Goals and Highlights: Atlético de San Luis 1-1 FC Juárez in 2020 Liga MX
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9:14 PM13 days ago

Goals and Highlights

9:12 PM13 days ago

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9:10 PM13 days ago

Atletico de San Luis failed to take advantage of their advantage and ended up being tied by FC Juarez, who looked better in the second half.

On the second matchday of Guard1anes 2020, Los Potosinos will visit Toluca and the frontiers will host Necaxa.

8:55 PM13 days ago


Finish the game!
8:51 PM13 days ago


Four minutes added.
8:50 PM13 days ago


Double change of Bravos: Donaldo Hernandez and Alberto Acosta enter by Luis Lopez and Flavio Santos.
8:47 PM13 days ago


Vazquez Mellado! Again, the border guard contains Mauro Quiroga's header.
8:42 PM13 days ago


Second change of FC Juarez: Francisco Nevarez enters for Martin Fernandez.
8:41 PM13 days ago


Almost! Headbutt from Mauro Quiroga who passes only one side of the visiting goal.
8:40 PM13 days ago


Post! Jefferson Intriago shot that hits the crossbar. St. Louis is saved.
8:39 PM13 days ago


Second change of San Luis: Juan Castro enters by Fernando Leon.
8:37 PM13 days ago


Almost! Bruno Romo rejects the ball to prevent Germán Berterame's shot in front of goal.
8:32 PM13 days ago

FC Juárez goal!

Brian Rubio takes advantage of a rebound inside the area and pushes the ball to level the score.
8:25 PM13 days ago


First change for FC Juarez: Eryc Castillo enters for Martin Rabuñal.
8:25 PM13 days ago


San Luis' first move: Pablo Barrera leaves and Anderson Julio enters.
8:22 PM13 days ago


Good defensive work by Víctor Velázquez to avoid the hand-to-hand between Ibáñez and Vázquez.
8:20 PM13 days ago


In the last few minutes, both the locals and the visitors have shown enough inaccuracy to progress with their moves.
8:10 PM13 days ago


Free shot by Fernando Leon that Vazquez Mellado stops with both hands.
8:09 PM13 days ago


Bruno Romo is yellow carded for a foul on Nicolas Ibanez.
8:05 PM13 days ago


The second half starts!
8:03 PM13 days ago

That was German Berterame's score, with which San Luis is winning.  
7:49 PM13 days ago

Finish the first half!
7:49 PM13 days ago


Felipe Rodriguez! The local goalkeeper contains the shot by Mauro Fernandez.
7:48 PM13 days ago


One minute is added.
7:46 PM13 days ago


Victor Velazquez's new header passes over the top of the local goal.
7:42 PM13 days ago


Vazquez Mellado! The goalkeeper holds on and contains the head of Ibáñez, who was in front of the goal.
7:35 PM13 days ago


Almost! Shot by Nicolás Ibáñez who passes just above the visitor's crossbar.
7:34 PM13 days ago


Good service from Matías Catalán that Bruno Romo rejects in the right way to cut the danger.
7:30 PM13 days ago


Víctor Velázquez receives the preventive card for a foul on Germán Berterame.
7:29 PM13 days ago


Bruno Romo's head-butt that Felipe Rodriguez calmly stops.
7:26 PM13 days ago


Dionicio Escalante becomes the first cautioned player in the game.
7:22 PM13 days ago


After Atletico's goal, FC Juarez have taken the initiative; however, for now, it does not pose a threat.
7:11 PM13 days ago

Atlético de San Luis goal

Germán Berterame takes advantage of a rebound inside the area to finish off and put his team ahead.
7:10 PM13 days ago


New corner kick for Atlético de San Luis, after Victor Velázquez made a good coverage.
7:01 PM13 days ago


Game on!
6:59 PM13 days ago

The teams are now on the pitch, and a minute's silence is observed in honour of the victims of covid-19.
6:48 PM13 days ago

The local team is already doing warm-up exercises.
6:38 PM13 days ago

Substitutes: FC Juárez

E. Palos; A. Acosta, L. Hernández, F. Navarez, L. Olvera, O. Guerrero, A. García y E. Castillo.
6:37 PM13 days ago

Substitutes: Atlético de San Luis

A. Werner; D. Nava, U. García, J. Castro, A. Julio, P. López y D. Pineda.
6:35 PM13 days ago

FC Juárez' lineup defined

I. Vázquez; L. López, M. Olivera, B. Romo, V. Velázquez, J. Intriago, J. Zavala, M. Fernández, F. Santos, M. Rabuñal y B. Rubio.
6:33 PM13 days ago

Atlético de San Luis' lineup defined

C. Rodríguez; M. Catalán, D. Escalante, R. González, L. León, R. Noya, C. Mayada, G. Berterame, P. Barrera, N. Ibáñez y M. Quiroga.
6:25 PM13 days ago

Likewise, the Atleti makes his arrival at home.
6:24 PM13 days ago

The border team is already at the Potosi stadium.
2:44 AM14 days ago

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Key player: FC Juárez.

Dario Lezcano, attacker. The Paraguayan has also been a pleasant revelation in Mexican football; since his arrival a year ago, he has served as the offensive reference for the Bravos, and is looking to surpass his mark of eight goals per semester.
(Photo: Imago)
(Photo: Imago)
2:41 AM14 days ago

Key player: Atlético de San Luis


Mauro Quiroga, forward. The Comandante, who was champion of goleo a couple of seasons ago, will look to continue the great productivity he had in Necaxa, where in addition to scoring goals, he provided assists. He will try to ally himself with Nicolás Ibáñez to be one of the best duplicates of the competition.

(Photo: Atlético de San Luis)


2:38 AM14 days ago

Movements: FC Juárez.

The attackers Eryc Castillo and Victor Mañon stand out among the list of reinforcements by the border. In terms of casualties, the most painful are those of Diego Rolán and Angelo Zagal.
2:37 AM14 days ago

Movements: Atlético de San Luis.

Pablo Barrera and Mauro Quiroga, elements already led by Vazquez in the past, are at the top of the list of new additions to San Luis. Meanwhile, Luis Reyes and Javier Cortés are the most sensitive departures they present.

2:35 AM14 days ago

To consolidate

 In the previous competition, which was cancelled after ten rounds of matches, the Bravos were above expectations, and they hope to confirm in this new campaign that it was no coincidence. Being in the top 12 is one of their goals.
2:34 AM14 days ago

To be a protagonist.

Little by little, the expectations of the Potosians have been higher, and in this tournament they are no exception. Under the command of Memo, they will seek to be one of the surprise teams of the competition.
2:33 AM14 days ago

Kick-off time

The Atlético de San Luis vs FC Juárez match will be played at the Estadio Alfonso Lastras, in San Luis, México. The kick-off is scheduled at 7:00 pm ET.
2:31 AM14 days ago

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