Goals and highlights: León 1-1 Tigres in 2020 Liga MX Guard1anes
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8:12 PM13 days ago

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8:11 PM13 days ago

Goals and highlights

8:07 PM13 days ago

León 1-1 Tigres

After providing a quite entertaining match for the various opportunities they generated, León and Tigres end up equalizing in the Nou Camp.

With this result, the Fiera reaches 18 units and the UANL 11. On the tenth day of Guard1anes 2020, the Guanajuato team will visit Queretaro and the Nuevo Leon team will host Santos. 

7:55 PM13 days ago


The game is over!
7:53 PM13 days ago


Four minutes are added.
7:47 PM13 days ago


Cota! For the umpteenth time, Rodolfo contains Gignac's finish after correct bailing.
7:46 PM13 days ago


Powerful shot of Fernandez that Cota sends to corner shot not to complicate itself.
7:44 PM13 days ago


With this score by Francisco Meza, Leon and Tigres are tied. 
7:42 PM13 days ago


The party stops for Nahuel Guzman to receive medical attention.
7:42 PM13 days ago


Guido Pizarro receives his second yellow card and is sent off, leaving Tigres with 10 elements.
7:39 PM13 days ago


Third movement of Leon: Pedro Aquino leaves and Joel Campbell enters.
7:38 PM13 days ago


Third change of Tigers: Jesus Dueñas leaves and Jordan Sierra enters.
7:35 PM13 days ago


After the corner kick, Francisco Meza shoots a header and equalizes the score.
7:34 PM13 days ago


Cota! Quiñones' shot that the goalkeeper rejects with one hand.
7:34 PM13 days ago


León's double movement: José Rodríguez and Osvaldo Rodríguez enter through Jean Meneses and Nicolás Sosa.
7:32 PM13 days ago


Second change of Tigres: Julián Quiñones enters for Eduardo Vargas.
7:26 PM13 days ago


Close! Gignac's finish that comes out only on one side of the left post. Leon is saved again.
7:22 PM13 days ago


First movement of Tigers: enters Leo Fernandez by Eduardo Vargas.
7:17 PM13 days ago


Great reaction from Cota to take the ball away from Gignac and prevent him from hitting the goal.
7:14 PM13 days ago


Again, Cota stops one more shot at half height of Gignac.
7:08 PM13 days ago


Good start for Nahuel Guzman to keep the ball after the service of Yairo Moreno.
7:06 PM13 days ago


The second half begins!
7:00 PM13 days ago

Half time

With this score by Fernando Navarro, Leon is defeating Tigres. 
6:50 PM13 days ago


The first half is over!
6:49 PM13 days ago


One minute is added.
6:48 PM13 days ago


Fernando Navarro takes advantage of a rebound inside the area and defeats Nahuel Guzman with a powerful cross-shot.
6:46 PM13 days ago


Jesús Dueñas is also admonished.
6:46 PM13 days ago


Almost! After Vargas' assist, Gignac finishes off with his head, but Cota keeps the ball.
6:42 PM13 days ago


Leon again maintains possession of the ball and tries to generate, while Tigers defends in a low block, waiting for a counter-attack.
6:38 PM13 days ago


The first yellow card of the match is for Guido Pizarro for a foul on Yairo Moreno.
6:37 PM13 days ago


Good intervention by Nahuel to contain the service of Luis Montes who was looking for Emmanuel Gigliotti.
6:36 PM13 days ago


Individual play of Luis Quiñones that ends in a shot of half distance that Rodolfo Cota controls in two times.
6:33 PM13 days ago


Unlike the first few minutes, Tigers has been much more attentive to cut off any Lion attacks.
6:28 PM13 days ago


In the last few moments, Leon has continued to propose, but due to inaccuracies he has not managed to do any harm.
6:20 PM13 days ago


Gignac long distance free throw that Cota contains with both hands.
6:18 PM13 days ago


Dangerous shot by Eduardo Vargas that passes just off the local goal.
6:18 PM13 days ago


Close! On two occasions, Nahuel Guzmán correctly rejects the two auctions by Sosa and Moreno.
6:16 PM13 days ago


El encuentro ya se reanuda. Hasta el momento, León es el equipo que más ha propuesto.
6:15 PM13 days ago


The game stops for Hugo Ayala to receive medical attention, after he collided with Nahuel Guzmán, his goalkeeper.
6:14 PM13 days ago


Good start by Nahuel Guzman to prevent Emmanuel Gigliotti from finishing off.
6:11 PM13 days ago


Shot from outside the area by Eduardo Vargas who Rodolfo Cota controls with ease.
6:03 PM13 days ago


Game on!
6:02 PM13 days ago

Almost there

The 22 protagonists are already on the pitch. 
5:45 PM13 days ago

Leaders of Tigres

For his part, Luis Quiñones, an element of the university students, who has given more assistance throughout the tournament.
5:42 PM13 days ago

Leaders of Leon

By far, Luis Montes has been the most decisive player of the Fiera on the rival court.
5:24 PM13 days ago

Tigres: substitutes

M. Ortega; J. Sierra, D. Reyes, J. Sánchez, F. Venegas, E. Tercero, L. Fernández, R. Fulgencio, J. Quiñones.
5:22 PM13 days ago

León: substitutes

A. Blanco; G. Burón, O. Rodríguez, J. González, J. Rodríguez, J. Ramírez, J. Zamudio, J. Campbell, J. Godínez, A. León.
5:20 PM13 days ago

Tigres: lineup

N. Guzmán, C. Salcedo, H. Ayala, F. Meza, G. Pizarro (C), J. Aquino, L. Rodríguez, J. Dueñas, E. Vargas, A. Gignac y L. Quiñones.
5:16 PM13 days ago

León: lineup

R. Cota; F. Navarro, W. Tesillo, J. Barreiro, L. Montes (C), Y. Moreno, Á. Mena, J. Meneses, P. Aquino, N. Sosa y E. Gigliotti.
2:59 PM13 days ago

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Tigres: team news

After being away for several weeks for having COVID, Nahuel Guzman returned to training this week. 
2:58 PM13 days ago

León: team news

These are Leon's players list for today's game.
2:58 PM13 days ago

Tigres: last lineup

M. Ortega; D. Reyes, F. Meza, R. Cariocas, L. Fernández, G. Pizarro (C), J. Aquino, L. Rodríguez, J. Dueñas, A. Gignac y L. Quiñones.
2:58 PM13 days ago

León: last lineup

R. Cota; F. Navarro, W. Tesillo, J. Barreiro, Y. Moreno, L. Montes (C), P. Aquino, J. Meneses, Á. Mena, N. Sosa y E. Gigliotti.
2:57 PM13 days ago

In search for improvement

In the meantime, the Tigres squad has not had the desired performance and results. For the moment, they are in tenth place with 10 points.

Last weekend, they lost at home to Chivas 1-3; their goal was scored by André Gignac.

(Photo: AFP)
(Photo: AFP)
2:57 PM13 days ago

To be followed at the top

Beyond the fact that the performance has been a little bit below what they have shown in the last tournaments, León's team has achieved good results. For now, it is in second place with 17 units.

On the previous date, the Fiera defeated Necaxa as a visitor with two goals by Angel Mena from the penalty spot.

2:57 PM13 days ago

Kick-off time

The León vs Tigres match will be played at the Estadio Nou Camp, in Guanajuato, México. The kick-off is scheduled at 6:00 pm ET.
(Foto: Getty)
2:57 PM13 days ago

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