Goal and Highlights: FC Juárez 1-0 Puebla, 2020 Liga MX
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Great Victory

With this result, Juarez climbed to eighth place with 13 points and will remain in the league
12:27 AM11 days ago

End game

Juárez 1-0 Puebla
12:24 AM11 days ago


Aguilar's head passing very close. The Puebla stayed to nothing of tying
12:23 AM11 days ago


Yellow for Alan Mendoza
12:21 AM11 days ago


Five more minutes are added
12:18 AM11 days ago


Martinez's center and sends the defense to a corner shot 
12:15 AM11 days ago


Change of Juarez. Fabian leaves and enters Mendoza
12:15 AM11 days ago


Foul and yellow card for Néstor Vidrio
12:09 AM11 days ago


Shot by Marco Fabián that cuts without problem Rodriguez
12:08 AM11 days ago


Shot by Lezcano that cuts Rodriguez off, although it had been sanctioned out of place
12:04 AM11 days ago


Angulo and Perg go

Enter Herrera and Martinez

Changes in the Puebla

12:03 AM11 days ago


Lezcano is left lying on the field and the referee approaches to verify that he is okay
11:59 PM11 days ago


Strong entrance of Perg that is cautioned
11:58 PM11 days ago


Changes in Puebla

Enter: Reyes y Vidrio

Exit: Cuesta and Chumacero

11:55 PM11 days ago


Juarez Changes

Enter: Ranuñal Fernández

Departure: Santos, Castillo

11:51 PM11 days ago


Fernandez shot from medium distance that passes very deflected
11:46 PM11 days ago


Emanuel Gularte is cautioned for a midfield foul
11:46 PM11 days ago


Escoto hit him with a detour that Palos manages to save with some problems
11:42 PM11 days ago


He missed it. Scottish crossfire coming out of the side
11:40 PM11 days ago


Scottish retarded diagonal that is rejected by the defense
11:39 PM11 days ago


Fabian's power shot that saves the goalkeeper
11:36 PM11 days ago


The second half starts.

Change of Puebla: Reyes left and Escoto entered

11:21 PM11 days ago

Half time

Juárez 1-0 Puebla
11:16 PM11 days ago


Israel Reyes becomes the first cautioned player in the game after a foul on Marco Fabián
11:16 PM11 days ago


After a good start to the match, the game came to a halt where neither club has found the formula to become dangerous again
11:12 PM11 days ago


Juarez free throw center that does not end in anything. The second post was called for a foul, but the referee did not sanction anything
11:09 PM11 days ago


Tabo service to first post that Enrique Palos takes without any problem
11:06 PM11 days ago


It was marked out of place, but Lezcano had already missed it alone in front of the goal
11:01 PM11 days ago


With the advantage of a goal, Juarez is retreating very quickly backwards in order to hold the advantage
10:59 PM11 days ago


Dario Lezcano tries to overflow on the left side, but ends up delivering the ball
10:54 PM11 days ago


Now the center is by Marco Fabian, but no teammate shoots to the second post and the ball goes through
10:53 PM11 days ago


Free shot by Marco Fabián who crashes into the barrier
10:50 PM11 days ago

Goal Juárez 1-0

10:48 PM11 days ago


Acosta shot that comes out very deflected from Rodriguez's arc
10:46 PM11 days ago


Puebla had been better, but Juarez's first play scored the first goal of the night
10:42 PM11 days ago


Gol Juarez. Lezcano finishes off the second post and opens the scoreboard
10:40 PM11 days ago


Another attempt by Puebla, but Fernandez fails to hit the ball well within the area
10:39 PM11 days ago


Angulo Center that passes through the entire area and does not find a recipient.
10:37 PM11 days ago


Near the Puebla. Head shot that takes sticks and then the ball hits the crossbar
10:37 PM11 days ago


The first shot of the match is from Fernandez and it gets deflected to a corner kick
10:35 PM11 days ago


The match between Juarez and Puebla begins
10:28 PM11 days ago

Six-point match

This game was not played last tournament, so the winner will get six points in the percentage issue
10:22 PM11 days ago

We are close to starting

We are minutes away from the start of the Juarez vs. Don't miss out on all the details of the second match of Day 10 of Guard1anes 2020.
10:16 PM11 days ago

Few goals

Juarez has only scored two goals in four home games. He could only score against Necaxa and Santos.
10:14 PM11 days ago

There is support

The coronavirus pandemic does not stop the support and, from their homes, the fans of Puebla are present, will they be able to win again tonight?
Image: Puebla
Image: Puebla
10:09 PM11 days ago

Bad defense

Puebla is one of the worst defenses in the tournament, allowing 14 goals in nine games
10:02 PM11 days ago

As a local

Juarez has won less than 50 percent of the points at home, as it has only beaten Necaxa, combined with two draws
9:59 PM11 days ago

Away from home

Puebla has won two of five away games. Those victories were against Mazatlan and Chivas
9:54 PM11 days ago

XI Puebla

Rodríguez; Angulo, Gularte, Perg, González; Chumacero, Reyes, Aguilar, Cuesta; Tabó, Fernández
9:50 PM11 days ago

Changes in the eleven holder

Jesus Zavala in the midfield and Eryc Castillo in the forefront are the changes that Gabriel Caballero makes for this game
9:48 PM11 days ago

XI Juárez

Palos; Olivera, Romo, Velázquez, Acosta; Intriago, Zavala, Santos, Fabián; Lezcano, Castillo
9:44 PM11 days ago

With a high morale

The Bravos cut a six-game winless streak after beating Toluca on Tuesday. Today they seek their second consecutive victory
9:39 PM11 days ago

In case of winning

Puebla would also be reaching 13 points, although with a better goal difference it could reach the seventh place in the MX League
9:36 PM11 days ago

In case of winning...

FC Juarez could reach the eighth place with 13 points, just behind Chivas that is tying 0-0 against Necaxa at this moment
9:33 PM11 days ago

With the gala uniform

Today the Puebla will begin with the uniform of gala, with the assignment to make forget the defeats against Pumas and America

9:31 PM11 days ago

The Braves have arrived

Bravos already arrived at the Benito Juarez Olympic Stadium, with the objective of adding their second victory as a local

9:29 PM11 days ago

At the border there is soccer

Juarez and Puebla close the billboard for "Friday Botanero" with the urgency of winning to continue in the classification zone. Don't miss all the details of this game
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Latest games

The balance between these clubs is very even, since each one has a victory by a draw. The last match was in the 2019 Opening with a 2-1 victory for the Puebla.
2:27 PM11 days ago

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Key player Puebla

Amaury Escoto will have to continue scoring goals and take advantage of opportunities to earn a starting place in Puebla, especially in view of the absence of Santi Ormeño.

2:27 PM11 days ago

Key player Juárez

Paraguay's Dario Lezcano is the man to trust in Bravos' attack and comes from scoring the winning goal against Toluca.

2:27 PM11 days ago

Referee Juarez vs Puebla

The referee in charge of this match will be Diego Montaño Robles.
2:27 PM11 days ago

Last lineup Puebla

Rodríguez; González, Perg, Gularte, Arreola, Reyes; Martínez, Reyes, Chumacero, Escoto, Cuesta.
2:27 PM11 days ago

Last lineup FC Juárez

Palos; López, Velázquez, Romo, Olivera; Intriago, Rabuñal, Mendoza, Armoa, Fabián; Lezcano.
2:27 PM11 days ago

Puebla: fighting against casualties

After not knowing how to retain the advantage and fall 3-2 against America, the Strip wants to add again, noting that it will have the return in the goal of Nicolas Vikonis and defender Nestor Vidrio, after overcoming the COVID-19.

2:27 PM11 days ago

Bravos: winning again at home

Juarez was reunited with the win last Wednesday by beating Toluca 1-0, but owes a debt to his fans for not winning at home since the second round.

2:27 PM11 days ago

Kick-off time

The FC Juárez vs Puebla match will be played at the stadium Olímpico Benito Juárez, in Puebla. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:30pm ET.
2:27 PM11 days ago

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