Goals and highlights: Atlas 1-1 Mazatlán in 2020 Liga MX Guard1anes
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8:12 PM10 days ago

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8:12 PM10 days ago

Goals and highlights

8:10 PM10 days ago

Atlas 1-1 Mazatlán

In a game with few opportunities, Atlas and Mazatlan end up equalizing in the Jalisco. With this result, both teams reached 10 points, and will stay out of the reclassification zone.

For the next round, the Foxes will receive Pachuca and the Pirates will receive Cruz Azul. 

7:53 PM10 days ago


The game is over!
7:50 PM10 days ago


Last movement of Mazatlán: Roberto Meraz enters by Mario Osuna.
7:49 PM10 days ago


Decomposed auction of Efraín Velarde that Camilo Vargas ends up controlling.
7:48 PM10 days ago


Four minutes are added.
7:45 PM10 days ago


Again, the game stops for medical care to come in, now for Sebastian Sosa.
7:43 PM10 days ago


New change of Mazatlán: Camilo Sanvezzo leaves and Fernando Aristeguieta enters.
7:38 PM10 days ago


Double movement of Atlas: Ignacio Jeraldino and Ozziel Herrera enter by Marcelo Correa and Luciano Acosta.
7:37 PM10 days ago


The game stops for Marcelo Correa to receive medical attention for a muscle discomfort.
7:31 PM10 days ago


First movement of Mazatlán: Luis Mendoza enters by Miguel Sansores.
7:31 PM10 days ago


Close! Medium distance shot by Camilo Sanvezzo that passes just off the arc of Camilo Vargas.
7:30 PM10 days ago


Good coverage of Mario Osuna to cover with the chest the head of Marcelo Correa.
7:25 PM10 days ago


In the last few minutes, Mazatlán has regained possession of the ball, but it is still not so clear in the offensive phase.
7:24 PM10 days ago


That was Renato Ibarra's goal, with which the match is tied. 
7:20 PM10 days ago


With this goal, Miguel Sansores had overtaken Mazatlán. 
7:15 PM10 days ago


First change of Atlas: Jeremy Marquez enters for Jesus Isijara.
7:15 PM10 days ago


Lolo Reyes cuts an advance and takes the yellow card.
7:13 PM10 days ago


It doesn't count! Camilo Sanvezzo's goal does not count for offside.
7:11 PM10 days ago


Renato Ibarra takes advantage of a rebound to beat Sebastian Sosa with a cross shot from outside the area.
7:09 PM10 days ago


After the corner kick taken by Martin Rodriguez, Miguel Sansores heads the ball and puts the visit on the scoreboard.
7:08 PM10 days ago


Almost! Bad pass from Lolo Reyes to Camilo Vargas that almost ended in an auto-goal.
7:02 PM10 days ago


The game is back on!
6:48 PM10 days ago


After the end of the first half, Marcelo Correa was reprimanded for complaining.
6:47 PM10 days ago


The first half is over!
6:41 PM10 days ago


Good individual play by Marcelo Correa that ends with a cross shot that just passes through one side of the visiting goal.
6:39 PM10 days ago


Jesus Angulo is the second cautioned of the game.
6:39 PM10 days ago


Good service from Luciano Acosta for Ignacio Malcorra, who cannot control correctly and misses a good opportunity for Atlas.
6:36 PM10 days ago


The first yellow card of the meeting is for Gonzalo Jara for a strong foul on Jesus Isijara.
6:32 PM10 days ago


Opportune clearance from Aldo Rocha to prevent the ball from reaching Jesus Isijara.
6:26 PM10 days ago


Good diagonal of Jesus Isijara that Luciano Acosta does not reach to finish in front of the goal.
6:25 PM10 days ago


Sanvezzo! Camilo controls inside the area, takes off Martin Nervo and takes a shot that goes over the top of the local goal.
6:24 PM10 days ago


Germán Conti's header that Sebastián Sosa controls calmly with both hands.
6:23 PM10 days ago


Good rejection by Jorge Padilla to cut the danger within the area of the Foxes.
6:18 PM10 days ago


Mazatlán continues to have possession of the ball, but so far it has not generated any danger.
6:10 PM10 days ago


Good coverage by Gonzalo Jara to cover Luciano Acosta's shot.
6:08 PM10 days ago


For the moment, it is Mazatlan who has taken the initiative to have possession of the ball.
6:02 PM10 days ago


Game on!
5:59 PM10 days ago


At this time, as part of the MX League protocol, the Mexican national anthem is sung.
5:55 PM10 days ago

Mazatlán: leaders

For his part, César Huerta has been one of the most outstanding elements of the Sinaloa people in the offensive. 
5:52 PM10 days ago

Atlas: leaders

In this tournament, Luciano Acosta has been the most unbalanced player of the Foxes. 
5:41 PM10 days ago

Mazatlan is already preparing

Sinaloans are already doing warm-up exercises. 
5:39 PM10 days ago

The Foxes are already in Jalisco

A few minutes ago, the Atlas arrived at their home for this afternoon's game. 
5:23 PM10 days ago

Mazatlán: substitutes

M. Fraga; N. Díaz, C. Vargas, I. Jiménez, R. Meráz, L. Mendoza, C. Ramírez, I. Romero, E. del Ángel y F. Aristeguieta.
5:22 PM10 days ago

Atlas: substitutes

E. Hernández; D. Barbosa, A. Escobar, B. Vázquez, E. Ortega, I. Torres, A. Reyes, Á. Márquez, I. Jeraldino y J. Herrera.
5:20 PM10 days ago

Mazatlán: lineup

S. Sosa; E. Velarde, J. Ortiz, G. Jara, J. Padilla; M. Rodríguez, A. Rocha (C), M. Osuna, C. Huerta; C. Sanvezzo y M. Sansores.
5:19 PM10 days ago

Atlas: lineup

C. Vargas; J. Abella, H. Nervo, G. Conti, J. Angulo; R. Ibarra, I. Malcorra, L. Reyes (C), J. Isijara; L. Acosta y M. Correa.
2:10 PM10 days ago

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2:10 PM10 days ago

Mazatlán: last lineup

S. Sosa; E. Velarde, J. Ortiz, G. Jara, J. Padilla; M. Rodríguez, M. Osuna, A. Rocha (C), C. Huerta; M. Sansores y C. Sanvezzo.
2:10 PM10 days ago

Atlas: last lineup

C. Vargas; J. Abella, H. Nervo, G. Conti, J. Angulo; I. Malcorra, L. Reyes (C), Á. Márquez, J. Isijara; L. Acosta y M. Correa.
2:10 PM10 days ago

Mazatlán: team news

The Chileans Rodrigo Millar and Jorge Valdivia will not be able to be taken into account for presenting muscular injuries. 
2:10 PM10 days ago

Atlas: team news

These are the players called by the Foxes for today's match.
2:10 PM10 days ago

In search of better results

Meanwhile, Mazatlan has not performed well this campaign either. For now, it accumulates 9 points, after harvesting two wins, three draws and four losses.

On the last date, and after accumulating five dates without a win, it managed to take advantage of its condition of home to defeat Xolos 1-0, with a score by César Huerta.

2:10 PM10 days ago

To be added

Little by little, with the arrival of Diego Cocca to the bench, Atlas has improved in operation and, above all, results. At the moment, he has 9 points, the product of two victories, three draws and four defeats.

At midweek, in his visit to Nuevo Leon, he ended up tying at one against Monterrey; the goal in favor was scored by Luciano Acosta. 

2:10 PM10 days ago

Kick-off time

The Atlas vs Mazatlán match will be played at the Estadio Jalisco, Guadalajara, México. The kick-off is scheduled at 6:00 pm ET.
2:10 PM10 days ago

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