Goals and Highlights: Santos 0-3 Pachuca in Repechaje Liga MX 2020 
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10:03 PM14 days ago

Summary and goals |

9:57 PM14 days ago


The match ends, Pachuca scores and qualifies the Liguilla.
9:56 PM14 days ago


Good intervention of Dória that avoids the room of Tuzos.
9:53 PM14 days ago


Visitor changes. Pardo and Erick Sanchez leave; Tony Figueroa and Manny Garcia enter the field.
9:48 PM14 days ago


Goal, goal by Pachuca! Roberto de la Rosa, after a pass from Dávila, finishes off inside the area and increases the advantage on the scoreboard.
9:47 PM14 days ago


Good shot by Dávila, but goes off target after Acevedo's intervention
9:43 PM14 days ago


Change of Santos. Enter Brayan Garnica by Carlos Orrantia
9:41 PM14 days ago


Good mark on Orrantia who tries to shoot at the goal, but the ball bounces and ends up in Ustari's hands.
9:38 PM14 days ago


Change of Pachuca. Ismael Sosa leaves for Roberto de la Rosa.
9:34 PM14 days ago


Santos tries, but the attentive defense prevents them from reaching the visiting goal.
9:31 PM14 days ago


Changes of Santos. Enter Adrian Lozano and Ronaldo Prieto by Gael Sandoval and David Andrade.
9:26 PM14 days ago


Goalkeeper! After a good start by Pachuca, which on the counter-attack ends in a shot by Sosa and Acevedo, he throws himself forward avoiding the third one.
9:20 PM14 days ago


Double change of Pachuca. Roberto Nurse and Víctor Guzmán leave for Víctor Dávila and Efraín Orona.
9:19 PM14 days ago


Goal, goal, goal by Pachuca! A series of saves by Acevedo, but the ball is left to Murillo, who does not hesitate and scores the second of the night.
9:13 PM14 days ago


Great free kick by Alan Cervantes but Ustari attentively rejects that ball and misses the opportunity.
9:09 PM14 days ago


Uff! Furch arrives and hits a right hand to the ball that ends up in Ustari's hands.
9:08 PM14 days ago


Start the complement in Torreón.
8:55 PM14 days ago


The first part is over! The meeting is kept in favor of the visitors by the minimum.
8:52 PM14 days ago


Pachuca misses the second one! Great team play, but the ball for Nurse is too long and Acevedo gets that ball.
8:51 PM14 days ago


After Orrantia's move, Ustari ends up lying in his area, the assists are already helping him.
8:49 PM14 days ago


Orrantia finish that goes very far away from the Ustari arch.
8:47 PM14 days ago


The match is very closed, both teams are looking to generate danger, but are unable to reach the rival's goal
8:39 PM14 days ago


Goal by Pachuca! Excellent service by Aguirre that Guzmán takes advantage of and sweeping that ball into the bottom of Acevedo's goal
8:32 PM14 days ago


Good filtered ball for Orrantia that Ustari rejects well, the ball stays in Furch, but after a defensive sweep a clear one is lost.
8:27 PM14 days ago


Ustari! The goalkeeper makes a good save and the ball ends up crashing on the crossbar, after a dispute for the ball between Cabral and Furch.
8:25 PM14 days ago


Close! Roberto Nurse had the first one, but the ball ends up going sideways
8:15 PM14 days ago


There's a doorman! Ustari with one hand deflects a large center by Sandoval and avoids the first one.
8:10 PM14 days ago


The one that Cabral is missing! The defender wins the position and ends up sending the ball slightly over Acevedo's goal
8:06 PM14 days ago


No problem! The Santist defense stands up and can continue in the match without problems.
8:05 PM14 days ago


Phew! Strong blow from Nurse to Van Rankin and the green-white defender leaves the field on a stretcher.
8:02 PM14 days ago


The match begins at the TSM, both teams will go for everything to qualify for the Liguilla
7:56 PM14 days ago

Pachuca: LineUp |

O. Ustari; K. Álvarez, G. Cabral, O. Murillo,; V. Guzmán, E. Aguirre,I. Sosa, L. Chávez, F. Pardo; R. Nurse, E. Sánchez.


7:54 PM14 days ago

Santos: LineUp |

C. Acevedo; J. Van Rankin, H. Rodríguez, M. Dória; A. Cervantes, C. Orrantia, F. Gorriarán, D. Andrade, G. Sandoval; J. Furch, O. Rivero.
7:40 PM14 days ago

Great postcard!

This is what the TSM looks like for the first playoff duel of this Guard1anes 2020.

7:36 PM14 days ago

Check it out!

Pachuca has managed to get away with it on the last few occasions he has faced Santos.
7:21 PM14 days ago

Everything sanitized!

Within the TSM, all sanitary protocols are carried out.


7:18 PM14 days ago

Tuzos ready!

Pachuca is already at the TSM, ready to look for the qualification to the Liguilla.
7:16 PM14 days ago


This is how the Warriors found the stadium when they arrived.


12:55 PM14 days ago

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How to watch Santos vs Pachuca Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are: Fox Sports 2.

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12:45 PM14 days ago

Pachuca: Last Lineup

C. Acevedo; J. Van Rankin, H. Rodríguez, M. Dória; A. Cervantes, B. Garnica, F. Gorriarán, D. Andrade, G. Sandoval; J. Furch, O. Rivero.
12:40 PM14 days ago

Pachuca: Last Lineup

F. Torgnascioli; O. Murillo, B. Galindo; F. Figueroa, C. Souza, L. Chávez, J. Gómez, E. Orona, K. Ortega; R. Nurse, L. Ramos.
12:35 PM14 days ago

Get off for COVID!

It is important to highlight that for this duel, both teams will have important absences after some of their COVID players are infected, the number of infections per squad is not known.
12:30 PM14 days ago

Tuzos arrives beaten!

The Bella Airosa team arrives to this duel after falling in the last day against Necaxa, situation unchained after the multiple casualties they had thanks to the contagion of several of their COVID players. Throughout the tournament, Pachuca achieved six wins, seven draws and four losses, placing them in ninth position with 25 points.

12:25 PM14 days ago

Santos is on the rise!

The Warriors arrive at this duel after defeating Mazatlán in a categorical way, so they arrive with their spirits up. During the tournament the green and white accumulated 25 points, the result of seven victories, four draws and two defeats; five of the seven matches won were at home.

12:20 PM14 days ago

Kick-off time

The Santos vs Pachuca match will be played at the TSM stadium, in Torreón, Coahuila. The kick-off is scheduled at 07:00pm ET.
12:15 PM14 days ago

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