Goals and Highlights: America 1-0 Chivas in 2020 Liga MX
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Full Time | América 1-0 Chivas

With a lonely goal from Gio Dos Santos, América beats Guadalajara in the Mexican Superclásico. They currently sit second in the Liga MX table thanks to this win.
11:53 PMa month ago


A header by Sepúlveda is easily caught by Ochoa.
11:51 PMa month ago


Shot by Peralta that goes inches away from the post!
11:50 PMa month ago


Yellow card on Juárez after a foul on Angulo.
11:47 PMa month ago

88' | América Substitution

Escoboza replaces Henry Martín.
11:46 PMa month ago


Richard Sánchez gets a yellow card after a strong challenge on Vázquez.
11:46 PMa month ago


Chivas pressures with a lot of men, but lacks precision on the last pass and is unable to worry Ochoa.
11:43 PMa month ago

83' | Chivas Substitution

Oribe Peralta replaces Alexis Vega.
11:38 PMa month ago

79' | America Substitution

Roger Martínez takes Leo Suárez's place on the field.
11:36 PMa month ago


Brizuela finds space in the box to shoot, but the ball is weak and straight at Ochoa.
11:35 PMa month ago

74' | Chivas Substitution

Jesus Angulo comes on instead of Villalpando.
11:33 PMa month ago


Villalpando tries shooting from long distance, but his attempt is very wide.
11:29 PMa month ago

69' | Disallowed goal for América!

Córdova heads the ball in, but the referee sees a foul from Martín on Ponce.
11:27 PMa month ago

67' | América Substitutions

Santiago Cáseres and Jesús López replace Nicolás Benedetti and Gio Dos Santos.
11:24 PMa month ago


Jorge Sánchez also gets a yellow card for a previous foul on Antuna.
11:24 PMa month ago


Ponce makes a sliding tackle near midfield and gets a yellow card for it.
11:20 PMa month ago


Córdova sends a great pass for Suárez who shoots looking the far post, but the ball goes just inches away form the post!
11:19 PMa month ago

59' | Chivas Substitutions

On: Vázquez, Ponce, López.

Off: Molina, Calderón, Sánchez.

11:15 PMa month ago


Benedetti fouls Vega and earns himself a yellow card.
11:15 PMa month ago


Jorge Sánchez shoots looking for the far post, but the attempt goes wide!
11:14 PMa month ago


Antuna has been able to send three crosses during the second half, but he is not precise enough to find a teammate.
11:10 PMa month ago


America with another good chance to score, but on two occasions the defense and Gudiño deflect the ball away.
11:08 PMa month ago


Henry Martín looking for a space to shoot inside the box.

Mier slides to block it!

11:06 PMa month ago

46' | America Substitution

Ramón Juárez comes on instead of Aguilera.
11:03 PMa month ago

46' | Second Half Begins

We're underway with the last 45 minutes of the match between América and Chivas.
10:54 PMa month ago

Highlights at the half!


10:45 PMa month ago

Half Time | América 1-0 Chivas

We go to the break with América in front after a very intense 45 minutes.
10:45 PMa month ago


Brizuela with a dangerous shot.

Ochoa saves but gives off a rebound. Aguilera then manages to clear it.

10:43 PMa month ago


Gio Dos Santos wastes a good chance, but he was already caught offside.
10:41 PMa month ago


A great cross to the far post that is headed by Calderón.

Ochoa makes tremendous diving save!

10:37 PMa month ago


America looks to take advantage of the spaces that Chivas leaves behind.

Benedetti takes a shot inside the box, but Calderón slides to send it to a corner kick.

10:36 PMa month ago


Chivas begins to move upfield looking for the equalizer.

They attempt to send crosses into the box but are unable to find any of the strikers.

10:33 PMa month ago

The goal from Gio for the 1-0


10:30 PMa month ago


Jesús Sánchez is cautioned for a foul on Suárez.
10:27 PMa month ago

26' | América GOOOOOOOOOOAL!

From the edge of the box, Gio Dos Santos fires a shot to the top right corner leaving Gudiño without a chance!

America in front!

10:25 PMa month ago


Henry Martín makes a good series of dribbles and shoots toward the near post.

The ball goes wide.

10:24 PMa month ago


Villalpando tries his luck from long distance, but Ochoa is well-positioned to make the save.
10:22 PMa month ago


Molina gets a yellow card after a sliding tackle on Córdova near midfield.
10:20 PMa month ago


Jorge Sánchez sends a dangerous cross from the right, but no teammate is able to tap the ball in.
10:16 PMa month ago


A header from Macías straight at Ochoa's hands!
10:13 PMa month ago


Through ball that leaves Macías one-on-one with Ochoa. He tries to lob the ball over the keeper, but the Mexico National Team keeper makes the save.
10:12 PMa month ago


Vega responds with a shot of his own, but the ball is wide.
10:11 PMa month ago


Gio Dos Santos tries his luck with his left, but the attempt is off-target.
10:07 PMa month ago


Great cross from Dos Santos to Benedetti.

The Colombian heads it on target, but Gudiño is barely able to get a hand on it.

10:06 PMa month ago


Leo Suárez takes the free-kick straight at the wall.
10:04 PMa month ago


Benedetti has a good chance to assist Gio Dos Santos in a counterattack play, however, he's fouled.

Sepúlveda gets a yellow card for it.

10:03 PMa month ago


Macías recovers a ball near the opposing area but he is unable to find a teammate to capitalize on it.
10:00 PMa month ago

0' | Kick Off

We're underway with the match between América and Guadalajara at Estadio Azteca!
9:58 PMa month ago

Everything set for kick-off!

Both teams step onto the pitch and we're just moments away from the match!
9:54 PMa month ago

We can expect goals in the second half from Chivas.

9 of the 10 goals that Guadalajara has in this Guard1anes 2020 Tournament have been in the second halves of their matches.
9:53 PMa month ago

América vs Chivas: LIVE

We're just ten minutes from the start of the match! Don't go anywhere!
9:47 PMa month ago

Warm-ups completed

Both sides have finished their pre-match exercises and have headed back to the locker rooms as we get closer to kick-off.

We're only 15 minutes away from the start of the match.


9:39 PMa month ago

Traditional Colors for Guadalajara!

Chivas will wear its traditional red-and-white shirt for tonight's match.

9:28 PMa month ago

We have a debut for this game!

Referee Fernando Hernández Gómez will direct his first Clásico Nacional


9:25 PMa month ago

Chivas: Starting XI

Gudiño; Mier, Sepulvedo, Sánchez, Calderón; Villalpando, Molina, Brizuela, Antuna; Vega, Macías.

9:22 PMa month ago

América: Starting XI

Ochoa; Aguilera, Cáceres, Sánchez, Fuentes; Sánchez, Suárez, Córdova, Benedetti; Dos Santos, Martín.


9:16 PMa month ago

Familiar Faces

Jesús Molina, Oribe Peralta, José Antonio Madueña and Rubén González are the men in the current squads that have defended both shirts.
9:13 PMa month ago

Elegance and class!

America will wear a special edition shirt for this match against Chivas.

Here's a little sneak peek of it.

9:09 PMa month ago

Focused on victory!

This is the moment in which the Chivas players made their way into their locker room. They seemed focused on picking up three important points and bragging rights.



9:05 PMa month ago

Chivas is also ready at Santa Úrsula!

Guadalajara also made its arrival to Estadio Azteca a few minutes ago.

They'll be looking to spoil America's party and give their fans a reason to be proud.

9:01 PMa month ago

America is home!

'Las Águilas' have made their arrival to their home ground ready to face this all-important match against Guadalajara.

9:00 PMa month ago

LIVE Coverage Begins!

We're an hour away from the start of the match.

Don't go anywhere and don't miss any of the action LIVE from Estadio Azteca.

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About the game America vs Chivas today

Let's bring some facts about the game, where in the last 5 games Chivas couldn't win America. The most recent game in the tournament was in Azteca Stadium where America won 4-1. Las Águilas hold the 4th position in this tournament of Liga MX while Chivas has position 6th.
11:21 AMa month ago

Great gesture of America and Chivas for the match today

América and Chivas will dedicate the game to the victims of the earthquakes of 1985 and 2017, under slogan, "we are split for colors, but a flag join us", both teams did a beauty campaign through social networks.
11:21 AMa month ago

How to watch America vs Chivas Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, tune in to TUDN USA.

If you want to directly stream it: TUDN App.

If you want to follow it on the internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!

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Chivas: Last Starting Lineup

Gudiño; Sepúlveda, Mier, Sánchez, Calderón; Molina, Villalpando, Brizuela, Angulo; Vega, Macías.
11:21 AMa month ago

América: Last Starting Lineup

Ochoa; Cáceres, Aguilera, Sánchez, Fuentes; González, Suárez, Benedetti, Sánchez; Martín, Viñas.
11:21 AMa month ago

Chivas is ready for the match!

Guadalajara made its arrival to Mexico City on Friday afternoon.

For Chivas, the biggest question is who will start as keeper tonight as Vucetich has alternated Rodríguez and Gudiño during the last few games.


11:21 AMa month ago

America will start with Martín up-front!

America trained at their Mexico City facilities to prepare for this huge match against Guadalajara.

Despite having physical discomfort during the week, both Federico Viñas and Roger Martínez will be available for Miguel Herrera as subs. Henry Martín is expected to be the starting striker for the home team.


11:21 AMa month ago

Tonight's Officiating Team

The referee for this match will be Fernando Hernández.

Alberto Morín & Mario Jesús López will assist him as linesmen.

Óscar Mejía will act as the fourth official. 

11:21 AMa month ago

Chivas ready to make Mexico City theirs!

Guadalajara also arrives with positive form to this all-important match agains their bitter rival.

With an evident improvement since the arrival of Victor Manuel Vucetich as coach, Chivas has gathered 8 points from the last 4 games in Liga MX.

Tonight, they'll look to get an important win and make their people proud.

11:21 AMa month ago

America in good form for this Clásico!

America has a current streak of four undefeated games in Liga MX that has them placed in the fourth position of the table.

Despite criticism from their fanbase, Miguel Herrera and his men continue to show that they're able to compete as one of Mexico's popular teams.

A win tonight against the archrival would not only mean three important points, but also the bragging rights.

11:21 AMa month ago

Kick-Off Time

The America vs Chivas match will be played at the Estadio Azteca, in the southern area of Mexico City, Mexico.


The kick-off is scheduled at 10:00 pm ET | 7:00 pm PT.


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