6 minutes to the scoreboard!
10:00 PM10 days ago

89' - Yellow card!

Dike disobeys the referee and receives a yellow card!
9:59 PM10 days ago

86' - Substitution (Orlando)

Out: Ruan

In: Smith

9:49 PM10 days ago

82' -Substitution (Orlando)

Out: Mueller

In: Rodrigo

9:46 PM10 days ago


Dike runs, tries to kick and Diop intercepts.
9:45 PM10 days ago

79' - WOOOOOW!

Kyoto heads and almost scores a goal!
9:44 PM10 days ago

76' -Hydration break

The referee stopped the match for the soccer players to drink water.
9:43 PM10 days ago


Piette falls into the area and the referee doesn't take a penalty.
9:41 PM10 days ago

73' -Substitution (Orlando)

Out: Akindele

In: Dike

Out: Pereyra

In: Perea

9:38 PM10 days ago

71' -Substitution (Montreal)

Out: Fanni

In: Lassi

9:37 PM10 days ago

See the goal!

9:33 PM10 days ago


Anthony kicks, the ball deflects and goes out.
9:31 PM10 days ago

62' - Substitution (Montreal)

Out: Bojan

In: Anthony

9:29 PM10 days ago

61' - Yellow Card!

Moutinho fouls Bojan and receives a yellow card!
9:26 PM10 days ago

59' - GOOOOOAL!!!

Moutinho passes to Nani, he passes to Mendez, he kicks, Diop saves and Akindele scores the goal!
9:22 PM10 days ago


Mendez kicks, the ball deflects and goes out.
9:21 PM10 days ago

54' -substitution (Montreal)

Out: Okwonkwo

In: Jukka

9:19 PM10 days ago


Moutinho crosses and the defense intercepts.
9:18 PM10 days ago


Orlando regains possession.
9:14 PM10 days ago


Montreal keeps possession of the ball on the attacking field.
9:11 PM10 days ago

45' -Restarts the match!

Rolling ball!
9:02 PM10 days ago


Orlando City x Montreal Impact

Shots: 5 x 4

Possession: 63% x 37%

Fouls: 2 x 5

8:59 PM10 days ago

Great saves!

8:58 PM10 days ago


8:57 PM10 days ago

45'+2' -Halftime!

End of the first half!
8:55 PM10 days ago

45' - Added time!

The referee added 2 minutes to the scoreboard!
8:54 PM10 days ago

44' - Offside!

Mendez passes to Akindele, he passes to Mendez and he scores the goal. The referee marked offside!
8:49 PM10 days ago

40' - WOOOOOW!!

Mueller passes to Mendez and he kicks over the goal. Great opportunity!
8:45 PM10 days ago


Mendez kicks and Diop makes a great save!
8:45 PM10 days ago

Ball possession

Orlando City 63% x 37% Montreal Impact
8:43 PM10 days ago

34' - Hydration break

The referee stopped the match for the soccer players to drink water.
8:38 PM10 days ago


Okwonkwo runs on the counterattack and Moutinho blocks.
8:36 PM10 days ago


Mueller crosses and the defense intercepts.
8:33 PM10 days ago


Quioto crosses, Piette heads and Gallese defends!
8:31 PM10 days ago


Mendez commits a dangerous foul on Okwonkwo.
8:29 PM10 days ago

20' - WOOOOOW!!!

Nani crosses, Diop saves, Mueller kicks and Diop saves again!
8:26 PM10 days ago


Montreal keeps possession of the ball!
8:24 PM10 days ago


Mueller dribbles the defenders, doesn't shoot, passes to Akindele and the referee marks the offside.
8:21 PM10 days ago


Okwonkwo fouls Jansson.
8:19 PM10 days ago


Mendez kicks, misses, Mueller catches the ball and fails.
8:17 PM10 days ago


Moutinho crosses and nobody heads.
8:16 PM10 days ago


Montreal tries to attack, but Quioto fouls the defender.
8:15 PM10 days ago

6' - WOOOOW!!

Ruan runs from the side, passes to Nani, he passes to Pereyra and he kicks out!
8:12 PM10 days ago


Moutinho tries to pass to Nani, but Diop defends!
8:10 PM10 days ago


Nani falls and the referee says it wasn't a foul!
8:09 PM10 days ago


Orlando keeps possession of the ball!
8:07 PM10 days ago

0' -Starts the game!

Rolling ball in Orlando!
8:00 PM10 days ago


The teams are already in the field to comply with the protocols.
7:51 PM10 days ago

Black lives matter!

7:49 PM10 days ago

Orlando is warming up!

7:34 PM10 days ago

Montreal Impact: Lineup

Diop; Brault, Fanni, Binks and Corrales; Piette, Wanyama and Taider; Okwonkwo, Quioto and Krkic.  
7:25 PM10 days ago

Orlando City: lineup

Gallese; Ruan, Antonio Carlos, Jansson and Moutinho; Pereyra, Rossel, Mendez and Mueller; Nani and Akindele. 
7:21 PM10 days ago

Both teams have already arrived at ESPN Worldwide Complex!
7:19 PM10 days ago

Orlando Jersey

Orlando City will play with his purple jersey. Home jersey!
7:17 PM10 days ago

Orlando City: Lineup

At the moment, it doesn't rain in Orlando and it's very hot. The thermometer marked 87 ° F.
5:34 AM10 days ago

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How to watch Orlando City vs Montreal Impact Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are: ESPN 2.

If you want to directly stream it: ESPN+ and YouTube TV.

If you want to watch in on internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!

5:29 AM10 days ago

Montreal Impact: Last Lineup

Diop; Fanni, Wanyama and Binks; Brault, Piette, Krkic, Taider and Corrales; Urruti and Quioto. 
5:26 AM10 days ago

Orlando City: Last Lineup

Gallese; Ruan, Antonio Carlos, Jansson and Bragança; Muller, Junior Urso, Rosell and Pereyra; Akindele and Nani. 
5:24 AM10 days ago

Montreal Impact: Team news

Montreal Impact isn't playing the competition very well. In Group B, he lost against Toronto and the New England Revolution. Won only against DC United. He qualified because was one of the best third placed in the competition. What can we expect from Thierry Henry's team in this match?
5:16 AM10 days ago

Orlando City: Team news

Orlando City has won two matches and drawn only one in three games. He played in Group A with Philadelphia Union, Inter Miami and New York City. The best player on the team in MLS is Back so far is Cris Mueller, but will Junior Urso play better than he does today?
5:08 AM10 days ago

Who's the favorite?

Orlando City and Montreal Impact have played against 12 times. There are six Montreal Impact wins, two draws and four Orlando City wins.
4:59 AM10 days ago

Offensive match

In an interview with the club's official website, coach Óscar Pareja said he wants Orlando City playing at the front of the field, dominating possession and the pace of the game.
4:54 AM10 days ago

Kick-off time

The Orlando City vs Montreal Impact match will be played at the ESPN Worldwide Complex, in Orlando, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 8pm ET.
4:51 AM10 days ago

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