Goals and Highlights in the Pumas 3-0 San Luis on Matchday 10 Guard1anes 2020
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Fortune played for Pumas

With this Quiroga's auto-goal, this afternoon's victory was made concrete.


3:01 PM9 days ago

Dinenno scores again

With this score the university forward reaches 7 goals in the Guard1anes 2020.


2:57 PM9 days ago

93' FINAL OF THE MATCH: Pumas 3-0 San Luis

The second half served for the university students to kill the game.

Dinenno scored the second and Mauro Quiroga's unfortunate self-goal was the third.

2:51 PM9 days ago


San Luis tries a free kick but commits an offensive foul.
2:46 PM9 days ago


Berterame clearance that hits Mauro Quiroga in the head and provokes the San Luis forward's own goal.
Already there is a big win at the Olimpico Universitario!
2:39 PM9 days ago


San Luis made a great triangulation in the area that Pablo Barrera finished off but he hit the ball very low and it went over the top of Pumas' goal.
2:33 PM9 days ago


Talavera's one-handed save on a header in the small area by Mauro Quiroga.
2:32 PM9 days ago


Free kick of the university students, a shot is generated in the area but goes far from the rival goal.
2:25 PM9 days ago


Catalán's head shot that passes through the side of Talavera's goal, this after a free kick charge.
2:19 PM9 days ago


Anderson Julio had to leave the field due to injury, this after having entered 12 minutes ago.

His replacement is Diego Pineda. 

2:15 PM9 days ago


Ball filtered to Dinenno by Alan Mozo, who shot at Werner but the ball bounced off the Pumas striker's leg and landed the second goal of the match.
2:09 PM9 days ago


Talavera cuts a good shot by Anderson Julio that entered the area with a lot of speed.
2:08 PM9 days ago

The goal that opened the score

With this lucky score, the locals are winning the game on their 66th anniversary.


2:05 PM9 days ago


The second half of the match starts! 
Pumas 1-0 San Luis in the Olímpico Universitario Stadium.
1:53 PM9 days ago

45' HALF TIME: Pumas 1-0 San Luis

Both teams have generated few chances of goal, but the Pumas ran with fortune in the free kick that ended up in the goal of San Luis. 

The university students are 45 minutes away from celebrating their anniversary with a new victory.

1:50 PM9 days ago


Berterame was left alone against a defender, he cut back well but his shot went slightly wide.

San Luis stayed close to the draw!

1:47 PM9 days ago


Good play by Carlos Gonzalez on the left side who passed the ball to Dinenno but could not finish.
1:42 PM9 days ago


Change of San Luis: Ramiro González leaves through injury and Escalante enters. 
A sensitive leave for Memo Vázquez. 
1:32 PM9 days ago


OEEE! Pablo Barrera recovered a ball, and then took off two opponents with a tunnel included.
1:28 PM9 days ago


Shot by Matías Catalán, who entered from the right side of the area but hit the ball very badly.
1:26 PM9 days ago


The game begins to have several midfield fouls by both teams, fighting hard for the bal
1:18 PM9 days ago


Shot by Juan Pablo Vigón in a free kick that deflects the defense of San Luis and leaves goalkeeper Werner without a chance to react.
1:16 PM9 days ago


Berterame shoots with his head only in the rival's area, but fortunately for the locals the ball went out of bounds.
1:14 PM9 days ago


Very high and far center that Alex Werner captures very well.
1:10 PM9 days ago


The match has started with a lot of circulation of the ball to the midfield, where both teams are looking for possession.
1:03 PM9 days ago


Adonai Escobedo blows his whistle to start the match between Pumas and San Luis, at the Olímpico Universitario stadium.
12:56 PM9 days ago

Memo Vazquez could lose his job

The Atlético de San Luis strategist is the last coach who was able to give Pumas a league title in the 2011 Clausura tournament.

The reality of the strategist is totally different, as his team is not getting up and there are rumors that he could be the next coach to be fired. 

12:50 PM9 days ago

Pumas welcomed him to San Luis

Pumas was the team in charge of welcoming him to Atlético de San Luis when he arrived to the MX league. 

This was in the match of the 2019 Opening Matchday 1, the Univeristarios won 2-0 with goals from C. Gonzalez and L. Quintana,

12:39 PM9 days ago

Lineup of Atlético San Luis

13. Axel Werner (P), 4. Matías Catalán (C), 5. Ramiro González, 14. Rodrigo Noya, 16. Enrique López, 21. Ventura Alvarado, 2. Juan Castro, 17. Pablo López, 7. Germán Berterame, 8. Pablo Barrera and 20. Mauro Quiroga.
12:36 PM9 days ago

Lineup of Pumas

1. Alfredo Talavera (P); 2. Alan Mozo, 3. Manuel Mayorga, 4. Luis Quintana, 5. Johan Vásquez, 8. Andrés Iniestra (C), 14. Carlos Gutiérrez, 17. Leonel López, 22. Juan Vigon, 9. Juan Dinenno y 32. Carlos González.
12:30 PM9 days ago

With a good sporting attitude

The rival already congratulated Pumas for their 66th anniversary through their official Twitter account.


12:20 PM9 days ago

They will celebrate their 66th anniversary with victory

The university students are celebrating 66 years of existence as a soccer club, so they will want to go out and celebrate in a big way with a victory.


12:14 PM9 days ago

Statistics of the Pumas vs San Luis

Throughout the history of this match, the San Luis team has had the most wins.

That's why the Pumas will have to make a good game on defense if they don't want to lose the unbeaten one today. 

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Pumas celebrate their 66th anniversary

The local team will seek to celebrate its 66th anniversary with a victory. It was founded on this same date but in 1954.

Will they manage to keep their undefeated record in the tournament? 


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Where and how to watch the Pumas vs San Luis

If you want to see it live on TV you can look for it on ESPN Deportes and TUDN USA.

If you prefer to follow it on the Internet, VAVEL USA is your best option.

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Last match between Pumas and San Luis

In the last match in which both teams faced each other, the Pumas beat San Luis 4-0 on February 9 of this year. 

A tremendous victory in Ciudad Universitaria!

2:33 PM10 days ago

San Luis' Key player

The Chilean footballer, Matías Catalán has contributed a lot to the defense of San Luis, he recovers balls, he handles the ball, but when he is required he also knows how to go forward to score. 
He is a very complete player that Pumas will have to mark perfectly.
11:02 AM9 days ago

Pumas' key player

The Pumas' forward, Carlos González, has been a fundamental part of his team's offense. He doesn't score many goals, but he does score and assists, which is fundamental to the positive results that the university students have had.
11:02 AM9 days ago

Last lineup of San Luis

Werner; González, López, Alvarado, Sánchez; López, Mayada, Barrera, Berterame; Quiroga e Ibañez.
11:02 AM9 days ago

Last lineup of Pumas

A. Talavera; A. Mozo, A. Mayorga, J. Vásquez, N. Freire; A. Iniestra, C. Gutiérrez, E. Lira; J. Dinenno, J. Iturbe, C. González.
2:18 PM10 days ago

San Luis near the end of the table

In spite of the victory of 2 goals to 1 at midweek when they faced Necaxa, the team from Potosi has not been able to leave the last places of the tournament. 

Besides, they are facing a difficult team in the current tournament, so they will have to put in a great effort if they don't want to leave Mexico City defeated. 

11:02 AM9 days ago

Pumas to retain leadership

The fight for the best four places in the general table is quite tight, so the university students cannot slow down as they are being chased by Cruz Azul and America.

In the last game they were victorious at midweek when they faced Santos in the Comarca Lagunera. In that game the score was 2-1.

2:01 PM10 days ago

Kick-off time

The Pumas vs San Luis match will be played at the Olímpico Universitario stadium, in CDMX, México.

The kick-off is scheduled at 1:00 pm ET.

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