Goals and Highlights: Santos Laguna 2-0 Chivas in 2020 Liga MX
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10:13 PM2 months ago

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10:10 PM2 months ago

Full Time | Santos Laguna 2-0 Chivas

With inspired performances from Gorriarán and Acevedo, Santos Laguna defeats a Chivas side that had a very underwhelming performance.
10:07 PM2 months ago

90'+6' | ¡Penalty Stopped!

On the last play of the match, Acevedo makes a great diving save to the penalty shot taken by Macías.
10:06 PM2 months ago

90'+5' | VAR Check: Penalty for Chivas!

The referee goes to the booth to check for a possible handball from Govea inside his own box.

He sees enough to signal for penalty!

10:00 PM2 months ago

This was Gorriarán's second goal of the match!


9:59 PM2 months ago


Four minutes of added time!
9:58 PM2 months ago

89' | Santos Substitution

Diego Valdés leaves his place for Orrantía.
9:54 PM2 months ago


Santos finding plenty of space to hit Chivas on the counter.

River shoots and forces a save from Toño Rodríguez.

9:53 PM2 months ago


Valdés hits the post with a shot, and then fails to score on the rebound!
9:51 PM2 months ago


Calderón takes the free-kick, but the shot goes over the bar.
9:51 PM2 months ago


Doria cautioned after losing the ball and obstructing Muñoz.
9:49 PM2 months ago


Gorriarán tries scoring again, but this time the attempt doesn't find the target.
9:48 PM2 months ago


Acevedo denies Calderón for the third time!

This time he gets just enough to send a shot to corner kick!

9:45 PM2 months ago

74' | Santos Laguna Substitution

Rivero will come on instead of Furch.
9:45 PM2 months ago

73' | Chivas Substitution

Zahid Muñoz makes his debut by replacing Jesús Angulo.
9:42 PM2 months ago

71' | Santos Laguna Substitution

Aguirre leaves his place on the pitch for Sandoval.
9:38 PM2 months ago


Calderón tries his luck again, but Acevedo is again well-positioned to make the save.
9:36 PM2 months ago

68' | Red Card for Santos

Felix Torres gets sent off after yet another foul!

Santos will finish the game with 10.

9:35 PM2 months ago


Macías seems to be injured after a collision on Torres.
9:31 PM2 months ago


Macías with a shot from a very difficult position almost makes the first for Chivas!
9:27 PM2 months ago


Acevedo makes a tremendous save to a shot by Calderón!
9:25 PM2 months ago


Furch tries one more time to score, but the attempt from the Santos Laguna captain is wide!
9:23 PM2 months ago

53' | Santos Laguna GOOOOOOOOOAL!

The home team constructs a quick counter-attack leaving Gorriarán one-on-one with the keeper.

The Uruguayan shoots and hits the post before the ball went in.

It's his second of the match!

9:19 PM2 months ago


Aguirre tips the ball past Toño Rodríguez after a header from Doria, but the referee signals for an offside and the goal won't count!
9:18 PM2 months ago


Good long ball looking for Aguirre, but Toño Rodríguez does a terrific job to get to the ball before the striker could.
9:17 PM2 months ago

46' | Chivas Substitutions

Antuna and Villalpando replace Martínez and Vázquez.
9:14 PM2 months ago

45' | Second Half Begins!

We're underway with the last 45 minutes of the match between Santos Laguna and Chivas.
8:59 PM2 months ago

Half Time | Santos Laguna 1-0 Chivas

We go to the break with Santos Laguna in front!
8:55 PM2 months ago


Vázquez gets a yellow card after a strong foul on Gorriarán.
8:53 PM2 months ago

44' | VAR Check: No Goal!

The referee sees a foul from Diego Valdés while receiving the ball.

He gives him a yellow card for the action and we remain 1-0!

8:51 PM2 months ago

42' | Santos Laguna GOOOOOOOAL!

Diego Valdés is found by a low cross inside the box.

He dribbles to his right foot and finishes it with a shot near the post!

8:49 PM2 months ago


Torres is cautioned after a foul on Angulo.
8:48 PM2 months ago


Furch crosses for Aguirre, but this time the header from the youngster doesn't find the goal.
8:43 PM2 months ago


Macías with a powerful shot looking for the far post, but again Acevedo makes the save. This time, he sends it to a corner kick.
8:42 PM2 months ago


Brizuela near the edge of the box tries for goal, but Acevedo makes a good save.
8:40 PM2 months ago


The game has hit a slump with lots of play in the midfield area.
8:34 PM2 months ago


Chivas is trying to equalize the game, but none of the offensive players are finding space to shoot.
8:32 PM2 months ago


Cervantes shoots, but the ball is nowhere close.
8:31 PM2 months ago


Sepúlveda sees a yellow card for unsportsmanlike conduct.
8:29 PM2 months ago


Aguirre heads the ball down for Diego Valdéz who tries to finish it between Rodríguez's legs.

The keeper responds and saves Chivas from conceding!

8:27 PM2 months ago


Aguirre with a new header, but this time it's wide from the post.
8:26 PM2 months ago


Chivas puts pressure on Santos Laguna by adding units forward. However, they've still not had enough clarity to test Acevedo.
8:23 PM2 months ago


Valdés tries shooting from long distance, but the ball is too high to worry Rodríguez.
8:21 PM2 months ago


Eduardo Aguirre tries a header and the ball ends up hitting the post after a fingertip save from Rodríguez.
8:18 PM2 months ago

The goal from Gorriarán to break the deadlock


8:15 PM2 months ago

5' | Santos Laguna GOOOOOOOOAL!

Gorrarirán finds a rebound near the penalty spot and doesn't think about it twice!

He fires the ball into the top corner! Nothing to do for Toño Rodríguez!

8:11 PM2 months ago


Diego Valdés tries his luck from a free-kick, but his attempt is just a few inches over the crossbar.
8:08 PM2 months ago

0' | Kick-Off!

We're underway with the match between Santos Laguna and Chivas.
8:05 PM2 months ago

Everything set!

Both teams step onto the pitch as the Liga MX anthem plays.

We're moments away from the start of the match.

8:03 PM2 months ago

The warm-ups are done and we're ready for the start of the match

8:02 PM2 months ago

A good away team!

Guadalajara has gotten points in 6 out of the last 7 ocassiones it played away from home.
7:58 PM2 months ago

Familiar Faces

José Juan Vázquez, Jesús Molina, Ronaldo Cisneros and Oribe Peralta are the current Chivas players who have played for Santos.

Josecarlos Van Rankin, Gael Sandoval and Alan Cervantes son are the former Chivas players who now play for Santos.

7:52 PM2 months ago

Never alone!

Despite not being able to be there, the Santos Laguna fans left messages to show their support to their team.

7:43 PM2 months ago

Chivas: Starting XI

Rodríguez; Mier, Sepúlveda, Sánchez, Calderón; Vázquez, Molina, Brizuela, Angulo; Martínez, Macías. 

7:40 PM2 months ago

Santos Laguna: Starting XI

Acevedo; Govea, Tores, Doria; Valdés Gorriarán, Andrade, Cervantes, Rivas; Furch, Aguirre.

7:34 PM2 months ago

Tonight's officiating team

The referee for the match will be Eduardo Galván Basulto.

Mario Jesús López Carrillo & Telly Salvador Saldivar Guzman will assist him as linesmen.

Jesus Rafael Lopez Valle will act as the fourth official.

7:28 PM2 months ago

Guadalajara's performance at the TSM

Guadalajara gained points in 4 of the last 6 visits to the Estadio Corona for Liga MX. That is a record of 2 wins, 2 draws, and 2 losses.


7:26 PM2 months ago

Chivas wants to break the negative streak at TSM

The most recent occasion in which Chivas beat Santos at Torreón was on Matchday 5 of the 2016 Apertura by a score of 0-1.
7:22 PM2 months ago

Santos will not count on Hugo Rodríguez

After Hugo Isaac Rodríguez was sent off in the opening minutes of the match against Cruz Azul, he will have to serve a one-game suspension tonight.

Guillermo Almada will have to decide if he includes Van Rankin or Díaz in his starting XI, or if he chooses to play four in the back and add a midfielder to his squad.

7:16 PM2 months ago

Chivas: Injury Report

Chivas announced that Angel Zaldívar and Jesús Sánchez are questionable for tonight.

The right-back had to have eye surgery after an incident in the last game against Leon, while the striker suffered an injury on the left thigh.

7:10 PM2 months ago

Santos is at home!

The Santos Laguna men made their way into the stadium following strict sanitary protocols. In the picture, Julio Furch after receiving sanitizing gel.

7:06 PM2 months ago

Chivas has made its arrival to the TSM

The red-and-white team has made their way into the away locker room of the modern Estadio Corona.

7:03 PM2 months ago

LIVE Coverage Begins!

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Chivas: Last Starting XI

Rodríguez; Sepúlveda, Mier, Ponce, Sánchez; Molina, Vázquez, Angulo, Brizuela; Zaldívar, Macías.


1:42 AM2 months ago

Santos Laguna: Last Starting XI

Acevedo; Torres, Rodríguez, Doria, Arteaga, Orrantía; Valdés, Gorriarán, Rivas; Furch, Aguirre.
1:40 AM2 months ago

How to watch Santos Laguna vs Chivas Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are Fox Deportes and FS1.

If you want to directly stream it: Fox Sports App.

If you want to follow it on the internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!

1:38 AM2 months ago

Gerardo Artega will leave Santos

Santos Laguna's boss, Guillermo Almada, will not count on Mexican left-back Gerardo Artega as he has completed his transfer to European football.

The youngster signed a deal with Belgian side Genk in a permanent transfer. The fee was of, reportedly,   3.5 million euros.

1:32 AM2 months ago

Chivas will not have several players due to COVID-19

Luis Fernando Tena, who has fully recovered from the virus and will be coaching this game,  will not count on key players.

Alexis Vega, Fernando Beltrán, Uriel Antuna, Ronaldo Cisneros, and Oribe Peralta have all tested positive and will remain isolated.

1:27 AM2 months ago

Chivas almost lost at home

In their debut match at Estadio Akron, Guadalajara faced very tough opposition from Leon.

The 7-time champions had plenty of scoring chances on the feet of Mena, but the Ecuadorian was not on his best day and ended up wasting them.

Chivas almost scored via Macías, but in the end, the game ended in a 0-0 draw.

1:25 AM2 months ago

Santos lost their first game

Santos Laguna had a rough start to the season as they had a 0-2 defeat in their visit to Cruz Azul.

After losing Hugo Rodríguez early in the match due to a red card, the first game of the season was an uphill battle for the Torreón squad. After goals from Rodríguez and Gutiérrez, the green team left Mexico City empty-handed.

1:20 AM2 months ago

Kick-Off Time

The Santos Laguna vs Chivas match will be played at the Estadio Corona, in Torreon, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 8:00 pm ET/ 5:00 pm PT.

1:17 AM2 months ago


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