Goals and Highlights: Necaxa 1-2 Chivas in 2020 Liga MX
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10:31 PM11 days ago

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10:30 PM11 days ago

Vega's goal to give Chivas the three points!


10:27 PM11 days ago

Full Time | Necaxa 1-2 Chivas

With a last-minute goal from Vega, Chivas bests Necaxa away from home and climb up to the fifth place on the table.
10:24 PM11 days ago

90'+4' | Chivas GOOOOOOOOAL!

Guadalajara gets the late winner with a shot from Vega!
10:22 PM11 days ago


Vega almost scores inside the box!

His shot seemed to be going past Fassi, but De Luna got a small deflection in to send the ball to corner kick.

10:20 PM11 days ago


Four minutes of added time.
10:18 PM11 days ago


Chivas adds men forward looking for the winner. Necaxa defends with all ten men.
10:13 PM11 days ago


Beltrán tries his luck, but Fassi is well-positioned to make the save.
10:11 PM11 days ago

81' | Chivas Substitution

Villalpando cedes his place on the pitch to Beltrán.
10:09 PM11 days ago


Macías had a good scoring chance from a header, but his attempt is wide.
10:04 PM11 days ago

75' | Necaxa Substitutions

Arce and González leave their place on the pitch for Cabrera and Rodríguez.
10:02 PM11 days ago

Here's the equalizer by Antuna

10:01 PM11 days ago


Ponce shoots from a distance, but Fassi responds well.
10:00 PM11 days ago

The first goal of the match by González

9:59 PM11 days ago

68' | Chivas Substitution

Molina is replaced by Oribe Peralta.
9:57 PM11 days ago

66' | Chivas GOOOOOOOOOAL!

Vega places a perfect cross for Antuna who is totally free in the box.

The Mexican international heads it in no trouble to equalize!

9:55 PM11 days ago

65' | Necaxa GOOOOOOOOOAL!

Potent shot from long distance. Gudiño gives a very short rebound that González taps in for the lead!
9:54 PM11 days ago

64' | Chivas Substitutions

Ponce and Vázquez replace Calderón and Sánchez.
9:52 PM11 days ago

62' | Necaxa Substitution

Salas is replaced by Barragán.
9:51 PM11 days ago


Domínguez is cautioned for a foul near midfield.
9:49 PM11 days ago


Calderón sees the yellow card after a strong challenge on Chávez.
9:47 PM11 days ago


Necaxa has a scoring chance after a double-touch inside the box, but the header from Arce goes over the bar.
9:45 PM11 days ago


Fassi makes a good save to a powerful shot from Vega.
9:44 PM11 days ago


Antuna makes a great run with the ball. He tries to finish to the far post, but the attempt is wide again.
9:43 PM11 days ago


Ian González shoots. The ball takes a small deflection that sends it just inches from Gudiño's left post.
9:41 PM11 days ago


Vega attempts a header from a difficult position, but it goes wide.
9:40 PM11 days ago


Chivas tries to begin the second half with an offensive mindset trying to take advantage of their numerical superiority.
9:35 PM11 days ago

46' | Chivas Substitution

Antuna comes on instead of Angulo.
9:34 PM11 days ago

46' | Second Half Begins

We're underway with the last 45 minutes of the match between Necaxa and Chivas.
9:31 PM11 days ago

Half Time Stats

9:19 PM11 days ago

Half Time | Necaxa 0-0 Chivas

We go to the break with the score still equalized.
9:16 PM11 days ago


Four times of added time.
9:14 PM11 days ago


Calderón finds the ball inside the box and tries hitting a volley, but his attempt is too high to worry Fassi.
9:09 PM11 days ago

39' | Red Card for Necaxa!

Delgado makes an ugly sliding tackle on Calderón.

The referee initially gives him a yellow, but after intervention from VAR, he's sent off.

9:05 PM11 days ago


Delgado makes his way into the box, but instead of passing to a teammate, he goes for goal, but the attempt is wide.
9:04 PM11 days ago


Angulo finds a rebound near the edge of the box and tries his luck, but the ball is well over the bar.
9:01 PM11 days ago


Good ball looking for González inside the area, but Gudiño reads the play perfectly and gets to the ball first.
8:57 PM11 days ago


Vega tries the first-touch shot but makes a bad contact and the ball goes wide.
8:54 PM11 days ago


Macías cuts inside and tries a powerful shot that goes just inches the crossbar!

Chivas was very close to opening up the scoreboard!

8:50 PM11 days ago


Macías attempts an overhead scissors kick but is unable to make good contact with the ball.
8:47 PM11 days ago


Chivas begins to pressure higher up the field. They start recovering the ball closer to Necaxa's area and trying to connect with Macías and Vega.
8:43 PM11 days ago


Salas manages to send a header that goes straight at the hands of Gudiño.
8:41 PM11 days ago


The Necaxa midfield continues to be the protagonist of the game. Still, they're unable to worry Gudiño with a shot on target.
8:37 PM11 days ago


The home team continues to have greater possession of the ball, but they're still unable to place their strikers in scoring position.
8:32 PM11 days ago


Necaxa starts the match with an attacking posture. Bilbao heads the ball over the crossbar in a corner kick play.
8:29 PM11 days ago

0' | Kick-Off

We're underway with the match between Necaxa and Chivas!
8:28 PM11 days ago

Everything ready!

Both teams step onto the pitch as the Liga MX anthem plays!

We're instants away from the start of the match.

8:25 PM11 days ago

Chivas bets on defensive prowess

Guadalajara has the third-best defense of the 2020 Guard1anes with 7 goals conceded in 9 games.
8:20 PM11 days ago

Looking for victory!

Necaxa also finished their pre-match preparations and are ready to look for three very important points.

8:16 PM11 days ago

Warm-ups are done!

Both teams are just about finished with their warm-ups ahead of their Matchday 10 week.

8:09 PM11 days ago

Alternative colors for Chivas tonight

As usual in away games against Necaxa, Chivas will have to wear their alternative kit to differentiate themselves from the home team as they both wear red-and-white shirts.

8:03 PM11 days ago

Familiar Faces

Dieter Villalpando, Miguel Ponce, Jesús Angulo, Cristian Calderón, Alexis Peña, Jair Pereira, Alejandro Zendejas and Mario de Luna are the current players of these squads that have defended both shirts.


7:56 PM11 days ago

Like at home!

Chivas has an undefeated streak of 6 official games, between League and Cup, without defeat at Aguascalientes. It has been three draws and three victories for them in that period.
7:52 PM11 days ago

Chivas: Starting XI

Gudiño; Mier, Sepúlveda, Sánchez, Calderón; Molina, Villalpando, Brizuela, Angulo; Macías, Vega.


7:46 PM11 days ago

Necaxa: Starting XI

Fassi; Bilbao, González, Chávez, Domínguez; Baeza, Arce, Delgado, Zendejas; Salas, González.


7:40 PM11 days ago

Please wear a mask

Guadalajara's players continue to follow special sanitary measures during this global pandemic.

Here, a few members of the team can be seen wearing very colorful Mexican-themed face masks.

7:38 PM11 days ago

Chivas are in the house!

Chivas made their arrival to Estadio Victoria near Aguascalientes' downtown a few minutes ago. Can they extend their undefeated streak to 4?

7:33 PM11 days ago

LIVE Coverage Begins

We're ready to bring you the best action of the match between Necaxa and Chivas.

Kick-off is only an hour away.

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Chivas: Last Starting Lineup

Rodríguez;  Mier, Sepúlveda, Sánchez, Calderón; Molina, Beltrán, Brizuela, Antuna; Vega, Macías.
2:27 PM11 days ago

Necaxa: Last Starting Lineup

Malagón; Bilbao, González, Cabrera, Domínguez; Arce, Zendejas, Chávez; Delgado, González, Passerini.
2:27 PM11 days ago

Tonight's Officiating Team

The referee for this match will be Erick Yair Miranda.

Miguel Ángel Hernández & Jimmy Acosta will assist him as linesmen.

Edgar Ulises Rangel will act as the fourth official. 



2:27 PM11 days ago

Necaxa took its official photo with social distancing

Both the male and female first teams of Necaxa took their official photo for the 2020 Guard1anes following social distancing rules.

They were joined by the Governor of Aguascalientes, Martín Orozco, and by the the Mayor of Aguascalientes, Tere Jiménez, for it.

2:27 PM11 days ago

Chivas has arrived to Aguascalientes

Chivas made their arrival to the city of Aguascalientes last night ready to look for another 3 points.

With the global pandemic still underway, the usual swarm of fans looking to get pictures and autographs from their idols was not present.

2:27 PM11 days ago

How to watch Necaxa vs Chivas Guadalajara Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are TUDN USA.

If you want to directly stream it, use TUDN's app.

If you want to watch it on the internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!


2:27 PM11 days ago

To keep the good form

Chivas has experienced a small resurgence during the last couple of weeks with three undefeated matches. This run of good form has allowed to rise up on the table and they're currently placed 7th with 12 points.

A win against Necaxa could place them fifth and a very good position to fight for the direct Liguilla spots.

Can they seize this huge opportunity?

2:27 PM11 days ago

Necaxa in desperate need of a win

Necaxa is really struggling in this 2020 Guard1anes having only 8 points and being placed last at the start of this matchday.

The bad form has already led to the sacking of Alfonso Sosa as the head coach, with José Guadalupe Cruz coming in to replace him. On his first match, Cruz and his men were defeated by Atlético de San Luis.

2:27 PM11 days ago

Kick-off Time

The Necaxa vs Chivas match will be played at the Estadio Victoria, in the Aguascalientes, Mexico.

The kick-off is scheduled at 8:30 pm ET | 5:30 pm PT.

2:27 PM11 days ago

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