Goals and Highlights: Pachuca 1-2 América, 2020 Liga MX
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11:08 PM10 days ago


11:07 PM10 days ago

Goal Pachuca 1-2

11:03 PM10 days ago

America take their first points of the tournament with a 2-1 win over Pachuca.
11:03 PM10 days ago

End game

Pachuca 1-2 América
11:01 PM10 days ago


Goal Pachuca

Despite Ochoa's detour, Richards makes it 2-1

11:00 PM10 days ago


Penalty kick for Pachuca
10:59 PM10 days ago

Goal América 2-0

10:55 PM10 days ago


Se agregan cinco minutos
10:54 PM10 days ago


Goal America.

Cordova takes the penalty to make it 2-0 

10:52 PM10 days ago


Penalty in favour of America
10:49 PM10 days ago


Nurse's head goes sideways
10:48 PM10 days ago


Pachuca with more control of the ball, but can't get deep on the sides
10:43 PM10 days ago


Pardo comes out and Nurse goes in. Change of Pachuca
10:40 PM10 days ago


Gonzalez and Martin enter for America
10:38 PM10 days ago


Shot that goes way above Felipe Pardo
10:35 PM10 days ago


Pardo tries to overflow but the ball goes sideways
10:34 PM10 days ago

Goal América 1-0

10:28 PM10 days ago


Cáceres is sent off for a double yellow card
10:27 PM10 days ago


Goal America

Vines with little space take out the angled shot for the 1-0

10:26 PM10 days ago


With the red card, America slowly begins to tilt the pitch and move closer to Ustari's goal
10:23 PM10 days ago


Richards goes in and out of the Rose.

Sosa leaves and Eric Sanchez enters

Changes in the Tuzos

10:22 PM10 days ago


Vineyard header that goes to the height of Ustari
10:18 PM10 days ago


Second yellow for Hernandez and he's out
10:18 PM10 days ago


Direct free kick that doesn't go over in the Americanist area
10:15 PM10 days ago


Ibarguen leaves and Escoboza enters. Change of the America
10:13 PM10 days ago


Ibarguen is now the one lying on the field
10:11 PM10 days ago


Martinez power shot saves Ustari under the three posts
10:10 PM10 days ago


Cambio de los Tuzos- Garcia leaves and enters Salinas
10:09 PM10 days ago


The second half starts
9:53 PM10 days ago

Half time

Pachuca 0-0 América
9:52 PM10 days ago


Sanchez's direct free kick that catches the goalkeeper
9:50 PM10 days ago


Two more minutes are added
9:50 PM10 days ago


Pardo's crossfire that goes way off
9:49 PM10 days ago


Cordova's long line, but Ustari anticipates and picks up the ball
9:44 PM10 days ago


Great throw by Ustari after Cordova's shot
9:43 PM10 days ago


Lack of Garcia to stop Roger and the people of America ask for the second yellow card for the infraction
9:42 PM10 days ago


America has balanced the game, but now none of them manage to impose conditions in midfield
9:40 PM10 days ago


Shooting of the "Burrito" that goes to the stands of the stadium
9:39 PM10 days ago

Ochoa's shortcut

9:38 PM10 days ago


America's direct free kick with a deflected shot
9:33 PM10 days ago


Emmanuel Garcia is reprimanded. The yellow ones coming out left and right
9:32 PM10 days ago


Direct free shot from Chavez and inside the small area of the Rose sent it up. Near the Tuzos
9:30 PM10 days ago


Caceres and Pachuca foul dangerous direct free kick
9:28 PM10 days ago


Filtered pass that Ochoa leaves in time to catch the ball
9:26 PM10 days ago


Dangerous center to the small area that Valdez timely diverts to the side
9:22 PM10 days ago


Shot that tries Viñas, but covers the defensive in time
9:21 PM10 days ago


Pardo's foul and Pachuca's offensive move stays on
9:17 PM10 days ago


Hernandez shot saving Ochoa under the three posts
9:16 PM10 days ago


Yellow for "Burrito" Hernandez for a strong entry in midfield
9:14 PM10 days ago


Aguilera leaves and Cáceres enters. Forced change of America
9:13 PM10 days ago


Strong shock where Aguilera is lying and therefore enters the cart of misfortune
9:11 PM10 days ago


Foul on Memo Ochoa and ball from the back for America 
9:10 PM10 days ago


Shot by Luis Chavez that is deflected by the defense and goes to corner
9:07 PM10 days ago


Long ball controlling in the area Guillermo Ochoa
9:05 PM10 days ago


First foul on Roger Martinez's expensive game and a back flip
9:04 PM10 days ago


Pachuca vs. America kicks off
9:00 PM10 days ago

A minute's silence is observed for those who have lost their lives to the coronavirus
8:58 PM10 days ago

The teams start jumping on the field to give the opening whistle.

America are one of the favourites to be in the group, while Pachuca want to return to being a serious player

8:52 PM10 days ago

We're minutes away from the start of the day's game between Tuzos and America, so stay tuned for this minute-by-minute
8:49 PM10 days ago

The last few times they have met at Hidalgo, America usually play well and win the games, will the same inertia continue?
8:42 PM10 days ago

The players begin to finish their warm-up work to prepare for the opening whistle
8:42 PM10 days ago

In this way, Pachuca sent a message to his fans
8:38 PM10 days ago

He emphasizes that for this game Henry Martin was not taken into account by the "Piojo" to be a starter
8:34 PM10 days ago

XI América

Ochoa; Valdez, Aguilera, Reyes, Sánchez; Cásares, Sánchez, Ibarguen, Córdova; Martínez, Viñas
8:33 PM10 days ago

XI Pachuca

Ustari; Cabral, Murillo, García, Álvarez; Hernández, Chávez, Aguirre, Sosa; Pardo, De la Rosa
8:28 PM10 days ago

Luis Reyes and Emilio Sanchez became America's top performers, although both returned to the institution
8:23 PM10 days ago

Rubens Sambueza, Franco Jara and Juan Iturbe were some of the foreigners who left the club
8:20 PM10 days ago

Felipe Pardo and Ismael Sosa are Pachuca's two main acquisitions for this tournament
8:17 PM10 days ago

The central referee for this match will be Mario Humberto Vargas Mata
8:14 PM10 days ago

With the proper health protocols, this is how the Águilas of America arrived at the stadium
Photo: América
Photo: América
8:10 PM10 days ago

One man who will be wearing this shirt again is Roberto Nurse, who spent many years in the Ascenso MX, his last team being the Mineros de Zacatecas

8:05 PM10 days ago

Hidalgo Stadium is in impeccable condition to host the first game of the Guard1anes 2020 tournament
Image: Tuzos
Image: Tuzos
8:03 PM10 days ago

Huge gesture of the Tuzos in honoring the name of those who have lost the battle against the COVID-19
8:01 PM10 days ago

Starting this season, Pachuca's Tuzos will play on Monday nights, with the aim of distributing all the games so that people can watch them during the pandemic season.
8:00 PM10 days ago

The second game of this unusual Monday line-up gets underway.

Pachuca receives America and you can't miss all the details of the game, here... in VAVEL

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Latest games

The last meeting between the two clubs in the league and at Pachuca took place two years ago, in the Apertura 2018, where America won 3-1.
5:14 PM11 days ago

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5:13 PM11 days ago

Key player América

After signing his renewal, Federico Viñas will have to consolidate as the undisputed holder of the America's team.

5:13 PM11 days ago

Key player Pachuca

With the lack of a point of reference in the attack, the Chilean Victor Davila will have to assume that leadership and be the goal man of the team.

5:13 PM11 days ago

America reinforcements

Compared to other tournaments, the Águilas were not very active and only Luis Reyes and Emilio Sanchez returned.
5:12 PM11 days ago

Pachuca reinforcements

Felipe Pardo and Ismael Sosa were the new players; while elements such as Rubens Sambueza, Raul Lopez, but, above all, the injury that hurt the most was that of goal scorer Franco Jara.
5:12 PM11 days ago

America: improving in the defensive sector

During the preseason, America showed defensive shortcomings, so in this game you will have noticed what Miguel Herrera worked on.
5:12 PM11 days ago

Pachuca: giving a better account

The Tuzos have lacked a better combination in recent tournaments, a question they will seek from this first date.
5:12 PM11 days ago

Kick-off time

The Pachuca vs América match will be played at the stadium Hidalgo, in Pachuca. The kick-off is scheduled at 9 pm ET.
5:11 PM11 days ago

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