Goals and Highlights Xolos 1-2 Cruz Azul, Guard1anes 2020 Liga MX
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12:05 AM9 days ago

Xolos 1-2 Cruz Azul / Guard1anes 2020

12:01 AM9 days ago

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11:56 PM9 days ago

90' + 5

The game is over! The visit beats the Xolos.
11:55 PM9 days ago

90' + 2

The opportunities for the visit are exhausted. 
11:52 PM9 days ago

Xolos 1-2 Cruz Azul

11:50 PM9 days ago


Change of Cruz Azul, Jonathan Rodríguez leaves and Josué Reyes enters
11:46 PM9 days ago


Change of Cruz Azul, Santiago Giménez leaves and Misael Domínguez enters.
11:45 PM9 days ago


Blue Cross Goal! Jonathan Rodriguez finishes inside the area.
11:41 PM9 days ago



Change of Tijuana, Fabián Andrés Castillo leaves and David Matias Barbona enters

Mauro Alberto Lainez leaves Tijuana and Jordi Cortizo enters

11:32 PM9 days ago


Change of Tijuana, Bryan Angulo leaves and Luis Leal enters
11:31 PM9 days ago


Change of Tijuana, Marcel Ruiz leaves and Christian Rivera enters
11:26 PM9 days ago

Xolos 1-1 Cruz Azul

11:23 PM9 days ago


Blue Cross after the goal, under the intensity of the match. 
11:11 PM9 days ago


Blue Cross Goal! Santiago Giménez finishes off with a header.
11:08 PM9 days ago


Xolos started with everything. He hit the ball on the post!     
11:06 PM9 days ago

Start the complementary part!

Xolos seeks to complete the mischief the visit. 
10:51 PM9 days ago

45' + 1

The first half ends! Xolos wins by a landslide.   
10:50 PM9 days ago


Blue Cross played offense in the last minutes. 
10:47 PM9 days ago


Blue Cross wastes the only one of danger. Rodriguez rushed.  
10:40 PM9 days ago


Lopez already missed the second one of the meeting, near Xolos!  
10:32 PM9 days ago


After Xolos' entry, cementers are out of ideas in the field. 
10:28 PM9 days ago


Yellow Card! José Rivero of Cruz Azul.
10:26 PM9 days ago

Xolos 1-0 Cruz Azul

10:22 PM9 days ago


Corona spits the ball and Xolos almost breaks the second of the game. 
10:16 PM9 days ago


Tijuana Goal! Edgar Lopez finishes inside the area
10:13 PM9 days ago


Lainez already made the first one of danger of Xolos. 
10:11 PM9 days ago


Fairly even duel in the Caliente Stadium. 
10:06 PM9 days ago

The match starts at the Caliente Stadium

All ready from Tijuana!

Xolos and Cruz Azul for the win. 

9:52 PM9 days ago

New normality


9:34 PM9 days ago

Visitor's domain

Of the last seven duels, Xolos only won one against the cementers.
9:32 PM9 days ago

Duel of contrasts

While Xolos is the worst offense with 7 touchdowns so far in the tournament, Cruz Azul is the second best defense with only 6 touchdowns.     
9:29 PM9 days ago

Protocol by COVID-19 in the Caliente Stadium

9:27 PM9 days ago

Xolos provides minor elements


Three Mexican footballers under the age of 23 are in the starting line-up for Xolos against Cruz Azul.

-Vladimir Loroña/Lateral/21 years
-Marcel Ruiz/Medio/19 years
-Iván López/Medium/21 years

9:24 PM9 days ago

Xolos: Lineup

Orozco, Barbieri, Silva, Noroña, Gómez, Balanta, Ruiz, Lainez, López, Castillo y Angulo.
9:23 PM9 days ago

Cruz Azul: Lineup

Corona, Domínguez, Lichnovsky, Romo, Martínez, Aldrete, Castro, Rivero, Pineda, Rodríguez, Giménez    
9:13 PM9 days ago

The basic forces have already been played

In meeting finished a few moments ago. Xolos' U-20 team in an epic match defeated Cruz Azul 3-2 in the Caliente Stadium, while the U-17 team tied without scoring against the similar team from the capital. 

9:07 PM9 days ago

Complex meeting point


In a virtual press conference, midfielder Ignacio Rivero affirmed the complexity of the match that the Blue Cross Machine will experience against the Xolos.

"We have to improve things, polish details, refine the last meters, we arrive, we create, sometimes we fail. Tijuana is a fucked up place, the teams don't like to play for the synthetic, you have to go with confidence," he said.


9:03 PM9 days ago


The de la Noria team returns to the white shirt and full uniform of the visitor for this night in Tijuana. The Xolos, meanwhile, will be dressed in black to welcome the cement workers at the Caliente Stadium.
9:00 PM9 days ago

Seven positive cases for COVID-19 in Xolos

Four players and three members of the coaching staff, including Pablo Guede, tested positive and will not be in the duel with Cruz Azul.

4:42 PM9 days ago

Xolos vs Cruz Azul online

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How to watch Xolos vs Cruz Azul Live TV and Stream


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Xolos: Last Lineup

Jonathan Orozco, Miguel Barbieri, Víctor Guzmán, Jorge Luis Aguilar, Marcel Ruiz, Mauro Lainez, Jordi Cortizo, Christian Rivera, Luis Gamiz, Fabián Castillo y Bryan Angulo.
4:42 PM9 days ago

Cruz Azul: Last Lineup

Corona; Aldrete, Lichnovsky, Domínguez, Escobar; Baca, Yotún, Romo; Rodríguez, Giménez, Pineda.
4:42 PM9 days ago

Xolos, irregularity and doubts

For the Red-and-Black, irregularity is a hallmark of this tournament. They have been visiting the country three times in a row, which has reduced their chances of having a good run, while at home they have won twice in a row, falling for the last time on Day 4 against the Monterrey team. 
4:42 PM9 days ago

Cruz Azul with good step

Visitors come in a state of grace and seek to continue to extend their good performance in front of Xolos' painting. The cement makers are in the first four places of the tournament, so a victory would serve to add up to the second part of the current tournament. 
4:42 PM9 days ago


The culmination of the third day of activities touches on Week 10 with a contrasting duel on the one hand the locals who seek not to fall behind in the overall table and recover a correct step, while Cruz Azul seeks a place higher up in order not to get out of the top four and ensure a possible direct qualification to the group.
4:42 PM9 days ago

Kick-off time

Xolos vs Cruz Azul match will be played at the Caliente Stadium, in city, Tijuana. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:00pm ET.
4:42 PM9 days ago


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