Goal and Highlights: Toluca 0-1 Juárez, 2020 Liga MX
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Bravos get their first win as visitors and Toluca lose again for the third time in a row
9:57 PM11 days ago

End game

Toluca 0-1 Bravos
9:56 PM11 days ago


Rubens free throw that rejects sticks with both fists
9:54 PM11 days ago


Rubens center rejects Bravos defensive
9:53 PM11 days ago


Five minutes added
9:50 PM11 days ago


Change of Bravos. Rabuñal leaves and Castro enters
9:49 PM11 days ago


Abella's power shot that the Juarez defense by Rabuñal holds the ball
9:46 PM11 days ago


López leaves and Diego Abella enters. Change of Toluca
9:45 PM11 days ago


Shooting center of the Dedos Lopez that goes outside
9:44 PM11 days ago


Fernandez misses the counterblow as she sends the ball up
9:42 PM11 days ago


Adrián Mora's distant shot that goes very, very far
9:41 PM11 days ago


Center of Santos that Lezcano cannot finish off and the Toluca is saved
9:35 PM11 days ago


Armoa leaves and Jesús Zavala enters. Change of Juarez
9:35 PM11 days ago


Left-handed Armoa passing by
9:28 PM11 days ago


Olivera's head goes up
9:27 PM11 days ago


Now the shot is from Triverio that saves the goalkeeper without rebounding
9:27 PM11 days ago


Armoa takes the shot that saves Luis Garcia
9:26 PM11 days ago


Salen: Fabián and Intriago

Enter: Santos and Fernandez 

Bravo Changes

9:23 PM11 days ago


Left-handed shot by Alan Mendoza that takes out the angle Alfredo Talavera
9:21 PM11 days ago


Enter: López and Castañeda

Departure: Da Silva and Medina

Toluca Changes

9:21 PM11 days ago


Fabian's volley shot that hits the net from the outside
9:19 PM11 days ago


Rebound of Palos, shot by Medina, but goes out to the location of the archer
9:17 PM11 days ago


Direct free throw of Sambueza that Enrique Palos takes out of the angle
9:16 PM11 days ago

Goal Juárez 1-0

9:15 PM11 days ago


Sambueza and Toluca are fouled 1-0
9:12 PM11 days ago


Bravos goal. Lezcano's Auction to open the scoreboard
9:11 PM11 days ago


Marco Fabián's center that wanders around the area and does not find an addressee
9:06 PM11 days ago


The second half starts
8:56 PM11 days ago

Toluca 0-0 Juárez

Photo: ESTO
Photo: ESTO
8:50 PM11 days ago

Half time

Toluca 1-0 Juarez
8:49 PM11 days ago


One more minute is added
8:46 PM11 days ago


The Toluca missed it. Alan Medina could not define the second post and threw it over the side
8:43 PM11 days ago


Intriago now cautioned after pulling over Sambueza
8:39 PM11 days ago


Free shot by Marco Fabián who crashes into the barrier
8:37 PM11 days ago


Sartiaguín is reprimanded for a hard foul on Lezcano. Juarez will have a direct free kick
8:34 PM11 days ago


Now the attempt is by Marco Fabián that Luis Garcia covers with some little problems
8:32 PM11 days ago


Estrada misses a very clear cut goalkeeper Enrique Palos
8:29 PM11 days ago


Canelo can't take it anymore and Michael Estrada will come to the court. Bad news for Toluca
8:27 PM11 days ago


They raise the flag when Canelo had already made the first of the game
8:25 PM11 days ago


One more... cut and shot by Canelo at the first post that saves the goalkeeper
8:24 PM11 days ago


Triverio's header saves Enrique Palos, but Toluca doesn't come down with the insistence
8:22 PM11 days ago


Sambueza had the first one, but the aim was off
8:21 PM11 days ago


Yellow card for Marco Fabián
8:20 PM11 days ago


Gonzalez, from Toluca, is lying down after a strong entrance by Marco Fabian
8:17 PM11 days ago


Center of Toluca that passes through the whole area, since Canelo didn't manage to hit
8:15 PM11 days ago


Ball combed to the first post of Toluca, but no one reaches the second post
8:11 PM11 days ago


Triverio far shot that causes no major danger
8:08 PM11 days ago


Armoa shot that misses the hand to hand and ends up flying
8:07 PM11 days ago


William's shoe that goes slightly off course. Near the Toluca
8:05 PM11 days ago


First foul in the match received by Velazquez and left lying on the field
8:03 PM11 days ago


Toluca vs. Juarez match begins
8:00 PM11 days ago

They jump into the field

The MX League protocol is present and the teams take the field
7:56 PM11 days ago

Minutes away

Minutes away from the start of the big game this Tuesday between Toluca and Juarez
7:50 PM11 days ago

Return to the dressing room

After their warm-up, both teams get ready to take the field
7:47 PM11 days ago

The novelty

After beating the coronavirus, Argentinean striker Pedro Alexis Canelo is back in the starting eleven
7:41 PM11 days ago

Highlights in this game

Toluca has not lost at home and Juarez has not won as a visitor
7:35 PM11 days ago


Will Sambueza be a key factor in tonight's game?

7:28 PM11 days ago

XI Juárez

Palos; Mendoza, López, Olivera, Romo; Velázquez, Intriago, Rabuñal, Fabián, Armoa; Lezcano
7:27 PM11 days ago

XI Toluca

García; López, Mora, González, Sartiaguín; Medina, Da Silva, Sambueza, Guemez; Triverio, Canelo
7:25 PM11 days ago

Previous match

Toluca lost 4-1 to Queretaro and Juarez drew 1-1 with Santos
7:17 PM11 days ago

Good news

After a long injury, midfielder Joaquin Esquivel returned to the fields in the 0-0 draw against Toluca in the U-20
7:13 PM11 days ago

They know the stadium

Bravos people are already on the field to start their training

7:12 PM11 days ago

Leave the bottom of the table

Juarez has only won one game, but, if he gets the win this afternoon, he could reach 10 points and be in 13th place
7:09 PM11 days ago

Upload places

In case the Toluca wins and with a combination of results, it could reach the fifth position with 15 points
7:05 PM11 days ago

For the first victory

Toluca has never defeated the Bravos, either in a league tournament or in a cup

7:02 PM11 days ago

in the middle of the field

Two references in the midfield for Toluca and Juarez, who will have a better game?

7:00 PM11 days ago

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Latest games

They have only met once in the MX League and it was in the 2019 Apertura with a 2-0 win for Juarez at home.


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Key player Juárez

Marco Fabián has given the team a greater volume of attack, although he has not yet scored a goal since his return to Mexican soccer
Image: Juárez
Image: Juárez
1:07 PM12 days ago

Key player Toluca

Argentinean Alexis Canelo is back and his goals have been overdone with some points for the Diablos Rojos.


Image: El Sol de México
Image: El Sol de México
1:07 PM12 days ago

Referee Toluca vs Juarez

The referee in charge of this match will be Oscar Mejia Garcia.
1:07 PM12 days ago

Last lineup Juárez

Vázquez; Acosta, Velázquez, Romo, Olivera; Zavala, Intriago, Castillo, Santos, Fabián; Lezcano.
1:07 PM12 days ago

Last lineup Toluca

García; González, Sartiaguin, Sauro, López; Ríos, Guemez, William, Sambueza, Medina; Triverio.
1:07 PM12 days ago

Juarez: taking the pressure off Gabriel Caballero

The Bravos have not won since date two and have never won as visitors, so a win would ease the tension over Gabriel Caballero's work.
1:07 PM12 days ago

Toluca: improving in defense

The team of "Chepo" de la Torre is the worst defense with 18 goals received, although at home has only received four in three clashes, which all have won.
1:07 PM12 days ago

Kick-off time

The Toluca vs Juárez match will be played at the stadium Nemesio Diez, in Toluca. The kick-off is scheduled at 8pm ET.
1:07 PM12 days ago

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