Highlights and Goal of Tigres 2-0 Santos in the Guard1anes 2020
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10:04 PM10 days ago

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9:59 PM10 days ago

96' Final of the match Tigres 2-0 Santos

Last minute goal by the Diente Lopez that gave the Tigers the victory.

However, it was a game fought from side to side with dangerous plays that Santos didn't know how to take advantage of. 

9:56 PM10 days ago


Auction of the Diente López from the left sector, which left Acevedo with no reaction to put definitive figures on the scoreboard.
9:53 PM10 days ago


Tuca Ferreti claims strongly to Gignac for failure within the small area.
9:50 PM10 days ago


Yellow card for Chaca Rodríguez for a foul on Ocejo
9:47 PM10 days ago


Change of Tigres: Javier Aquino leaves due to fatigue and Eduardo enters third.
9:46 PM10 days ago


Good cut of the Diente Lopez before the counterblow of Mateus Doria.
9:44 PM10 days ago


Gorriarán is left alone in a counter attack that Carioca manages to cut well in an extraordinary effort by the Tigers' defense.
9:39 PM10 days ago


Valdés hits it from long distance but a very deflected shot comes out.
9:37 PM10 days ago


Two changes of Santos: Van Rankin and Julio Furch leave, and Jesús Josejo and Cervantes enter.
9:35 PM10 days ago


Change of Tigres: Leo Fernández leaves and Nicolás López enters.
9:31 PM10 days ago


Yellow card for David Andrade for a foul on Gignac on the counter-attack. 
9:24 PM10 days ago


Garnica has tried to tie the score with a couple of shots outside the area that Nahuel has taken out in good shape.
9:19 PM10 days ago


Great shortcut from Nahuel Guzman to Julio Furch very close to him.
9:14 PM10 days ago


Carlos Acevedo saves his team again after a close shot within the Santos area.
9:05 PM10 days ago


The second half starts at the Universitario de Nuevo León stadium. 
Tigres 1-0 Santos.
8:51 PM10 days ago

45' Half time: Tigres 1-0 Santos

A side-by-side match in which Gignac had to make a great individual move, shot at the goal and was a self-goal by Acevedo.
8:48 PM10 days ago


Romo pumped shot coming out of Nahuel Guzman's goal.
8:43 PM10 days ago


Aquino shot that comes out very weak before the exit of Acevedo who captures the ball.
8:39 PM10 days ago


Gignac recovered in the danger zone but Acevedo reacted favorably.
8:28 PM10 days ago


Shot by Aquino after a pass by Gignac that cuts Acevedo off perfectly.
8:23 PM10 days ago


Extraordinary save by Acevedo that steals the goal from Edgar Dueñas after a good center by Javier Aquino.
8:19 PM10 days ago


Gignac went all the way down the left wing, kicked the ball into the goal at the baseline and Acevedo could not react in a timely manner. 
What a powerhouse for the Frenchman!
8:14 PM10 days ago


Furch hits the ball for a volley but passes a little off Nahuel's goal.
8:09 PM10 days ago


Gignac fails alone in the area a perfect center of Chaca Rodriguez.
8:07 PM10 days ago


Leo Fernandez counters but Diego Valdes steals the excellent ball in the last stretch of the field.
8:04 PM10 days ago


The referee Cesar Arturo Ramos Palazuelos blows his whistle and starts the game at the Universitario of Nuevo León stadium.
7:56 PM10 days ago

Tigres already warming up at the University of Nuevo Leon

The people of Tuca are ready to face the commitment that will confront them at Santos Laguna.


7:46 PM10 days ago

Lineup of Santos

 C. Acevedo, H. Rodríguez, J. Van Rankin, M. Doria, J. González, D. Valdés, D. Andrade, B. Garnica, F. Gorriarán, R. Rivero y J. Furch (C).

7:42 PM10 days ago

Lineup of Tigres

Guzmán (P), C. Salcedo, H. Ayala, F. Meza, R. Souza, L. Fernández, J. Dueñas, J. Quiñones, L. Rodríguez, J. Aquino y A. Gignac (C). 

7:35 PM10 days ago

Match Fact

Tigres has a win at home, they receive Santos Laguna who need points on another court. 

The Tuca team wants to get into the top eight of the competition. 

7:19 PM10 days ago

Match of power to power

Tigres and Santos have accumulated seven matches without a draw, throughout these matches the club that plays as a home team has always won. 

The last time they drew was in the 2017 Opening Tournament, so statistically a victory could be expected for the Regios.


7:12 PM10 days ago

Tigres take refuge in their lair

Tigres has already arrived home in search of another victory and to continue adding units in the Guard1anes 2020 tournament.


7:09 PM10 days ago

Start the live broadcast

Good afternoon! We are one hour away from the start of the match between Tigres and Santos on Matchday 10 of Guard1anes 2020.

Stay with us, the line-ups are coming up! 

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Good afternoon! We are one hour away from the start of the match between Tigres and Santos on Matchday 10 of Guard1anes 2020. Stay with us, the line-ups are coming up!
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Last match Tigres vs Santos

The last match played by both teams was on February 16th, which took place at the TSM stadium.

The score was 2-1 in favor of the warriors.


11:16 AM10 days ago

Where and how to watch Tigres vs Santos

If you want to see it live on TV, you can look it up in Univisión, TUDN USA and ESPN Deportes.

If you prefer to follow it on the Internet, VAVEL USA is your best option.

11:16 AM10 days ago

Santos is now in Nuevo León

Torreon's team arrived in Nuevo Leon on Friday afternoon to hold the match against Tigres at the Universitario Stadium.


11:16 AM10 days ago

Rivero brings the goal

In the absence of goal scorer Julio Furch, Octavio Rivero has been in charge of scoring during the last matches, so he will be the player to count on for the Tigres defense.
11:26 PM11 days ago

Tigres' key player

Después de estar fuera por algunos partidos tras dar positivo por Covid-19 asintomático, Nahuel Guzmán dio un partidazo contra León.
Seguramente será clave para poder detener el ataque de Santos Laguna. 


11:16 AM10 days ago

Last lineup of Santos

C. Acevedo; J. Van Rankin, H. Rodríguez, M. Dória; A. Cervantes, B. Garnica, D. Valdés, F. Gorriarán, D. Andrade, J. González; R. Rivero.
11:17 PM11 days ago

Last lineup of Tigres

N. Guzmán, C. Salcedo, H. Ayala, F. Meza, G. Pizarro (C), J. Aquino, L. Rodríguez, J. Dueñas, E. Vargas, A. Gignac y L. Quiñones.
11:16 AM10 days ago

Santos irregular and out of classification zone

After half of the tournament, the team of the Comarca Lagunera has only nine units positioning itself in the 14th position.

In the last game they lost to the super leader of the competition 1-2, and although they discounted in the second half, they didn't have the capacity to score the equalizer. Can they get something out of the Universitario?

11:08 PM11 days ago

Bad step for the Tuca people

The Tigres team has not been able to see victory since the Matchday 4 game, which pitted them against the Puebla and ended with a 2-1 score.

However, they have struggled to finish their games, leaving some points along the way that have put them in 11th place in the general table. 

In the last game they managed to get a draw against León 1-1, with a goal by Francisco Meza and a sending off for Guido Pizarro.

11:16 AM10 days ago

Kick-off time

The Tigres vs Santos match will be played at the Universitario stadium, in Nuevo León, México. The kick-off is scheduled at 8:00pm ET.
11:16 AM10 days ago

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