Goals and Highlights: Mazatlán 2-1 Toluca, 2020 Liga MX
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What left the game

Mazatlan achieved its first victory of the season and of its history. Toluca still not walking with "Chepo"

End game

Mazatlán 2-1 Toluca


Heading that passes very close to Fraga's arch


Five more minutes are added


Sansores is lying on the field and it is not known if he can continue


Long-distance shot from Mendoza that cuts through Garcia


Shot by Rodriguez at first post saved by Luis Garcia


Estrada goes down with his chest in the area, but at the moment of hitting him Fraga steals the ball


Change of Toluca. 

Da Silva went out and Triverio came in


Mazatlan Changes

They're coming in: Ramirez, Rodriguez and Meraz

Exit: Mendoza, Osuna and Huerta


Passing a little bit of Plata that Lopez can't control within the area


Change of Toluca. Gonzalez leaves and Medina enters


Shooting over Sansores

No goal

The VAR checked the play and previously there was an out of place. No goal.


Toluca goal. Newcomer Joao Plata lights up the ball and scores a great goal for the 2-2


As expected, Toluca are in control of the ball and Mazatlán are waiting, with the aim of creating a counter-attack


The second half starts.

Maidana left and Plata entered, instead of Toluca

Half time

Mazatlán 2-1 Toluca


Five minutes were added


Double attempt by Canelo that deflects Fraga and prevents the second


Velarde entered and Aristeguieta left in second gear from Mazatlan


Fraga's long ball and he is fouled


Estrada's free shot that crashes into the barrier


VAR checks the play and shows José Ortiz the red card for the entry on Canelo

Goal of Mazatlán 2-1


It looked like a hard foul on Canelo, but the referee says there's nothing

Goal Toluca 1-1


Goal by Mazatlán . Aristeguieta takes advantage of Luis Garcia's rebound and makes it 2-1


Goal by Toluca. Estrada pushed it just inches from the goal to make it 1-1


Little by little, Toluca are starting to improve, largely because they have moved up the line to try and be more offensive


Change of Mazatlán. Gonzalo Jara leaves and Jose Ortiz enters


Carlos Vargas is used to take the ball off the goal line. Toluca fence

Goal Mazatlán 1-0


Goal Mazatlán . Fernando Aristeguieta's shot to make it 1-0


Mendoza centre rejects Toluca defence at first post


A shot above Mendoza that came very close


Guemez's medium distance shot that hits the net from the outside


Dangerous service that Fraga picks up without a problem


Mazatlan has taken the lead in the game, but is still not dangerous in the final third of the field


Estrada stole the ball, left alone, but his shot goes way over the goal


The game begins


The teams are already on the field, under Liga MX protocol

They prepare...

The teams are already preparing to take the field

Ya casi

We are minutes away from the start of the game between Mazatlan and Toluca, don't miss out on all the details


This is how Mazatlán ends its warm-up before its match against Toluca

XI Toluca

García; Sauro, López, Mora, Maidana; González, Da Silva, Sambueza, Guemez; Estrada, Canelo

The novelty

Miguel Sansores won the confidence of Francisco Palencia and is included in the starting eleven tonight

XI Mazatlán

Fraga; Díaz, Vargas, Jara, Padilla; Mendoza, Osuna, Rocha, Huerta; Aristeguieta, Sansores

Percentage subject

Despite not being relegated, Mazatlan should not lose sight of this issue as it is the 14th place with 80 points, five more than the antepenultimate FC Juarez


Pachuca opened the day with a 1-0 win over Queretaro, while Tigres drew 0-0 with Xolos.

And at the moment, America and Necaxa are drawing 1-1


Despite the win, the pressure on Toluca to perform well is on "Chepo", so tonight's win is vital to continue climbing the ladder and to address the criticism from the fans

In case you missed it.

This is how Toluca arrived at the Kraken stadium

They step on the court

The Diablos recognized the playing field


Mazatlan recognized the great work done by all the people who make up this institution

Ready the stadium

The Kraken Stadium is in impeccable condition to host a Mazatlán FC match again

For the first victory

After a first loss and a draw, Mazatlán now seeks its first home win of the campaign

We started

Friday's second match will bring us a game of interest because Mazatlan will host Toluca and here we will bring you all the details

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Latest games

This will be the first ever confrontation between Mazatlan and Toluca.

How to watch Mazatlán vs Toluca Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options is: TUDN.

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Key player Toluca

After the many changes, Argentina's Alexis Canelo has become the team's goal man, having scored twice against Atletico San Luis.

Key player Mazatlán

Aldo Rocha was the most talented player last season with Morelia and, for this semester, he will have to assume that role again to help the team to its first victory.

Referee Mazatlán vs. Toluca

The referee for this match will be Óscar Mejía García

Last lineup Toluca

García; López, Sauro, Maidana, Mora, Chalá; Medina, Güémez, Sambueza; Estrada, Canelo.

Last lineup Mazatlán

Fraga; Díaz, Jara, Ortiz; Rodríguez, Rocha, Meraz, Padilla; Huerta, Mendoza, Aristeguieta.

Toluca: winning

For the first time in a long time, Los Diablos can claim a win after defeating Atletico San Luis last Sunday.

Mazatlán: For their first win

After two games in which they showed defensive deficiencies and were unable to win, Mazatlán will be looking for the first win in their history, noting that they have come from a 1-1 draw with Queretaro.

Kick-off time

The Mazatlán vs Toluca match will be played at the stadium Kraken, in Sinaloa, México. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:30 pm ET.

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