Goals and Highlights Querétaro 1-2 Monterrey, Guard1anes 2020 Liga MX
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Querétaro 1-2 Monterrey

9:52 PM22 days ago

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The meeting ends with the triumph of Monterrey. 
9:50 PM22 days ago

90´ +1

Rayados Exchange; Enters: S. Mohamed
Sale: M. Meza
9:49 PM22 days ago


Goal by Stefan Medina! The Colombian shot with a header to give Rayados the advantage in the final minutes of the match again.
9:47 PM22 days ago


Goal of Querétaro! In a free kick, Ramirez managed to get a shot at the blue-and-white barrier and tie the game.
9:41 PM22 days ago


Change by Rayados; Enter: Miguel Layún
Departure: Alfonso Gonzalez
9:37 PM22 days ago

Querétaro 0-1 Monterrey

Thus the note of Alfonso Gonzalez "Ponchito" .
9:37 PM22 days ago


Change of Querétaro; Enter: Omar Arellano
Exit: K. Escamilla.
9:33 PM22 days ago


Ponchito's goal is finished off with his left foot on the edge of the area and sends the ball into the back of the net to put the visiting team in front.
9:29 PM22 days ago


Silveira wastes a goal option.
9:26 PM22 days ago


Close Funes Mori to the goal! The forward collides with Maxi Meza in the area, and his header comes out rosing the part of the post
9:25 PM22 days ago


 Changes of stripes; Enters: A. Hurtado Exits: A. She-wolf Enters: C. Rodríguez Exits: C. Ortiz
9:20 PM22 days ago


  Alcalá runs well through his area and cuts a ball that Aké Loba was already stalking. 
9:11 PM22 days ago


Monterrey started the second part offensively. But the local defense rejects any kind of attack.
9:05 PM22 days ago

Start the second half!

Both teams are looking for the winning goal.
8:48 PM22 days ago

Final first half

The first forty-five minutes have passed. We go to the break with a tie without scores.
8:45 PM22 days ago


 The Bajio people try to generate danger through corner kicks. But they fall short of ideas.
8:40 PM22 days ago


Vegas takes a long distance shot that goes out to Gil Alcalá's hands.
8:39 PM22 days ago

Querétaro close to gaining an advantage on the scoreboard

8:36 PM22 days ago


Monterrey surprised by stealing the ball from the locals. But in the last play to shoot the ball fell at the feet of the Queretaro's defense. 
8:31 PM22 days ago


Unbelievable! Fernando Madrigal miss the most important meeting. Querétaro is forgiving the visit. 
8:26 PM22 days ago


The locals missed a header from a set piece in which a man was left unmarked. The duel on the stands of the Corregidora was even.
8:25 PM22 days ago


Querétaro was approaching the area but the visitors' goalkeeper shrugged it off - corner kick! 
8:21 PM22 days ago


Both boxes press, but the score is not present on the court of Corregidora Stadium.
8:02 PM22 days ago

The meeting starts!

Everything ready for Queretaro vs. Monterrey
7:55 PM22 days ago



The last two duels between Club Querétaro and Rayados, Gallos beat Rayados with the same score in Cl20 and in Ap19, Albiazules won 2 goals to 1.

7:49 PM22 days ago

Querétaro commemorates the pink month like this

7:48 PM22 days ago

This is how Querétaro heats up at the Corregidora

7:39 PM22 days ago


XI Gallos: Alcalá, Cervantes, Velázquez, Luna, Ramírez, Vera, Madrigal, Escamilla, Sepúlveda, Islas y Silveira.
7:39 PM22 days ago


XI Rayados: González, Vegas, Sánchez, Medina, Parra, Kranevitter, González, Meza, Ortíz, Aké Loba y Funes Mori.
7:38 PM22 days ago

This is how Monterrey arrived at Corregidora Stadium

7:35 PM22 days ago


Querétaro and Monterrey have played 19 times in the MX League since 2011, of those matches only two have ended in a draw and none without goals. 
7:32 PM22 days ago


The last time the two paintings clashed. Monterrey was defeated as a local against Queretaro's team 2-1 in the BBVA's court. 
5:04 PM22 days ago

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Querétaro: Last Lineup

G. Alcalá; J. Velázquez, A. Luna, E. Vera, D. Cervantes; K. Ramírez, F. Madrigal, G. Montes; S. Sosa, O. Islas, A. Sepúlveda.
4:49 PM22 days ago

Monterrey: Last Lineup

González; Sánchez, Gallardo, Layún, Vegas; Medina, Meza, Ortiz, Rodríguez; Funes Mori, Loba
4:44 PM22 days ago

Half board scratches

The irregularity of the painting directed by Antonio Mohamed has the North fighting in half table its place to reach a ticket to the big party. It will be essential to add three, because the places are closing more and more every day to look for the direct pass without the playoff.
4:39 PM22 days ago

Querétaro in a state of crisis

The Bajio team have four duels without knowing the victory and will look for the three units that move them away from position number 15, to look for a ticket to the playoffs of the Guardians 2020.

4:34 PM22 days ago

The Rooster's Fortress!

Querétaro has a strong plumage as a local and has a good record in this tournament playing the Corregidora Stadium, and they will seek to make that worthwhile to face the Monterrey team that is looking for an urgent victory.
4:29 PM22 days ago

Querétaro and Monterrey

The Querétaro vs Monterrey match will be played at the Stadium Corregidora, in city Querétaro. The kick-off is scheduled at 20:06  ET.
4:24 PM22 days ago

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