Goals and Highlights: Tigres 2-1 Toluca of Repechaje Liga MX 2020
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Suffered pass

With Gignac's double, the Tigers were able to advance to the next round and the Toluca was eliminated
10:58 PM4 days ago

End game

Tigres 2-1 Toluca
10:58 PM4 days ago


Kevin Castañeda's shot that covers Nahuel
10:57 PM4 days ago


Nahuel is left lying on the field by a strong blow
10:55 PM4 days ago


Center that Nahuel discharges in the small area and they commit him lack
10:53 PM4 days ago


Toluca bombards the rival area with centers
10:53 PM4 days ago


Change of Tigers. 

Enters: Purata and leaves Quiñones

10:52 PM4 days ago


The game is cut a lot for several faults, but Toluca has not been able to generate another clear
10:49 PM4 days ago


Six minutes are added

Yellow card for Salcedo

10:47 PM4 days ago


Eduardo Tercero enters and Jesús Dueñas leaves. Change of Tigres.
10:44 PM4 days ago


Triverio takes a very loose shot at Nahuel's hands
10:43 PM4 days ago


He missed it. Kevin Castañeda hits it with his first intention and the ball goes past the post. Close the Toluca.
10:41 PM4 days ago


Gignac takes a hard hit from Maidana and the Argentinean is cautioned
10:41 PM4 days ago


Enter Castañeda y López

Ríos and López are leaving. Changes of Toluca.

10:40 PM4 days ago


Gignac shot that easily reaches Guzman
10:36 PM4 days ago


Strong clash between Guzmán and Canelo, but before there was out of place
10:33 PM4 days ago


Free shot of Sambueza that goes off course. Near the Toluca
10:32 PM4 days ago


Change of Tigres. Luis Quiñones leaves and Jorge Torres Nilo enters
10:30 PM4 days ago


Now, Hugo Ayala is sent off for a double yellow card after a foul on the edge of the area
10:28 PM4 days ago


Dangerous center to second post that Canelo does not manage to finish
10:27 PM4 days ago


Few approaches in the last minutes, where Toluca tries to face a Tiger that has closed a little more
10:21 PM4 days ago


Out of place, but the Toluca had taken the ball off the line after a very dangerous cross that was passed to Luis Garcia
10:18 PM4 days ago


Medium distance Rigonate shot that goes over the top
10:18 PM4 days ago

Goal Toluca 1-2

10:17 PM4 days ago


Gignac's shot that goes sideways
10:15 PM4 days ago


The VAR checks the play and takes the red card from Hugo Ayala, he only leaves with a warning
10:14 PM4 days ago

The counterpunch that Tigres missed

10:12 PM4 days ago


Bad night for Hugo Ayala who is now being expelled. The Tigers are down by one
10:11 PM4 days ago


Goal of Toluca

Center within the small area that Hugo Ayala sends to his own goal for the 2-1

10:09 PM4 days ago


Adrian Mora is painted yellow by the referee
10:07 PM4 days ago


Tigres' counter-attack that does not take advantage after Quiñones' shot that covers Luis García
10:05 PM4 days ago


Toluca Changes

Entered: Medina and Rigonato

Gone: Ortega y González

Reyes left and Ayala entered, changing Tigres.

10:03 PM4 days ago


The second half starts
9:52 PM4 days ago

Tigres 2-0 Toluca

9:47 PM4 days ago

Half time

Tigres 2-0 Toluca
9:45 PM4 days ago

Goal Tigres 2-0

9:44 PM4 days ago


Shot from outside the Gignac area going up
9:43 PM4 days ago


Rubens free throw that goes over the top of the goal
9:42 PM4 days ago


Now the fault is Pizarro's, who has been painted yellow
9:41 PM4 days ago

Goal Tigres 1-0

9:39 PM4 days ago


Goal Tigres

Free throw Gignac scores a great goal to increase the difference.

9:38 PM4 days ago


Strong entrance to the edge of the area and Gonzalez is cautioned
9:36 PM4 days ago


Goal Tigres.

Center by Quiñones and shot by Gignac for the first goal of the match.

9:32 PM4 days ago

The Chaka's fault

9:31 PM4 days ago


Carioca shot that is deflected and ends up in a corner
9:30 PM4 days ago


Service to very bad Pizarro second post going up
9:26 PM4 days ago


Gignac was looking to turn around, but is caught out of place
9:25 PM4 days ago


Free shot of Tigers that ends in Guido Pizarro's foul
9:21 PM4 days ago


Service that is a little long for the Chaka and Luis Garcia goes out and keeps the ball
9:18 PM4 days ago


Alexis Canelo is fouled and Tigres will have the ball stopped from the bottom
9:13 PM4 days ago


Triverio with the diagonal delayed, but nobody closed the clamp to second post and the danger is over
9:11 PM4 days ago


The Chaka takes off two, including the goalkeeper, but the ball goes over the side in a very clear of the Tigers
9:10 PM4 days ago


Alexis Canelo's head very decomposed, when the rain starts to decrease
9:10 PM4 days ago


Quiñones' shot to Garcia's hands, when Chaka had stolen the ball in midfield and the play promised for more
9:06 PM4 days ago


Foul on Enrique Triverio at midfield
9:05 PM4 days ago


Gignac's shot decomposed, although Luis Garcia in two halves saves the ball
9:04 PM4 days ago


The ball has been played more in the field of the Tigers, although so far without any danger in the goals
9:01 PM4 days ago


Tigres vs. Toluca match begins
8:57 PM4 days ago

They jump into the field

Both Tigres and Toluca now take the field in the MX League protocol
8:56 PM4 days ago

They will not be present

It should be noted that Gaston Sauro and Michael Estrada did not make the trip due to inconvenience
8:54 PM4 days ago

Leo Fernandez, in debt

The Charrúa Leo Fernandez will not be of the initial game, although in the second half could have its revenge to face his former team, where he shone in the last semester
8:51 PM4 days ago

If Toluca wins...

If Toluca wins it would face either Leon or the Pumas in the group, depending on the last game of the requalification
8:49 PM4 days ago

If you win Tigres

If the Tigres win, they will face Cruz Azul or America in the league, depending on the result of Monterrey later against Puebla
8:46 PM4 days ago

The worst visitor

Of the best 12 teams in the tournament, Toluca was the worst visitor with only five points, thanks to one win, two draws and six losses
8:43 PM4 days ago

Rubens' experience

Rubens Sambueza already knows what it's like to play in the league and be a champion, his contribution in midfield could be vital for Toluca to get a good result on the Volcano court

8:39 PM4 days ago

How the Devils arrive

Toluca qualified in eleventh position with 21 points from 6 wins, 3 draws and 8 losses
8:38 PM4 days ago

Sixth place

Tigres qualified in sixth place with 28 points and came within one point of securing a direct pass to the quarterfinals
8:32 PM4 days ago

Results at home

The Tigres played nine home games with a balance of four wins, four draws and one defeat, remembering that they closed with two draws against Juarez and Atlas that caused them to fall in the playoff zone
8:30 PM4 days ago

They're already hot

Toluca players are already on the field for their warm-up phase
8:27 PM4 days ago

XI Toluca

García, López, Mora, Maidana, Ortega; González, Da Silva, Sambueza, Ríos; Triverio, Canelo.
8:25 PM4 days ago

XI Tigres

Guzmán; Salcedo, Reyes, Meza, Carioca; Pizarro, Rodríguez, Dueñas, Luis Quiñones, Julián Quiñones, Gignac
8:13 PM5 days ago

Game history

This is the story of matches between Tigres and Toluca in the finals, although this time it will be a single match. In case of a draw there will be a penalty shoot-out.

8:10 PM5 days ago

Now as a director

Sinha and Toluca also arrived at the property to try to surprise and eliminate the Tigers at home

8:07 PM5 days ago

Always on the field

Since round 3 of the Clausura 2020, Frenchman Gignac has not missed a single game, being a starter in all of them, as on this occasion when they face Toluca
8:05 PM5 days ago

With the gala uniform

Tigres will take the field in their traditional yellow and blue uniforms to try to advance to the playoffs

8:02 PM5 days ago

This is how they arrived

Gignac and the Tigers have already arrived at the University Stadium, complying with all the health measures for the coronavirus pandemic

8:00 PM5 days ago

We started

The seventh guest is defined to the quarterfinals of the MX League. Tigres and Toluca will hold a fierce battle to try to win this playoff. We begin with the coverage.
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Tune in here

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Latest games

In this tournament, they faced each other on day 5 with Toluca winning 3-2 at home, which, on that occasion, took away the undefeated felines.
6:41 PM5 days ago

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Key player Toluca

Despite missing some games during the season because of coronavirus, Argentinian Pedro Canelo was the best scorer with six goals, but he gives a different game volume to the scarlet offense.
6:31 PM5 days ago

Key player Tigres

The second best scorer of the season, French André-Pierre Gignac, will seek to increase its share of goals in the final phase, remembering that he scored 11 goals in the championship.
6:26 PM5 days ago

Tigres vs Toluca Referee

The referee in charge for this match will be Fernando Hernández Gómez.
6:21 PM5 days ago

Last lineup Toluca

García; López, Ortega, Maidana, Mora, González; López, Ríos, William; Canelo, Estrada.
6:16 PM5 days ago

Last lineup Tigres

`Guzmán; Rodríguez, Reyes, Meza, Salcedo; Aquino, Dueñas, Carioca, Quiñones, Julián Quiñones, Gignac.
6:11 PM5 days ago

Toluca: looking for the upset

Given the many ups and downs they had, mainly as visitors where they only got one victory, the Diablos want to surprise everyone and return to the post-season of Mexican soccer. Their last game was a 2-2 draw against Leon.
6:06 PM5 days ago

Tigres: the obligation is to make it past tonight

After they let the qualification slip away at the last minute against Atlas, because of their roster and for recent successful years, Tigres has the obligation to advance to the Liguilla, otherwise it would be considered a failure.
6:01 PM5 days ago

Kickoff time

The Tigres vs Toluca repechaje match will be played at the stadium Universitario, in Nuevo León. The kick-off is scheduled at 8pm ET.
5:56 PM5 days ago


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