Goals and Highlights: Mexico 2-0 Japan in Friendly Game 2020
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They turned it around

Despite a complicated first half, Mexico recovered and turned it around to beat Japan and close undefeated in 2020
4:50 PM15 days ago

End game

México 2-0 Japón
4:48 PM15 days ago


Three minutes are added
4:45 PM15 days ago


Pizarro leaves and Lainez enters. Change of Mexico
4:45 PM15 days ago


Araujo's header that comes out deflected in fixed tactic play
4:41 PM15 days ago


Sakai with the header that goes off course.

Miyoshi enters and Ito leaves

4:40 PM15 days ago


Chaka's fault over Kubo and he is reprimanded
4:38 PM15 days ago


Lozano leaves and Alvarado enters. Another change in Mexico
4:36 PM15 days ago


Antuna could not get rid of the goalkeeper who stole the ball
4:34 PM15 days ago


Change of Japan

Asano entered and Kamada left

4:31 PM15 days ago


Kamada is reprimanded
4:30 PM15 days ago

74' México 2-0 Japan

4:29 PM15 days ago

Goal México 2-0

4:28 PM15 days ago


Lozano's medium distance shot that goes off course
4:25 PM15 days ago


Goal Mexico

Hirving Lozano defines in the hand to hand to expand the advantage

4:23 PM15 days ago

Gol México 1-0

4:21 PM15 days ago


Changes in Mexico

Jimenez and Orbelin leave

Enter Antuna and Martin

4:20 PM15 days ago


Goal of Mexico.

Combination inside the area where Raul Jimenez takes the right to make the 1-0

4:18 PM15 days ago


Jimenez's crossfire and the goalkeeper's great flight to save his frame
4:16 PM15 days ago


Jiménez's header that came out from the side. Near Mexico
4:14 PM15 days ago


Sanchez shot and now Yoshida crosses his leg to save his goal
4:13 PM15 days ago


Changes in Japan

Shibasaki and Haramuchi leave

Hashimoto and Minamino enter

4:12 PM15 days ago


Jimenez leaves it to Romo who hits it with power, but is deflected by a defender from a corner kick
4:10 PM15 days ago


Pizarro tries to overflow, but loses the ball on the baseline
4:09 PM15 days ago


Past Moreno Center leaving the field
4:05 PM15 days ago


Ito goes into the area and takes out the service that rejects the Mexican defense
4:02 PM15 days ago


Sanchez and Gallardo left

Alvarez and Rodriguez entered

Changes in Mexico

4:02 PM15 days ago


The second half begins
3:46 PM15 days ago

Half time

México 0-0 Japón
3:44 PM15 days ago


Pizarro falls in midfield and the referee has fouled
3:43 PM15 days ago


For claiming, Hirving Lozano is reprimanded
3:41 PM15 days ago


Moreno's head that comes out slightly deflected
3:40 PM15 days ago


Sakai is cautioned for strong entry on Lozano and Mexico will have direct free kick
3:37 PM15 days ago


Yellow for Jesus Gallardo for a midfield foul
3:36 PM15 days ago


Mexico reacts and Romo takes the medium distance shot that goes over
3:34 PM15 days ago


Pizarro takes a long time and at the moment of taking the shot is deflected by the defense
3:33 PM15 days ago


Japan continues to give a good exhibition and Mexico does not know how to get out, much less how to get the ball
3:28 PM15 days ago


Another ball that passes through the Mexican area, although now Sanchez could clear the ball
3:24 PM15 days ago


Outside Japan
3:24 PM15 days ago

Ochoa's flight

3:19 PM15 days ago


Japan is still much better in the game. Now the attempt was made by Ito who went over the top
3:16 PM15 days ago


Haramuchi free throw that crashes into the barrier
3:15 PM15 days ago


Double save by Ochoa after Suzuki and Ito shots. Ochoa saves Mexico
3:14 PM15 days ago


Jimenez was trying to triangulate with Lozano, but the return is too long
3:13 PM15 days ago


Haramuchi's shot and Ochoa's big save to save his goal
3:11 PM15 days ago


Kamada's diagonal that goes through the whole area and no one can find anyone to push it
3:09 PM15 days ago


Few plays of danger, although Mexico has begun to have more time on the ball
3:06 PM15 days ago


Try Mexico for depth on the right side. Orbelin Center that rejected the defensive
3:03 PM15 days ago


The first few minutes of mastery are of the Japanese painting, although it has no depth
3:01 PM15 days ago


The game begins
2:56 PM15 days ago

The hymns are already heard

The national anthems of Mexico and Japan are heard
2:55 PM15 days ago

They jump into the field

At this moment Mexico and Japan jump to the field
2:52 PM15 days ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of Japan vs Mexico, don't miss all the details of the last game of the national team in this atypical 2020
2:44 PM15 days ago

Positive brand

Hajime Moriyasu has managed 27 matches with Japan and his balance is 17 wins, 5 draws and 5 losses, will he reach his sixth defeat?
2:38 PM15 days ago

In case you missed it

This is how Mexico jumps onto the field this afternoon

2:35 PM15 days ago

The Japanese in Mexico

Despite the distance, several Japanese players have played in the MX League. Without a doubt the most remembered is Keisuke Honda with Pachuca's Tuzos. They were also there:

Kenji Fukuda (Pachuca and Irapuato)

Yuto Ono (Necaxa, San Luis and Celaya)

Kaiki Tomia and Shu Tanaka (Leon)

Reiji Sato (Morelia, Tecos, Zacatepec)

2:31 PM15 days ago

XI Japón

Schmidt; Tomiyasu, Sakai, Yoshida, Nayakama; Endo, Shibasaki, Haraguchi, Kamada; Ito, Suzuki
2:27 PM15 days ago

Various modifications

For injuries and casualties, the Tata made six modifications to this game, highlighting Ochoa in the goal, Sanchez on the side, Araujo in the center to form the dumbbell with Moreno, Pineda and Romo in midfield, while Pizarro will be the man to replace Corona
2:24 PM15 days ago

XI México

Ochoa; Sánchez, Araujo, Moreno, Gallardo; Pineda, Romo, Rodríguez; Pizarro, Jiménez, Lozano.
2:22 PM15 days ago

From the blank

The Mexican National Team will wear this day its white shirt to face Japan

2:20 PM15 days ago

In excellent condition

This is the field for tonight, in excellent conditions to live the last game of Mexico in 2020
2:18 PM15 days ago

The data

These are the most relevant data for you to know all the details of Japan vs Mexico

2:12 PM15 days ago

Raul wants to keep climbing places

In case of scoring a double against Japan, Raul Jimenez would be equalizing with 28 goals in the ninth place to Luis Garcia and Andres Guardado, noting that the Betis player will not be present for this match because he already returned to his club
2:09 PM15 days ago

Possible Record Winning

If Mexico wins this afternoon against Japan, Martino will be reaching 19 victories with the national team and would tie Miguel Herrera with the same number of victories in the historic 11th place
2:03 PM15 days ago

Will not be present

Defender Cesar Montes will return to Mexico to recover from a right groin discomfort, which will not allow him to play this afternoon's match against Japan in Austria, reported Mexico's Communications Director.
2:02 PM15 days ago

Last game

The last time they played this team was in 2013, in the Confederations Cup, with Mexico winning 2-1. On that occasion, Guillermo Ochoa was also a starter

2:00 PM15 days ago

High Quality Rivalry

For the coach of Japan, Mexico is a rival of hierarchy. In press conference he stated that El Tri "is a regular at the World Cup and has one of the strongest teams in the world. Playing them will give us the best image of where we are in terms of our strength and international position".
1:59 PM15 days ago

We started

Mexico faces its last game of 2020 against Japan, which will be played in Austria. We begin with the coverage of the Tricolor
10:44 AM15 days ago

Tune in here

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Latest games

In the five confrontations counted since 1996, Mexico has an advantage with four victories and one defeat, highlighting the victories in the Confederations Cup in 2005 and 2013.
10:34 AM15 days ago

How to watch México vs Japan Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options is: TUDN.

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Key player Japan

The promise of Japan has a name and a surname: Takefusa Kubo, a player of Villarreal but who belongs to Real Madrid, is one of the top figures of this team.

10:24 AM15 days ago

Key player Mexico


It seems that there are only two players in the goal, so Guillermo Ochoa, in his return to the Tricolor, will try to convince Gerardo Martino that he is still the best option towards the Qatar World Cup 2022.

10:19 AM15 days ago

Last lineup Japan

Gonda; Ueda, Yoshida, Itakura; Muroya, Shibasaki, Hashimoto, Nagatomo; Miyoshi, Kubo, Minamino
10:14 AM15 days ago

Last lineup Mexico

González; Rodríguez, Salcedo, Moreno, Gallardo; Rodríguez, Álvarez, Córdova; Corona, Jiménez, Lozano.
10:09 AM15 days ago

Japan: finish undefeated

The Japanese team will be looking to test their weapons for next year's playoffs and, in the process, finish undefeated in 2020.

10:04 AM15 days ago

Mexico: saying goodbye in triumph

It is expected that Gerardo Martino will make some changes, but he will still seek to maintain his undefeated record in this atypical year and say goodbye with one more victory against Asian teams.

9:59 AM15 days ago

Kick-off time

The México vs Japan match will be played at the stadium UPC-Arena, in Austria. The kick-off is scheduled at 3pm ET.
9:54 AM15 days ago

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