Goals and highlights: Toluca 3-2 San Luis, Guard1anes 2020 Liga MX 


3:38 PM3 days ago

Goals and highlights

2:54 PM3 days ago

The game is over

In a match full of goals and excitement, Toluca beat San Luis 3-2 in their first home game.
2:51 PM3 days ago


Powerful shot by Raul Lopez from a free kick that Carlos Felipe Rodriguez has a good save.
2:48 PM3 days ago


Change of Toluca. Rubens Sambueza leaves and Giovanny Leon joins.
2:41 PM3 days ago


San Luis pushes for a draw, a corner kick is coming in their favor.
2:35 PM3 days ago


Yellow card for Nicolás Ibáñez.
2:33 PM3 days ago


San Luis change. Matías Catalán leaves and Diego Pineda enters.
2:33 PM3 days ago


Great save by Rodriguez! The Mexican goalkeeper avoids Rubens Sambueza's goal, who after a great individual play shot across the goal looking to increase his advantage.
2:29 PM3 days ago


Close Sambueza! The Toluca captain came close to increasing the lead after a great mid-range shot that went just over the side of the goal.
2:28 PM3 days ago


San Luis is also making a couple of changes. Pablo Barrera and Uziel García leave, Pablo López and Anderson Julio enter.
2:26 PM3 days ago


Double modification of Toluca. Michael Estrada and Alan Medina leave, Enrique Triverio and Antonio Rios enter.
2:24 PM3 days ago


Close the gap! Great shot by Ibanez but appears as a hero again count Luis Garcia to save his goal with a great save.
2:23 PM3 days ago


Nicolás Ibáñez held out until the last moment and after García's move he shot at the opposite side.
2:21 PM3 days ago


GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAL of SAN LUIS! Nicolás Ibáñez takes the penalty impeccably.
2:19 PM3 days ago


Penalty for San Luis! Chala fouls Catalán inside the area.
2:17 PM3 days ago


Close to San Luis! Great shot by Pablo Barrera that Luis Garcia has a great shot.
2:15 PM3 days ago


Rubens Sambueza opens for Chala, who sends a precise diagonal in which Alexis Canelo closes to increase Toluca's advantage.
2:10 PM3 days ago


GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAL of TOLUCA! Alexis Canelo scores the 3-1.
2:09 PM3 days ago


Gaston Sauro is yellow carded after an unnecessary foul.
2:08 PM3 days ago


San Luis makes a change for the second half. Jorge Sanchez exits and Juan Castro enters.
2:05 PM3 days ago

The second half starts

The ball rolls back into the Nemesio Diez Stadium.

1:49 PM3 days ago


The first half ends with an advantage for Toluca, although the visit has had its chances.

1:43 PM3 days ago


Rubens Sambueza escaped on the counter but was stopped by Jorge Sanchez, who was given a yellow card for his foul.
1:38 PM3 days ago


Close the gap! A long shot from Pablo Barrera that after a slight deflection, hits the fork.
1:36 PM3 days ago


Estrada assisted Canelo, who entered the area alone and crossed to increase the advantage. He scored offside, but after checking the VAR, the goal was validated.
1:33 PM3 days ago

GOAL of Toluca

GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAL of TOLUCA! Alexis Canelo scores the second for the Red Devils.
1:31 PM3 days ago


Toluca is saved! Quiroga's powerful shot vibrating the base of the post, the rebound fell to Ibanez who missed incredibly in front of goal.
1:26 PM3 days ago


Alan Medina is yellow carded after a foul in midfield on Nicolas Ibanez.
1:23 PM3 days ago


Corner shot charged by Sambueza and ending with a volley shot by Güemez that goes over the top of the goal.
1:20 PM3 days ago


Javier Guemez fouls Mauro Quiroga, the Toluca midfielder receives a yellow card.
1:19 PM3 days ago


Germán Berterame takes advantage of the facilities of Toluca's defense and appears to push the ball in front of the goal, thus managing to tie the score.
1:15 PM3 days ago

GOAL of San Luis

GOOOOOOAAAAAAL of San Luis! Berterame scores the goal that ties the score.
1:13 PM3 days ago


Michael Estrada took advantage of Felipe Rodriguez's rebound after an Alexis Canelo shot. The play was orchestrated by the captain, Rubens Sambueza.
1:11 PM3 days ago

GOAL of Toluca

GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAL of Toluca! Michael Estrada scores the first goal of the match
1:06 PM3 days ago


Free kick for Toluca after a foul on Medina. Sambueza and Lopez prepare to send the ball into the area.
1:05 PM3 days ago


Corner shot in favour of San Luis, which is cut easily by goalkeeper Luis García.
1:02 PM3 days ago

Game on!

The match starts at the Nemesio Diez Stadium, with Toluca and San Luis looking for their first win of the season.
1:00 PM3 days ago

Minute of silence

The MX League pays tribute to the victims of the COVID-19 and observes an emotional minute of silence.
12:59 PM3 days ago

San Luis bench

Axel Werner, Dionicio Escalante, Rodrigo Noya, Diego Nava, Juan Castro, Anderson Julio, Pablo López, Diego Pineda and Brandon Abundis.
12:58 PM3 days ago

Toluca bench

Alfredo Saldívar, Haret Ortega, Brandon Sartiaguin, Antonio Ríos, Giovanny León, Alan Rodríguez, Diego Abella, Enrique Triverio, Carlos Cisneros and Juan Gamboa.
12:45 PM3 days ago

They begin to warm up

Both teams are already on the pitch, warming up before the match.
12:38 PM3 days ago

Liga MX debut

After being chosen in the first team, Uziel García 'Uche' will make his official debut in the First Division, working as a left-back.

12:32 PM3 days ago

San Luis: Lineup

Felipe Rodríguez, Matías Catalán, Ramiro González, Luis León, Uziel García, Jorge Sánchez, Camilo Mayada, Germán Berterame, Pablo Barrera, Nicolás Ibáñez and Mauro Quiroga.

12:29 PM3 days ago

Toluca: Lineup

Luis García, Gastón Sauro, Raúl López, Adrián Mora, Jonatan Maidana, Anibal Chala, Alan Medina, Rubens Sambueza, Javier Güemez, Michael Estrada and Alexis Canelo.
12:22 PM3 days ago

San Luis, ready in hell

San Luis is also already in the stadium, ready for their match against Toluca.
Photo: Atlético de San Luis
Photo: Atlético de San Luis
12:20 PM3 days ago

Toluca arrived early

Early on, Toluca arrived at the property where they will be looking for their first win of the season.
Photo: Toluca FC
Photo: Toluca FC
12:18 PM3 days ago

The field is ready

The field looks spectacular prior to their first match at Guard1anes 2020.
12:15 PM3 days ago

Everything is ready!

Everything is ready at the Nemesio Diez Stadium for the start of the match between Toluca and San Luis.
2:08 AM3 days ago

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Atlético de San Luis: Last Lineup

Rodriguez, Escalante, Catalan, Gonzalez, Leon, Noya, Mayada, Berterame, Barrera, Ibañez and Quiroga.
2:05 AM3 days ago

Toluca: Last Lineup

Garcia, Sauro, Lopez, Mora, Chala, Medina, Da Silva, Sambueza, Guemez, Estrada and Canelo.
2:05 AM3 days ago

Atlético de San Luis: Team news

For their part, San Luis arrive at today's game after a 1-1 draw against Juarez. In that game, German Berterame was the scorer of the only goal at the time of the team.

2:02 AM3 days ago

Toluca: Team news

Toluca arrives at this game after being defeated last week by Monterrey at the BBVA Stadium. The game ended with a 3-1 score in favor of the local team; Toluca's only goal was scored by Alan Medina.

2:00 AM3 days ago

Now or never

The team led by José Manuel de la Torre does not end up getting up. In the previous tournament they could hardly win 2 of 10 games played and at the beginning of the present competition, they suffered a hard defeat against Rayados. If the negative inertia continues, 'Chepo' could have the days counted with Toluca.
1:58 AM3 days ago

In search of the first victory

This Sunday, Guard1anes 2020 will continue when Toluca take on San Luis, both in search of their first win of the tournament.
1:56 AM3 days ago

Kick-off time

The Toluca vs Atlético de San Luis match will be played at the Nemesio Diez Stadium, in Toluca, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 01:00pm ET.
1:53 AM3 days ago


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