Goals and Highlights  Mexico 2-2 Algeria on friendly game of FIFA date 2020
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5:06 PM2 years ago

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5:02 PM2 years ago

Last minute tie

Diego Laínez placed this ball in the back of the net when he had only a few minutes left in the game.


5:00 PM2 years ago

Algeria was at the forefront

With one less man they managed to make this score, watch out for Mahrez's definition...


4:58 PM2 years ago

Mexico 2-2 Algeria ends

It all ends in a draw, with a couple more goals from both teams and an Algerian team put a lot of heart and desire into rescuing something with one man less.
4:54 PM2 years ago


Mexico is close to winning it! Sanchez takes a cross from the edge of the box and the ball hits the crossbar.
4:51 PM2 years ago


Behind a Corona play, Miguel Herrera hits him from outside the area and the ball hits the post!
4:48 PM2 years ago


Raul Jimenez put in a great air-filtered pass for Lainez who threw himself to kick with his left foot and the ball went in after hitting the post.
4:45 PM2 years ago


Brahimi put in a filtered pass that deflected to Guardado and nearly made it into the Cota goal. 
Algeria playing a good game with one man down!
4:43 PM2 years ago


Laínez reached a ball on the baseline, gave way to Jiménez, who again took a long time to move the ball in the area.
4:37 PM2 years ago


Algeria's first change! Bounedjah left and Andy Delort entered.
4:35 PM2 years ago


Another change for Mexico: Luis Romo left and Alan Pulido entered, adding more elements to the attack.
4:34 PM2 years ago


Mexico begins to fall into desperation upon being defeated with one more man on the court and searches with distant shots and scattered centers.
4:29 PM2 years ago


Great definition from Mahrez who crossed back to the Mexican goalkeeper.
4:28 PM2 years ago


Clear arrival by Corona, put a great service to Jimenez in the area who cut and took a moment to shoot and the Algerian defense covered him with a sweep.
4:25 PM2 years ago


Two changes for the Aztec team: Guardado and Laínez entered and Dos Santos and Pizarro left.
4:20 PM2 years ago


The party is beginning to fall into provocation!
Araujo and Bensebaini are reprimanded for arguing and taking a light header. 
4:18 PM2 years ago


Red card for Guedioura. Things get complicated for Algeria and their midfielder is sent off for a second caution after a strong foul on Jimenez.
4:11 PM2 years ago


First change of Mexico: Moreno left and Gilberto Sepulveda entered.
4:09 PM2 years ago


Herrera lost the ball in the danger zone, Brahimi made a cut to the center of the area, shot across and the ball hit the post. 
Mexico is saved!
4:08 PM2 years ago


Riyad Mahrez makes a great move down the right side of the area overflows two players and takes a shot that passes very close to Cota's goal.
4:02 PM2 years ago

Bennacer's brutal left foot

With this long distance shot the match was tied before the end of the first half.


3:59 PM2 years ago

Extraordinary monet of "Tecatito"

With this great goal the Mexican footballer opened the scoreboard, the definition was a delight.


3:52 PM2 years ago


Tie in The Hague, Netherlands. Both teams have been competitive, it was hard for them to open the score but in the last minutes the goals fell.
3:50 PM2 years ago


They tied with another great goal! Three touches in a row came together and Ismaël Bennacer defined Cota with his left foot, with a powerful shot from outside the area.
3:48 PM2 years ago


GOAL OF THE "TECATITO" CORONA, great driving in the half court, gave the ball to Jiménez and they returned the ball to him to bite it on the Algerian goalkeeper.
3:39 PM2 years ago


Bounedjah entered the area alone, took time to settle down to shoot and Araujo arrived to send in a corner kick.
3:37 PM2 years ago


The Mexican national team has already improved a little and spun several touches in a row in midfield and defense.
3:32 PM2 years ago


Feghouli entered the area alone, sent a very strong shot/center and Araujo cut with his head.
3:30 PM2 years ago


One more! Jonathan Dos Santos was cautioned by a sweep with excessive force in midfield.
3:29 PM2 years ago


There is a new yellow card, this time for Guedioura.
3:28 PM2 years ago


Yellow card for Hector Herrera for a very strong sweep against Tahrat. 
Bounedjah was also later admonished for complaining.
3:21 PM2 years ago


Shot by Raúl Jiménez, who cut to the right outside the area and took a long shot that passed very close!
3:15 PM2 years ago


High pressure from the Algerians who have Mexico cornered and trying to get out with long passes.
3:09 PM2 years ago


In the first minutes the ball is disputed in the midfield without clarity by both teams.
3:02 PM2 years ago


The referee whistles, moves the ball Raul Jimenez and the match Mexico vs Algeria starts!
2:59 PM2 years ago

Words of "Tata" Martino

This was his statement prior to this afternoon's meeting:


2:54 PM2 years ago

Some of the changes in the headlines

In addition to the goal, the entry of Diego Lainez as a starter who will play for Andres Guardado and Luis Romo who will replace the performance of Alvarez. 

However, in the words of "Tata" Martino he will put his best team against Algeria. 


2:47 PM2 years ago

Everything ready for the game

This is how Mexico warms up on the Cars Jeans Stadion court...


2:40 PM2 years ago

Lineup of Algeria

M'Bolhi (GK), Halaimia, Mandi, Tahrat, Bensebaini, Feghouli, Guedioura, Bennacer, Mahrez, Brahimi and Bounedjah.


2:33 PM2 years ago

Lineup of México

R. Cota (GK), N. Araujo, J. Gallardo, H. Moreno, Sánchez, L. Romo, J. Dos Santos, H. Herrera, R. Pizarro, J. Corona, and R. Jiménez. 


2:22 PM2 years ago

Uniform of México

The white uniform is ready and looks sensational to face the Algerian team today.


2:20 PM2 years ago

Rodolfo Cota will be the starting goalkeeper for Mexico

Cota will have to deal with the last-minute departure of the goalkeeper, Alfredo Talavara, who was unable to recover from a problem after the match against Netherlands last week.

It is worth mentioning that the footballer from Leon does not have much experience with the national team, as he has only played three matches.


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Start the live broadcast

In a few moments we will present you the line-ups of the game and everything related to Mexico vs Algeria, a friendly game and preparation for the World Cup in Qatar 2022.
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Last match between Mexico and Algeria

It will be the second time that Mexico faces the Algerians in the history of soccer. 

The first occasion dates back to 1985, as well as a friendly match.

This match will be the 28th that El Tri has played in its history against an African team.

11:38 PM2 years ago

Where and how to watch Mexico vs Algeria

If you want to watch the game on live TV, you can tune in to Univisión and TUDN USA.

If you prefer to follow it live on the internet, VAVEL USA is your best option.

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Bensebaini defends in a wonderful way

The Algerian defender contributes a lot to his team, in defense he is difficult to pass and at set plays he is very dangerous with his aerial play and positioning. 

He is also one of the best elements of the team as he plays for Borussia Mönchengladbach in the Bundesliga. 

11:28 PM2 years ago

Amazing level of the "Tecatito".

Jesús Manuel Corona presented a very high level in the match against the Netherlands.
He generated incredible plays, he ran and tried; he even stayed very close to score in a shot that came out very close to the rival team's post. 

11:23 PM2 years ago

Last lineup of Algeria

Rais Bolhi; Rami Bensebaini, Aissa Mandí, Mehdi Tahrat, Mehdi Zeffane; Sofiane Feghouli, Adlene Guediora, Ismael Bennacer; Baghdad Bounedjah, Riyard Mahrez and Andy Delort.
11:18 PM2 years ago

Last lineup of México

Talavera, Álvarez, Gallardo, Montes, Moreno, Rodríguez, Guardado, Herrera, Pizarro, Corona and Jiménez.
11:13 PM2 years ago

The Algerians are an excellent rival

In recent years, the Algerian national team has had an outstanding performance, as in 2019 they were crowned champions of Africa.

Algeria's last match was last Friday, October 9th, when they beat their Nigerian counterpart 1-0 in a friendly.

11:08 PM2 years ago

Mexico goes for a perfect closing on FIFA date

For the first national team games of the year, they have played an acceptable role. 

In the first friendly match of the year they defeated the Guatemalan national team with a convincing score of 3-0.

While in his last game they beat the Netherlands by the smallest of margins with a dubious penalty that was converted with great technique by the Tepejano, Raúl Alonso Jiménez.

11:03 PM2 years ago

Kick-off time

The México vs Algeria match will be played at the Cars Jeans Stadion, in La Haya, Holanda.

The kick-off is scheduled at 3:00 pm ET.

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