Goals and highlights: Toluca 1-2 Santos in 2020 Liga MX Guard1anes
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3:19 PMa month ago

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3:19 PMa month ago

Goals and highlights

3:15 PMa month ago

Toluca 1-2 Santos

This afternoon, at the Nemesio Diez, Santos was far superior to Toluca and managed to defeat him with goals from Gael Sandoval and Octavio Rivero; Michael Estrada discounted on the aggregate and Luis Garcia, with great interventions, prevented the score from being quite wide.

With this result, the Warriors reached 12 units and the Devils were left with 13; both are located in the reclassification zone of the Liga MX.

On the next date of the Guard1anes 2020, the laguneros will receive Xolos (a game that was postponed until next month because of the coronavirus positives of the Tijuana squad), while the Mexicans will visit Pachuca. 

2:53 PMa month ago

The game is over.

There is no time for more.
2:51 PMa month ago


A pass from Joao Plata, Michael Estrada defines within the area and shortens the advantage on the scoreboard.
2:48 PMa month ago


Three minutes are added.
2:47 PMa month ago


Brandon Sartiaguín collides with Jesús Ocejo and receives the yellow card.
2:46 PMa month ago


Good collective play by Santos that ends with a deflected shot by Eduardo Aguirre.
2:44 PMa month ago


Santos' last movements: Alan Cervantes and Jesús Ocejo enter by Diego Valdés and Julio Furch.
2:43 PMa month ago


Great sweep by Matheus Doria to cover Michael Estrada's powerful shot.
2:39 PMa month ago


Toluca's last movement: Carlos Cisneros leaves and Joao Plata enters.
2:37 PMa month ago


Garcia! The goalkeeper of Toluca holds the shot of Ulises Rivas with his foot.
2:36 PMa month ago


Santos' double change: Adrian Lozano and Eduardo Aguirre enter through Octavio Rivero and Gael Sandoval.
2:32 PMa month ago


Almost! Carlos Acevedo rejects Raul Lopez's free kick badly, but avoids the score after containing Enrique Triverio's shot, who does not take advantage of the rebound.
2:28 PMa month ago


With this score by Octavio Rivero, Santos increased his lead on the scoreboard. 
2:26 PMa month ago


Through a strong entrance on David Andrade, Rubens Sambueza receives the preventive cardboard.
2:25 PMa month ago


Santos' first move: Bryan Garnica leaves and Ulises Rivas enters.
2:21 PMa month ago


Good sweep by Fernando Gorriarán to block Alan Medina's shot inside the area.
2:20 PMa month ago


Good rejection by Carlos Acevedo to send Rubens Sambueza's free kick to the corner.
2:14 PMa month ago


Double change from Toluca: Kevin Castañeda and Michael Estrada enter by Diego Abella and Javier Güemez.
2:12 PMa month ago


Santos takes advantage of Toluca's poor record to increase their advantage through a shot by Raul Rivero from the edge of the area.
2:10 PMa month ago


Gael Sandoval takes advantage of a bad start from Toluca to steal the ball and take a shot that goes over the scarlet goal.
2:03 PMa month ago


The second half begins!
1:59 PMa month ago


With this goal by Gael Sandoval, Santos is defeating Toluca. 
1:47 PMa month ago


The first half is over!
1:47 PMa month ago


One minute is added.
1:46 PMa month ago


The first yellow card of the match is for Adrian Mora.
1:42 PMa month ago


Now, Gael Sandoval advances the visit with a corner shot from outside the area.
1:41 PMa month ago


Shortcut! With one hand, Luis García rejects Gael Sandoval's placed shot.
1:37 PMa month ago


Toluca's first movement: Alan Medina enters for Jonatan Maidana, who leaves for some physical discomfort.
1:34 PMa month ago


First attempt by Rubens Sambueza through a shot that goes well above the visiting goal.
1:29 PMa month ago


Garcia! Once again, Luis keeps Toluca from being under the score, now to cover a header by Matheus Doria.
1:25 PMa month ago


Fernando Gorriarán takes advantage of a rebound that Luis García gives to take a very crossed shot.
1:24 PMa month ago


In the last few minutes, Toluca has taken up the ball, but has not been able to generate opportunities.
1:17 PMa month ago


Garcia! Rivero's header that Luis holds in the line with both hands. Toluca is saved.
1:14 PMa month ago


Santos continues to maintain possession of the ball, but Toluca looks good standing back to cut off any attack.
1:09 PMa month ago


David Andrade comes alive from outside the area and takes a shot that goes just wide of the local goal.
1:03 PMa month ago


Good intervention by Antonio Rios inside the small area to clear the ball after Gael Sandoval's dangerous service.
1:01 PMa month ago


Game on!
12:53 PMa month ago


By a slight difference, Toluca was superior to Santos in short tournaments.
12:40 PMa month ago

Face to face

Javier Güemez and Alan Cervantes will be very important for Toluca and Santos in the half-court.
12:20 PMa month ago

Santos: substitutes

M. Lajud; I. Govea, F. Torres, A. Cervantes, J. Ocejo, A. Lozano, E. Aguirre, F. Balda y J. González.
12:19 PMa month ago

Toluca: substitutes

A. Saldívar; G. Sauro, A. Medina, J. Plata, P. López, M. Estrada, K. Castañeda, D. González y G. León.
12:17 PMa month ago

Santos: lineup

C. Acevedo; J. Van Rankin, H. Rodríguez, M. Doria, B. Garnica, F. Gorriarán, D. Andrade, D. Valdés, W. Sandoval, J. Furch (C) y O. Rivero.
12:16 PMa month ago

Toluca: lineup

L. García; R. López, A. Mora, J. Maidana, B. Sartiaguín, A. Ríos, J. Güemez, R. Sambueza (C), C. Cisneros, D. Abella y E. Triverio.
9:24 AMa month ago

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9:24 AMa month ago

Santos: last lineup

C. Acevedo; J. Van Rankin, H. Rodríguez, M. Doria, B. Garnica, D. Andrade, D. Valdés, F. Gorriarán, J. González, O. Rivero y J. Furch (C).
9:24 AMa month ago

Toluca: last lineup

L. García; R. López, A. Mora, J. Maidana, B. Sartiaguín, J. Güemez, A. Ríos, R. Sambueza (C), C. Cisneros, E. Triverio y D. Abella.
9:24 AMa month ago

Santos: team news

This Saturday afternoon, the Warriors arrived to the State of Mexico.
9:24 AMa month ago

Toluca: team news

Facing this game, Javier Güemez mentioned how important it would be for the Devils to win.
9:24 AMa month ago

They are going for their third victory

Santos has also been below expectations, since he has not had a good participation either. For the moment, he is in the second-to-last place in the ranking (16) with 8 points.

The previous weekend, the laguneros lost 2-0 against Tigres in their visit to the Volcan.

(Photo: Mexsport)
(Photo: Mexsport)
9:24 AMa month ago

To break the streak of four games without triumph

During this semester, the results and, above all, the functioning of Deportivo Toluca have been quite criticized. For now, it is in eleventh position with 13 units, the product of four victories, one draw and five losses.

On the previous date, the Escarlatas rescued a point in their visit to Mexico City after drawing one against América; the Mexican goal was converted by Brandon Sartiaguín.

(Photo: Imago)
(Photo: Imago)
9:24 AMa month ago

Kickoff time

The Toluca vs Santos match will be played at the Estadio Nemesio Díez, in Estado de México, México. The kickoff is scheduled at 1:00 pm ET.
9:24 AMa month ago

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