Goals and Highlights: Juárez 1-0 Necaxa, 2020 Liga MX
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12:36 AM14 days ago

What this game left

Necaxa league their second loss in a row and Juarez continue with their undefeated
12:35 AM14 days ago

End game

Juárez 1-0 Necaxa
12:31 AM14 days ago


Six minutes were added
12:28 AM14 days ago


Delgado dropped the ball inside the box and blew it
12:26 AM14 days ago


Enter Esquivel and exit Alan Mendoza, change of Juarez
12:26 AM14 days ago


Alan Mendoza's distant shot goes way up
12:21 AM14 days ago


Necaxa tightens up, but lacks imagination in the last third of the field
12:18 AM14 days ago


They're coming in: Millán, González

Exit: Chavez, Chambers

Necaxa Changes

12:10 AM14 days ago


Necaxa Changes

They're coming in: Sandoval, Cobían, Barragán

Salen: Roddríguez, González, Cabrera

12:08 AM14 days ago


Time of rehydration
12:07 AM14 days ago

Goal Juárez 1-0

12:00 AM14 days ago


Red for Luis Lopez for second yellow
11:58 PM14 days ago


Goal of Juarez. Castillo misses the penalty, but on the break he makes it 1-0
11:56 PM14 days ago


VAR says if there is a penalty, but Gonzalez is not expelled
11:54 PM14 days ago


Penalty in favor of Juarez and red for Jairo Gonzalez. The VAR is going to review it
11:52 PM14 days ago


Warning for Necaxa's player, Chavez
11:51 PM14 days ago


Intriago's free throw centre that easily reaches the hands of Malagón
11:48 PM14 days ago


Distant and powerless shot of Salas at the hands of Vazquez
11:45 PM14 days ago


Francisco Nevarez to replace Mauro Fernández
11:42 PM14 days ago


The second half starts

Change of Juarez where Erick Castillo entered

11:27 PM14 days ago

Half time

Juárez 0-0 Necaxa
11:25 PM14 days ago


Passerini finished off exactly where the goalkeeper was
11:23 PM14 days ago


Flavio Santos shown the yellow card
11:22 PM14 days ago


Cabrera free throw that hits the crossbar
11:21 PM14 days ago


Six more minutes are added
11:21 PM14 days ago


Luis Lopez cautioned, Bravos player
11:19 PM14 days ago


The referee points out that there is no penalty kick. Play!
11:19 PM14 days ago


Play in the VAR against a possible penalty in favor of Juarez
11:13 PM14 days ago


Passerini shot in the hand to hand that misses Vazquez Mellado
11:12 PM14 days ago


Necaxa's dominance, but now Juarez begins to hold the ball longer
11:07 PM14 days ago


Malagon's double save saves the Necaxa's frame
11:05 PM14 days ago


Very few goal plays during almost half an hour of play
11:01 PM14 days ago


It's time for rehydration
11:00 PM14 days ago


Rodriguez's shot hits the defensive wall inside the area
10:56 PM14 days ago


Joao Rodriguez is the first warning for visitors
10:55 PM14 days ago


Mauro Fernandez was trying to do the triangulation, but Necaxa's defense disarms the attack
10:52 PM14 days ago


In the match that opened the day, Puebla drew 1-1 with Cruz Azul
10:48 PM14 days ago


A great shortcut from Malagon that avoids the first one of the night
10:45 PM14 days ago


Shot from the side of Romo hitting the net outside
10:44 PM14 days ago


Maxi Salas pulls out the pointer that goes off course. First shot on goal
10:43 PM14 days ago


Necaxa is the one who is most encouraged to do something different, but still lacks depth in the last sung line
10:39 PM14 days ago


Strong clash between Jairo Gonzalez and Flavio Santos
10:38 PM14 days ago


The Rayos were trying to create their first chance to go up in smoke from an offensive foul
10:36 PM14 days ago


The game Juarez vs Necaxa begins
10:32 PM14 days ago

A destacar

Alfonso Sosa radically changed his line-up and made six changes compared to the last game
10:32 PM14 days ago


Teams take the field under MX League protocol
10:31 PM14 days ago

About to start

Both teams are nowhere near taking the field for the start of this match
10:27 PM14 days ago

First game

Puebla are on the verge of a surprise, beating Cruz Azul 1-0
10:20 PM14 days ago

I'm almost...

That's right Uncle Necaxa, we're close to starting the game against Bravos
10:12 PM14 days ago

The stadium

The University Olympic Stadium is in impeccable condition for this commitment

10:06 PM14 days ago

XI Necaxa

Malagón; Bilbao, González Julio González Rodríguez; Cabrera, Chávez, Baeza,Passerini; Salas, Delgado.
9:58 PM14 days ago

XI Juárez

Vázquez; Mendoza, López, Olivera, Romo; Velázquez, Intriago, Zavala, Fernández; Santos, Rubio
9:57 PM14 days ago


Both teams will take the field in their traditional uniforms... Juarez with green and black; Necaxa red and white
9:52 PM14 days ago

For tomorrow...

Tigres-Pachuca and America-Xolos will be Saturday's football matches
9:48 PM14 days ago

La misión

The mission of these Rays will be to improve in the collective action, since before Tigers they were widely surpassed
9:42 PM14 days ago

He's gone

It was reported that Diego Rolan would not continue with the team this week after failing to reach an agreement
9:35 PM14 days ago

Fans of Necaxa

Despite the bad start, Necaxa's fans are still cheering their team
9:32 PM14 days ago

By Divisions

Necaxa remained undefeated against Juarez in the now defunct Ascenso MX and, now in first place, the situation has been reversed


9:30 PM14 days ago

For the first victory

Both teams are looking for their first win of the Guard1anes 2020 tournament, as they scored just one goal and conceded four
9:25 PM14 days ago

We started

With a little over an hour to go before the game starts, we start with the coverage of Juarez vs Necaxa
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Tune in here

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Latest games

The last time they met at the border was on February 9 of this year, with Juarez winning 2-1.
2:04 PM14 days ago

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Key player Necaxa

The absence of Mauro Quiroga will weigh on the Rayos, so the Argentine Maxi Salas will have to become the team's goal man.
2:03 PM14 days ago

Key player FC Juárez

Faced with the casualties, 23-year-old striker Brian Rubio will have to shoulder the responsibility for the attack. He scored the goal against San Luis
2:03 PM14 days ago

Last lineup Necaxa

Malagón; Guzmán, de Luna, González, Bilbao, Sandoval; Cabrera, Leiva, Cobián; Barragán, Salas
2:03 PM14 days ago

Last lineup FC Juarez

Vázquez; Olivera, Romo, Velázquez, López; Zavala, Rabuñal, Intriago, Santos, Fernández; Rubio
2:03 PM14 days ago

Necaxa: improving in the defensive sector

Necaxa showed many shortcomings in their first match where they lost to Tigres 3-0, however, the result could have been even bigger in Aguascalientes.

2:02 PM14 days ago

Juárez: Debuts on "Viernes Botanero"

The Bravos de Juárez are opening day and time, so they will be looking for their first win of the season. They come from a 1-1 draw against San Luis

2:02 PM14 days ago

Kick-off time

The FC Juárez vs Necaxa match will be played at the stadium Olímpico Benito Juárez, in Ciudad Juárez. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:30 pm ET.
2:01 PM14 days ago

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