Goal and highlights: Tampico Madero 1-0 Celaya in 2020 Semifinals Liga Expansion MX
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1:35 AM10 months ago

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1:30 AM10 months ago

Goal and highlights

1:25 AM10 months ago

Tampico Madero 1-0 Celaya

With a great goal by Diego de Buen, the Tampico Madero team took advantage of its local condition to get a minimum advantage against Celaya.

The second leg will be played on Saturday at 7:00 p.m. at the Miguel Alemán Valdés Stadium.

1:20 AM10 months ago


Game over!
1:15 AM10 months ago


Five minutes are added.
1:10 AM10 months ago


New change of Tampico: Carlos Robles enters for César Bernal.
1:05 AM10 months ago


Joel Garcia! The local goalkeeper rejects Sergio Vergara's great mid-range shot.
1:00 AM10 months ago


Jose Hernandez becomes the first cautioned in the party.
12:55 AM10 months ago


New change in Tampico: Joel Perez leaves and Edson Martinez enters.
12:50 AM10 months ago


One more change from Celaya: Adolfo Enrique enters for Guillermo Martínez.
12:45 AM10 months ago


Double change of Tampico: Carlos Vázquez and Jesús Salas enter by Antonio López and Diego Medina.
12:40 AM10 months ago


Almost! Enrique Cedillo's header that César Bernal rejects on the line, after Joel García came out in a bad way.
12:35 AM10 months ago


Sergio Vergara's free throw that is deflected by the local defense.
12:30 AM10 months ago


Celaya's new movement: Nahúm Gómez leaves and Mauricio Galván enters.
12:25 AM10 months ago


Oscar Manzanarez's header that Campestrini controls with both hands.
12:20 AM10 months ago


First change of Celaya: Enrique Cedillo enters for Juan Miguel.
12:15 AM10 months ago


Unbelievable! Facing the goal, José Ávila fails to shoot correctly and the ball is deflected over the top.
12:10 AM10 months ago


Campe! The visiting goalkeeper holds and stops Tony Lopez's shot.
12:05 AM10 months ago


Celaya continues to knock on the opposite door; however, she has not yet had forcefulness.
12:00 AM10 months ago


Head shot by Guillermo Martinez that passes over the local goal.
11:55 PM10 months ago


The second half begins!
11:50 PM10 months ago


The first half is over!
11:45 PM10 months ago


In the last few minutes, the match has been stopped several times due to repeated infringements by both teams.
11:40 PM10 months ago


Almost! Shot by Juan Miguel that Joel Garcia stops with both hands. The premises are saved.
11:35 PM10 months ago


 That was the score with which Tampico is winning. 
11:30 PM10 months ago


Good Diego! Now in his area, the Mexican midfielder holds Leobardo López's shot on his chest.
11:25 PM10 months ago


Campestrini! The Argentinean goalkeeper correctly shrinks and avoids Diego de Buen's double.
11:20 PM10 months ago


From a free kick, Diego de Buen overtakes the Crab.
11:15 PM10 months ago


Game on!
11:10 PM10 months ago

Celaya: lineup confirmed

C. Campestrini; J. Aguirre, D. Zamora, R. Peña, L. López (C), S. Vergara, J. Miguel, N. Gómez, H. Sandoval, F. Illescas y G. Martínez.
11:05 PM10 months ago

Tampico Madero: lineup confirmed

J. García; C. Bernal, O. Manzanarez, G. Aguirre (C), J. Hernández, J. Lozano, D. de Buen, J. Ávila, D. Medina, J. Pérez y A. López.
11:00 PM10 months ago

Similarly, the Jaiba Brava is already in the Tamaulipas Stadium.

10:55 PM10 months ago

The Celaya complex is located in the Tamaulipas building.

10:50 PM10 months ago

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10:40 PM10 months ago

Celaya: last lineup

C. Campestrini (C); J. Aguirre, D. Zamora, R. Peña, L. López, S. Vergara, J. Miguel, H. Sandoval, F. Illescas, G. Martínez y F. González.
10:35 PM10 months ago

Tampico Madero: last lineup

J. García; C. Bernal, O. Manzanarez, G. Aguirre (C), J. Hernández, J. Lozano, D. de Buen, J. Ávila, D. Medina, J. Pérez y A. López.
10:30 PM10 months ago

Celaya: team news

This was the last training of the Bulls for this afternoon's game. 
10:25 PM10 months ago

Tampico Madero: team news

This is how the Crab was prepared for today's game. 
10:20 PM10 months ago

To demonstrate superiority

On the other hand, Celaya's squad was in first place with 35 points, after having nine wins, five draws and one defeat.

Their leadership allowed them to advance directly to this round; however, the negative aspect of this situation is that they have not played an official match in almost a month.

(Photo: @GolesyCifras)
(Photo: @GolesyCifras)
10:15 PM10 months ago

To take advantage

The Tampico team finished the regular phase located in the sixth position with 26 units, product of six wins, five draws and four losses.

In the playoffs, they eliminated Tapatío in penalties and, later on, they beat Mineros de Zacatecas 4-2 in the quarterfinals.

(Photo: @GolesyCifras)
(Photo: @GolesyCifras)
10:10 PM10 months ago

Tampico Madero vs Celaya

The Tampico Madero vs Celaya FC match will be played at the Estadio Tamaulipas, in México. The kick-off is scheduled at 8:00 pm ET. 
10:05 PM10 months ago


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