Goals and highlights: América 1-1 Toluca in 2020 Liga MX Guard1anes
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11:54 PM10 days ago

Summary and goals |

11:52 PM10 days ago


It's over! The match ends in a draw and the teams split points
11:50 PM10 days ago


Unbelievable! Adrián Mora is left alone against Ochoa in a free kick, but he can't finish well with his right and misses a clear
11:47 PM10 days ago


Sebastian Cáceres makes a good cover and ends up taking the ball away from William Da Silva who was left alone in front of Ochoa
11:45 PM10 days ago


Everything is cancelled! Rubens Sambueza gets up and it seems that he will stay on the field
11:44 PM10 days ago


The alarms are sounding! Rubens Sambueza falls on the pitch and is quite hurt 
11:43 PM10 days ago


There's a doorman! After a powerful shot by Leo Suárez, García avoids the second of the locals.
11:40 PM10 days ago


Good rejection of Maidana, which prevents 'Gio' Dos Santos from scoring
11:36 PM10 days ago


Third change of Toluca. Enrique Triverio is released by Michael Estrada
11:33 PM10 days ago


Good coverage of Cáceres that prevents Triverio from scoring the advantage for visitors
11:28 PM10 days ago


Uff! America close to reaching Garcia's area but Sartiaguin follows the play well and prevents it from proceeding.
11:27 PM10 days ago


Close! Sartiaguin gets up inside the area to score his double, after Lopez's center, but the ball goes off
11:23 PM10 days ago


Change of Toluca. Diego Abella and Carlos Cisneros by Diego Gonzalez and William Da Silva
11:17 PM10 days ago


Change of America. Fernando González leaves and Cordova enters
11:17 PM10 days ago


Good exit! Toluca's goalkeeper, Garcia, comes out well to a center by Jorge Sanchez and keeps the ball
11:13 PM10 days ago


Second change, due to injury. Giovani Dos Santos enters, by Roger Martinez, who just entered at the beginning of the second time
11:09 PM10 days ago


Good marking by Jorge Sanchez who ends up stealing the ball from Abella.
11:05 PM10 days ago


America change at the beginning of the second half. Roger Martínez enters by Federico Viñas
11:04 PM10 days ago


The complementary part starts, both teams will try to get ahead on the scoreboard.
10:49 PM10 days ago


The first half ends, the match is tied at one goal momentarily.
10:49 PM10 days ago


Center by Leo Suarez, but the ball leaves the court and the opportunity is lost.
10:46 PM10 days ago


Güémez! The midfielder appeared to deflect a ball that the American offensive was not able to finish off 
10:42 PM10 days ago


Uff! Good calculation from Fuentes who with his chest lowers the ball so that Ochoa keeps it.
10:41 PM10 days ago


Good shot by Antonio Rios that almost put the visitors in the lead.
10:32 PM10 days ago


Goal of Toluca! Sartiaguin with a left-handed shot beats Ochoa and scores the tie
10:31 PM10 days ago


Good free kick by 'Dedos' Lopez that cuts the local defense.
10:22 PM10 days ago


Goal of America! Good free kick that García rejects, but Viñas meets the ball and pushes it to the bottom.
10:17 PM10 days ago


Garcia! Free shot by the locals, but the goalkeeper is well placed and ensures that no one contacts that ball
10:13 PM10 days ago


Goalkeeper! Good free kick shot by Sambueza, but Ochoa attentively deflects that ball.
10:09 PM10 days ago


Good move by Fuentes, who leaves the ball to Benedetti, but the 'Poeta' does not reach the ball and misses the opportunity.
10:02 PM10 days ago


The match starts at the Azteca Stadium
9:54 PM10 days ago

Toluca: LineUp |

L. García; R. López, A. Mora, J. Maidana, B. Sartiaguin; R. Sambueza, A. Ríos, J. Güémez; D. Abella, E. Triverio, C. Cisneros.


9:36 PM10 days ago

América: LineUp |

G. Ochoa; L. Fuentes, J. Sánchez, S. Cáceres, E. Aguilera; L. Suárez, N. Benedetti, R. Sánchez; F. González; H. Martin, F. Viñas.


9:26 PM10 days ago

America is here!

The blues are already at the Colossus of Santa Ursula ready to play tonight's match.


9:15 PM10 days ago

Very even matches!

In previous matches, both teams have won and only drawn.


9:10 PM10 days ago

The visitors are here!

The Diablos are already at the Azteca Stadium, ready to play their tenth game of this tournament.


9:08 PM10 days ago

Very Mexican!

The numbers worn by the players of America will have the colors of the Mexican flag.


2:42 PM10 days ago

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Toluca: Last LineUp |

L. García; R. López, A. Mora, D. González, B. Sartiaguin; A. Medina, W. Da Silva, R. Sambueza, J. Güémez; E. Triverio, A. Canelo.
2:42 PM10 days ago

América: Last LineUp |

G. Ochoa; L. Fuentes, J. Sánchez, E. Aguilera, R. Juárez; S. Córdova, R. Sánchez, A. López, F. González; H. Martín, F. Viñas.
2:42 PM10 days ago

They're desperate to win!

The Scarlets have 4 wins and 5 losses, where in spite of being located in the Liguilla area, their performance has not been to their liking, which is why they are already being demanded better results.

The Red Devils have not won since the sixth day, where they beat the Chivas by the minimum.

2:42 PM10 days ago

The eagles want to keep flying!

Those led by 'Piojo' Herrera arrive at this match with six victories, one draw and two defeats, placing them in the 3rd place in the general ranking with 19 units, however, their performance has left many doubts in the blues fans. In this duel, the team will look for to give a good encounter and to continue adding of to three.

2:42 PM10 days ago

Kick-off time

The América vs Toluca match will be played at the stadium Azteca, 10:00pm ET.
2:42 PM10 days ago

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