Goals and Highlights: Sporting Cristal 1-1 Ayacucho FC in final Phase 2
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6:11 PM9 months ago

Thanks for living the match with us!'

With the victory of the foxes, both teams will now face each other again in the semifinals to define Universitario's rival and play the national final. 

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6:01 PM9 months ago

Victory of Ayacucho!

2-3 New failure of the sky-blue machine, Sandoval can't score the fifth penalty and the victory is for those in white, it's over!
5:59 PM9 months ago

It was the one of the triumph!

2-3 The marker does not move, Souza had it and this continues. 


5:59 PM9 months ago

Another failure!

2-3 Sporting can't tie, Corozo fails and this looks very difficult for the sky-blue. 


5:58 PM9 months ago

Ayacucho up!

2-3 Rojas converts his penalty and now the advantage belongs to the foxes. 


5:46 PM9 months ago

We follow 2-2

2-2 Sporting failure, Calcaterra failed.
5:44 PM9 months ago

Goal of Ayacucho

2-2 Mendieta shoots powerfully and ties the penalties.
5:43 PM9 months ago

Goal of Sporting!

2-1 Cazulo increases the advantage. 
5:38 PM9 months ago

Goal by Sporting!

1-0 Herrera scored again and leads the blue team. 


5:32 PM9 months ago

We have penalties!

120' Everything will be decided from the 11 steps! The game broke down in the second half but lacked clarity. Pure drama!


5:22 PM9 months ago

Ten minutes or we will have penalties

110' Ayacucho is encouraged in the search for the rival error, but they have failed to decide better in the last sung line. 


5:15 PM9 months ago

The first extra time is over

105' Sporting has not been able to get ahead. It seems that Ayacucho could postpone the penalty shoot-out without any problems. 


5:03 PM9 months ago

Sporting is still up

95' The ones in blue want to finish the game in the extra time. They have thrown themselves into the attack for the goal of the difference. 


4:54 PM9 months ago

Extra time

90' 30 minutes more to define the match or we will go to penalties. 


4:50 PM9 months ago

3 minutes are added

90' Little separates us from the fact that this game will be resolved in regular time. 


4:44 PM9 months ago

We arrived at the final straight

84' The score has not moved any more and the tie remains. Sporting, from the beginning, the team that has searched the most. 


4:34 PM9 months ago

Bad news for the blues

75' Gonzalez leaves the playing field injured. Sporting must make another modification.
4:29 PM9 months ago

Change of Sporting

70' Marchán enters through Távara. Robert Mosquera is still looking for the key that will give him the triumph this afternoon in the Monumental. 


4:25 PM9 months ago

It was the advantage!

65' Corozo's good clearance, was in front of Zamudio but the goalkeeper from Ayacucho blocked the shot well. Very important save. 


4:21 PM9 months ago

We are half an hour away from the end of the match

61' After the goal of the foxes, the ones in white have encouraged a little more to attack, but they continue with a more reactive posture. 


4:15 PM9 months ago

Goal of Ayacucho!

56' Mendieta's shot that entered at half height. Sporting's goalkeeper remained motionless. Tie in the monumental!


3:48 PM9 months ago

The first half is over!

45' After one minute added, the initial part of the match ends. Corozo still had a clear chance, but his shot hit the crossbar. It seems that goalkeeper Zamudio managed to deflect the ball. 


3:42 PM9 months ago

Saving sweep

39' It seemed that the second goal of the blue team was falling, but a saving sweep of the Ayacucho rearguard avoided the shot after the transition. 


3:37 PM9 months ago

The possession has been celestial

34' Up to this moment, with almost 63% of the possession, those directed by Mosquera are taking the proposal of the meeting. 


3:30 PM9 months ago


26' Sporting Cristal goes up! Herrera scores the penalty kick after one hand and the sky-blue team takes the lead in the match. 


3:21 PM9 months ago

Now the blue team was close!

18' Olivares put the ball well forward and goalkeeper Zamudio managed to keep it. The clearest so far. 


3:19 PM9 months ago

Alternate Domain

15' Despite the fact that those in Mosquera have more possession, the foxes' thefts have led to more dangerous actions. 


3:13 PM9 months ago

Close Ayacucho!

10' Robbery of those who today dress in white, the captain took the ball but his shot passed over Sporting's goal. 


3:08 PM9 months ago

Sample of intentions

5' At the beginning of the match the sky-blue machine moves the ball, looks for different sides to reach the rival area, the foxes wait for the counter-attack. 


3:03 PM9 months ago

Start the game!

1'The celestials move the ball and the meeting begins.
2:54 PM9 months ago

Everything is ready for the start of the game!

Ready the traditional photos, in these times with the players distant. Everything ready for the start of the match in the Monumental Stadium. 
2:44 PM9 months ago

We are less than 20 minutes away from the start of the match

Both Sporting Cristal's and Ayacucho FC's players are already warming up on the court; the leaders of groups A and B are looking for that pass.
2:42 PM9 months ago

Both sets of measures required by the current pandemic situation

2:37 PM9 months ago

Ayacucho FC lineup:

Zamudio; Villamarin, Rojas, Souza, Mendieta, Cossio; Papa, Murrugarra; Ardiles, Sosa y Montes.
2:37 PM9 months ago

Sporting Cristal lineup

Solís; Madrid, Chávez, Merlo, Loyola; Távara, Gonzales, Calcaterra; Corozo, Olivares y Herrera.
2:15 PM9 months ago

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2:10 PM9 months ago

How and where to watch Sporting Cristal vs Ayacucho LIVE

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are: GolTV Latinoamerica.

If you want to directly stream it: GolTV Latinoamerica app.

If you want to watch in on internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!

2:05 PM9 months ago

Solid defense

Ayacucho is the second team that has received fewer goals so far, with a total of 27 goals against, only behind César Vallejo who accumulated 23.
2:00 PM9 months ago

Ayacucho’s manager speaks

"We are very clear that there is a team that has an obligation, while we are looking to make history. We know how Cristal is and we want to try to take advantage of some shortcomings in order to move forward," said the underdog's head coach Gerardo Ameli.
1:55 PM9 months ago

Sporting Cristal coach talks

"I think Ayacucho deserves it, not only the city that is beautiful. I think it is a directive that has been making efforts to show that they have been improving in infrastructure, playing model and coaches that have not been wrong," said Sporting's coach Roberto Mosquera.
1:50 PM9 months ago

What will the winner get?

The winner of this duel will be the team that classifies to the semifinal of League 1, however, if Cristal wins, they will go directly to the final against Universitario de Deportes for being in the first place of the accumulated positions table.
1:45 PM9 months ago

Promising clash!

Sporting Cristal vs. Ayacucho FC will face each other this Saturday in an intense duel to define the winning team of Phase 2 of the Peruvian championship. The two teams arrive at this duel with their best elements, so a more than exciting match is guaranteed
1:40 PM9 months ago

Kick-off time

The Sporting Cristal vs Ayacucho FC match will be played at the Monumental Stadium, in Lima, Peru.

The kick-off is scheduled at 2pm ET.

1:35 PM9 months ago


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