Goals and Highlights:  Atlético San Luis 2-1 Querétaro, 2020 Liga MX
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11:58 PM11 days ago


11:54 PM11 days ago

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11:54 PM11 days ago

Gol San Luis 2-1

11:53 PM11 days ago

San Luis broke a run of four straight losses and won for the second time at home to leave the MX League basement
11:52 PM11 days ago

End game

San Luis 2-1 Querétaro
11:50 PM11 days ago

Gol Querétaro 1-1

11:49 PM11 days ago


Distant shot of Alfonso Luna passing by
11:48 PM11 days ago


Quiroga fails the hand to hand that saves Alcalá
11:47 PM11 days ago


Five more minutes will be added
11:43 PM11 days ago


Changes in Querétaro

They leave: Sepulveda and Madrigal

Enter: Rivera and Sosa

11:42 PM11 days ago


Barrera leaves and Quiroga enters. San Luis change
11:41 PM11 days ago


Goal of San Luis

Pablo Barrera pumps the ball after a long clearance from Werner and scores 2-1

11:39 PM11 days ago


Sepulveda shot that is cancelled due to misplaced position
11:35 PM11 days ago


Goal of Querétaro

Fer Madrigal crossfire to beat Werner and make it 1-1

11:31 PM11 days ago


San Luis Change

Out of Castro and into Catalan

11:30 PM11 days ago


Anderson Julio fails in the hand to hand that manages to deflect Gil Alcalá
11:29 PM11 days ago


Querétaro follows with the notices and again it was Ramírez, where the ball passed very close to the three posts
11:28 PM11 days ago


This one was for the Gallos, but Kevin Ramirez pulled out a badly decomposed left-handed
11:26 PM11 days ago


Now Ramiro Gonzalez is admonished
11:23 PM11 days ago


There is a player lying down from Querétaro and the referee takes the opportunity to take the yellow card from Pablo López
11:22 PM11 days ago


Based on centers the queretanos try to generate danger, but until now the defensive of the San Luis has rejected everything
11:19 PM11 days ago


Strong entrance and Cervantes is cautioned by the central referee
11:16 PM11 days ago


Service of Pablo Barrera who stays a little long before the arrival of Berterame
11:12 PM11 days ago


Another set piece that wasted Queretaro and Werner thanks for the gift
11:10 PM11 days ago


For making time, Werner receives the yellow card
11:09 PM11 days ago


Ramirez was entering the area, but he fell down by himself and the ball went out
11:08 PM11 days ago


Barrera shoe that goes over the top
11:07 PM11 days ago


The Gallos overturned to the front. Ramirez is fouled and there will be another free kick
11:06 PM11 days ago


Ramirez's direct free kick passing over the goal
11:05 PM11 days ago


Dangerous center of Betancourt that was closing, where Werner gives the saving hand
11:04 PM11 days ago


Change of Querétaro.

Silveira left and Betancourt entered

11:02 PM11 days ago


Second half starts: San Luis 1-0 Querétaro
11:02 PM11 days ago

San Luis 1-0 Querétaro

10:47 PM11 days ago

Half time

San Luis 1-0 Querétaro
10:47 PM11 days ago


One more minute is added
10:46 PM11 days ago


Arellano's header in a direct free kick shot that goes off course
10:46 PM11 days ago


Querétaro has got the ball again and now it's time for the yellow one for Ventura Alvarado
10:39 PM11 days ago


Change of Querétaro

Omar Islas left and Omar Arellano entered

10:37 PM11 days ago


Change of Querétaro.

Vera went out and Perlaza came in. Alex Diego surprises with his first modification

10:37 PM11 days ago


Once again, Anderson Julio was encouraged by the shoe that passed very close to the arch of Gil Alcalá
10:35 PM11 days ago

Goal San Luis

10:34 PM11 days ago


Sanchez's medium distance shot that goes over the top
10:33 PM11 days ago


Center looking for Omar Islas, but Werner anticipates and keeps the ball
10:31 PM11 days ago


Hugo Silveira's shot that is bounced off the defensive and falls to Werner
10:28 PM11 days ago

Goal San Luis

Alcalá releases the ball and Berterame arrives to finish off with power and make the 1-0

10:28 PM11 days ago


The game was very short in the last minutes, with constant fouls in midfield
10:23 PM11 days ago


They claim a foul on Mayada inside the area, but the whistle doesn't mark anything
10:21 PM11 days ago


Pablo Barrera takes a long time and makes a long drive. At the end he is fouled
10:20 PM11 days ago


Islas Center deflected and again will be corner kick
10:17 PM11 days ago


Barrier center and Berterame's header that comes out broken
10:14 PM11 days ago


Shot by Pablo López at the angle that makes Gil Alcalá fly and deflect at a corner shot
10:13 PM11 days ago


Center of July shot that passes through the whole area. Berterame stayed behind looking for the ball
10:11 PM11 days ago


Pablo Barrera's center shot that passes through the entire area, in another San Luis sign
10:09 PM11 days ago


Erik Vera tries to overflow, but he is unarmed and there will be a corner kick
10:08 PM11 days ago


A very clear idea in the first minutes, where Queretaro has taken the baton of the game and San Luis withdraws with the aim of seeking the counterattack
10:06 PM11 days ago


Anderson Julio with the long drive, but the shot comes out crushed and deflected
10:02 PM11 days ago


Long ball that I was looking for Julio, but the ball ends up in a goal kick
10:01 PM11 days ago


The match between San Luis and Querétaro begins
9:57 PM11 days ago

The teams and the referee's corps take to the field of play
9:53 PM11 days ago

We are minutes away from the start of the game. Don't miss out on all the details of the San Luis vs Querétaro
9:50 PM11 days ago

From sixth to last place, Querétaro is the best offense with 20 goals, but the problem is that it has also received many scores, with 22
9:44 PM11 days ago

If San Luis manages to get the three points would be reaching 11 to leave the basement of the overall table and leave it to Mazatlan
9:39 PM11 days ago

Omar Arellano giving the example of using the mouthpiece and respecting the rules of healthy distance, so that soon we can return to the stadiums and live the intensity of soccer

9:38 PM11 days ago

In case the Queretaro wins it would be reaching 15 points and would be placed in 11th place; hence the importance of winning tonight
9:33 PM11 days ago

San Luis is the worst defense of the season with 26 goals and has just received three from the Tigers
9:30 PM11 days ago

Although there was the possibility of people in the stands for this game, the authority of San Luis ruled that the reopening of the Alfonso Lastras Ramirez will still have to wait
9:27 PM11 days ago

It should be noted that once again the Argentinean Mauro Quiroga will be on the bench by technical decision of Memo Vazquez
9:26 PM11 days ago

The rivalry stays on the courts. The strong message of both clubs to their fans, remembering the incident that happened a year ago and that caused a veto to the Alfonso Lastras stadium

9:23 PM11 days ago

XI San Luis

Werner; Escalante, González, Alvarado, Castro; Julio, Sánchez, López, Mayada; Berterame, Barrera.
9:21 PM11 days ago

XI Querétaro

Alcalá; Velázquez, Luna, Vera, Cervantes, Escamilla; Ramírez, Madrigal, Islas; Sepúlveda, Silveira.
9:15 PM11 days ago

Game of bad spells. San Luis accumulates four defeats in a row against a Queretaro that has not known victory for five games
9:13 PM11 days ago

Atlético de San Luis' lineup ready
9:12 PM11 days ago

It should be noted that today Queretaro will have the incentive that the women's team won this Thursday 1-0 against Toluca and is in the qualifying zone. Maximum motivation for Alex Diego's team
9:09 PM11 days ago

It could be a special night for Matías Catalán since, if he plays, he could play his 100th match with Atlético de San Luis (MX League Fact)
9:08 PM11 days ago

In the Atlante an he shone, and now the Charrúa Kevin Ramírez has been one of the best of these Gallos Blancos. Watch what you do tonight

9:05 PM11 days ago

Tonight the San Luis will come out all blue and will leave aside the red and white colors to face the Queretaro

9:03 PM11 days ago

A rivalry that only stays on the court. The directives set the example and the loser will donate pantries

8:59 PM11 days ago

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Latest games

Duel with a lot of rivalry between both clubs, remembering that last year there was a big fight and the fans got into the field, so the game was suspended with a victory for Queretaro by 2-0.

4:02 PM11 days ago

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Key player Querétaro

Although he has missed some matches due to indiscipline, Charrúa's Hugo Silveira is the best scorer of the team with five goals and a key piece in Alex Diego's attack

3:52 PM11 days ago

Key player Atlético San Luis

Although it has not been his tournament, Nicolás Ibáñez is a man who cannot lose track, because at any moment from his boots he is capable of changing the course of a game.

3:47 PM11 days ago

Referee San Luis vs Querétaro

The referee in charge of this match will be Diego Montaño Robles.
3:42 PM11 days ago

Last lineup Querétaro

Alcalá; Luna, Velázquez, Cervantes, Vera; Islas, Escamilla, Madrigal, Ramírez; Silveira, Sepúlveda.
3:37 PM11 days ago

Last lineup San Luis

Werner; Cadete, Alvarado, Noya, Catalán; López, Sánchez, Berterame, Castro, Mayada; Pineda.
3:32 PM11 days ago

Querétaro: winning as a visitor

The Gallos Blancos outstanding debt is to win as an away team; a situation they have not achieved in seven games (two draws and five losses). A fortnight ago they lost 2-1 to Rayados

3:27 PM11 days ago

San Luis: leave the basement

Although the group is still within reach, the objective of Memo Vazquez's team will be to win and get out of the embarrassing last place of the tournament. Two weeks ago they lost 3-0 on the Tigres court.

3:22 PM11 days ago

Kick-off time

The Atlético San Luis vs Querétaro match will be played at the stadium Alfonso Lastras, in San Luis. The kick-off is scheduled at 10 pm ET.
3:17 PM11 days ago

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