Goals and Highlights to León 3-2 América on Guard1anes 2020
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Great play to win

The goal was made by Montes with a good definition, but it is necessary to emphasize the play of Angel Mena, who left behind the defense of America and served calmly for his partner.


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The match ended at the Victoria stadium, the Leon defeated America in a high voltage match with a goal in the second half that was enough to achieve it.
11:59 PMa month ago


Yellow card for Pedro Aquino for a foul on Sánchez.
11:58 PMa month ago


Meneses left and Nacho Gonzalez entered the camp.
11:51 PMa month ago


Yellow card for Miguel Herrera for claiming the 4th referee.
11:48 PMa month ago


Yellow card for Leon's DT, Ignacio Ambriz.
11:45 PMa month ago


Change of the Leon: Ramirez left and Campbell entered.
11:41 PMa month ago


Filtered ball for Gigliotti, he shot at the first post but came out close to Jimenez's goal who bailed out well.
11:31 PMa month ago


Yellow card for Reyes for a foul on Angel Mena, who was already entering the area alone.
11:29 PMa month ago


Yellow card for Cáseres who entered with great force to stop Fernando Navarro in the counter-attack.
11:28 PMa month ago


Gigliotti threw herself from Chile and connected the ball, but it came out with little strength in the hands of the goalkeeper of America.
11:21 PMa month ago


Great play in the area with dribbling included by Angel Mena, who with feints reached the baseline and touched the ball through a small space for Luis Montes who came to shoot Jimenez.
11:17 PMa month ago


Mena's shot that hits the ball from outside the area that Jiménez catches well.
11:12 PMa month ago

A decal from the first goal

With this great assistance of Mena and definition of Meneses the match was tied near the end.


11:08 PMa month ago

Great goal for Cordova

This is how the Eagles' attacker launched himself to tie the game.


11:05 PMa month ago

The locals opened the scoreboard

With this goal, the beast went ahead. 


10:57 PMa month ago


The first half of a game with a lot of offensive power ends.
10:56 PMa month ago


In a replica of the first play of goal, Angel Mena leaked the ball to Jean Meneses who defined with the right, sweeping and crossing the goalkeeper.
10:49 PMa month ago


The Lion played the ball in his area, Benedetti recovered in the danger zone and served for Martin who shot without a goalkeeper.
10:44 PMa month ago


Great center by Sanchez from the right wing that found Cordova well positioned at the second post to head the ball.
10:38 PMa month ago


Great sweep of Caceres who stopped Mena when the Ecuadorian entered the area alone running from half court.
10:32 PMa month ago


Great filtered pass from Calderón to Fernando Navarro, who raised the ball before the goalkeeper's exit to achieve the score.
10:30 PMa month ago


A distant shot from "Chapo" Montes that passed over the goal of Jimenez.
10:24 PMa month ago


The game is back and forth, both teams move the ball well and attack with speed.
10:16 PMa month ago


Fernando Navarro took a good shot to the upper left goal and Jimenez flew incredible to make the save.
10:12 PMa month ago


Cordova's shot, which fell into the area and ended up in the hands of the goalkeeper.
10:07 PMa month ago


Great save from Cota and then Tesillo saves on the line a ball that goes into the goal.
10:05 PMa month ago


The match starts, for the first time in Aguascalientes the Leon is local in the Victoria stadium.
9:59 PMa month ago

For an indefinite time, the Fiera will play in an alternate stadium

Since 2014, the former board of directors of El León fought against Grupo Pachuca the litigation to take possession of the property located in Colonia La Martinica. 

In 2017 the government decided to deliberate the control of the property in Héctor González and Roberto Zermeño, former directors of the entity.

On October 9, 2020, they were forced to evict the current management and leave them adrift, so they had to change their headquarters temporarily. 


9:53 PMa month ago

Breast Cancer Month

America has made a good gesture, and will come out in its traditional uniform but with the numbers in pink alluding to this month's campaign.


9:46 PMa month ago

Alignment of America

27. Ó. Jiménez (GK), 2. L. Fuentes, 3. J. Sánchez, 16. Reyes, 5. S. Cáseres, 14. N. Benedetti, 17. S. Córdova, 20. R. Sánchez, 10. G. Dos Santos, 21. H. Martín (C) and 24. F. Viñas. 
9:37 PMa month ago

Leon's Lineup

30. R. Cota (GK), 5. F. Navarro, 6. W. Tesillo, 21. J. Berreiro, 24. O. Rodríguez, 10. L. Montes (C), 13. Á. Mena, 16. J. Meneses, 18. P. Aquino, 28. J. Ramírez and 20. E. Gigliotti. 
9:28 PMa month ago

The Eagles have arrived

The visitors are ready to warm up before the game against Leon.


9:23 PMa month ago

León arrives as a strong favourite

In the last 10 confrontations between León and America, the balance favors the Esmeraldas with five victories, three for Miguel Herrera's and two draws.

In addition, with four wins in a row, it is the overall leader, being the only team that has already surpassed 30 points. 


9:19 PMa month ago

The headache for Miguel Herrera

Ignacio Ambriz's eye-catching style and understanding are key pieces to look unbeatable throughout the regular phase.
This has caught up with the Lion to take three points to the subleader Pumas and five to the Aguilas. 


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Good night, VAVEL fans

Tonight we have a great game for you!
Two teams that are at the top of the overall table Leon arrives as the super leader to receive America. 
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Stay with us!

In a few moments we will present you the line-ups of the match, and all the details that will come up before and at the same time that León and America will face each other.
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Last game Leon vs America

The last time that León vs América played was in round two of the Apertura 2019 tournament.

That game was a must and ended with a 0-0 score and Fernando Navarro was expelled. 


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How and where to see the Leon vs America

If you want to watch the game on TV you can do so through TUDN USA. 

If you prefer to follow it live on internet VAVEL USA is your best option.

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Last lineup of América

27. O. Jiménez (GK), 17. F. Córdova, 192. R. Juárez, 2. L. Fuentes, 16. L. Reyes, 5. S. Cáseres, 20. R. Sánchez, 10. G. Dos Santos, 14. N. Benedetti, 21. H. Martín (C) and 24. F. Viñas.
8:47 PMa month ago

Previous lineup of Leon

Blanco; Navarro, Tesillo, Barreiro, Moreno; Montes, Mena, Aquino, Ramírez; Sosa and Gilgiotti. 
8:42 PMa month ago

America's key player

Oscar Jimenez has been able to fill the position in the goal due to Ochoa's injury.
In the matches against Cruz Azul and Pumas he helped "the eagles" not to lose, making very good saves. 

8:37 PMa month ago

Leon's key player

Ecuadorian Angel Mena is once again the best scorer of the tournament for Leon. 
In the last matches he has been present in the scoreboard of those directed by Ignacio Ambriz and has reached the amount of 6 goals in the current tournament. 
8:32 PMa month ago

America controversial but undefeated in its classics

There has been a lot of talk about Miguel Herrera's team going unbeaten in their three games that they consider classics, against Chivas, Cruz Azul and Pumas. 

The last of them was tied at 2-2 against the university team. 

They are currently out of the top four in the table, so they would be in a reclassification zone. 


8:27 PMa month ago

Leon arrives with a good streak

The locals are practically classified among the first four teams that will advance directly to the quarterfinals. 

They are on a four-game winning streak, making them the favorite for tonight's game. 

In their previous result they beat Mazatlan by a score of 2-1. 


8:22 PMa month ago

Kick-off time

The León vs América match will be played at the Victoria stadium, in Aguascalientes, México.

The kick-off is scheduled at 10:00pm ET.

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