Goals and Highlights Tigres 4-0 New York City FC match on Concachampions 2020
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1:41 AM9 months ago

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1:38 AM9 months ago

Tigres is in the semifinals

The team from Nuevo Leon will face Honduras' Olimpia next Saturday to look for their ticket to the grand final.


1:34 AM9 months ago

This was the fourth goal of the match

Great driving and finishing by Aquino.


1:33 AM9 months ago


Tonight's game at Orlando City Stadium ends.

Final score: Tigres 4-0 New York City

Overall score: 5-0

1:27 AM9 months ago


Aquino recovered the ball, gave way to Gignac who returned the pass and the Oaxacan cut back in the area to define with the right to the first post. 

There's a goal in Orlando City!

1:23 AM9 months ago


Castellanos' shot that goes to Nahuel Guzman's position and ends up diverting it.
1:20 AM9 months ago

De Souza sentenced the match

With this score it seems impossible for the New York team to come back and Tigres is practically in the semifinals.


1:18 AM9 months ago


Gignac entered the area alone but the Frenchman grew larger and ended up handing it over to Barraza.
1:16 AM9 months ago


Yellow card for Pizarro for a sweep with excessive force on Castellanos.
1:13 AM9 months ago


Change of Tigres: Fernandez and Carlos Salcedo leave, and Meza and Raymundo Fulgencio enter.
1:10 AM9 months ago


Yellow card for Medina after a discussion with Salcedo and Gignac.

He was later replaced by Parks, along with two other changes from New York City FC. 

1:06 AM9 months ago


The ball was left to Quiñones, who made a series of feints on Matarrita and put a good service to the head of Carioca who defined the third of this night and fourth for the university students in the series.
1:02 AM9 months ago


Yellow card for Castellanos for dangerous play againts Rodriguez.
12:56 AM9 months ago

Excellent finish by Fernandez

A move worth seeing a thousand times.


12:54 AM9 months ago


Incredible score by Leo Fernandez who defined with the heel after a great escape of Quiñonez. 

The advantage is extended to 3-0 on aggregate for the "Tuca" team.

12:47 AM9 months ago


Tigres vs New York FC second half starts.
12:30 AM9 months ago


The first half ends:

Tigres win 1-0, and the aggregate score is 2-0.

12:21 AM9 months ago


It was a hard-fought game with many fouls in midfield, one more against Pierre Ginganc.
12:18 AM9 months ago


Yellow card for Steven for a strong foul on Pizarro.
12:17 AM9 months ago

Tigres increase the advantage

This was Gignac's goal with which the Mexican team is already winning 2-0 on aggregate.



12:12 AM9 months ago


Gignac's head shot before an excellent service by Quiñones, who cut out two players and served with the right.
12:10 AM9 months ago


Powerful shot after some rebounds by Tajouri, but Nahuel captures the ball well.
12:08 AM9 months ago


Luis Quiñones got into the area easily after a throw-in charged by Rodríguez but the ball ended up being controlled by Barraza in two halves.
12:01 AM9 months ago


Castellanos shot that goes very far from Nahuel's goal.
11:59 PM9 months ago


The New York players were making a good move that Acevedo left at Nahuel's feet.
11:53 PM9 months ago


Lack of Gignac on Callens, who end up getting words in the middle of the field.
11:46 PM9 months ago


Delayed pass that ends up cutting Hugo Ayala in the area.
11:43 PM9 months ago


Tigers begin to play the ball and the New Yorkers retreat into their area.
11:41 PM9 months ago


The game starts in Orlando City!
11:26 PM9 months ago

NYCFC Lineup

Barraza (P), Tinnerholm, Chanot, Callens, Matarrita, Acevedo, Moralez (C), Medina, Tajouri-Shradi, Mackay-Steven y Castellanos.


11:24 PM9 months ago

Tigres Lineup

1. Nahuel Guzmán (GK), 3. Carlos Salcedo, 4. Hugo Ayala, 28. Luis Rodríguez, 29. Jesús Dueñas, 5. Rafael de Souza, 19. Guido Pizarro (C), 20. Javier Aquino, 23. Luis Quiñones, 17. Leonardo Fernández and 10. André-Pierre Gignac.


11:21 PM9 months ago

New York City FC's Goalkeeper Debuts

Luis Barraza will have to make his emergency debut in the face of the loss of the NYCFC starting goalkeeper to Covid-19.
11:14 PM9 months ago

Tiger players watch the previous game

The bubble in Orlando City Stadium allows players to analyze previous matches live. 

They will remain in it until the end of the competition, and only those eliminated will be removed. 


11:09 PM9 months ago

Who scored the goal in the first leg?

A curious fact is that the goal of advantage that the felines bring, was scored by Eduardo Vargas, who currently is no longer part of the team led by "Tuca" Ferreti. 

The former Tigres forward is now part of Brazil's Serie A with Atletico Mineiro. 

10:46 PM9 months ago

The players from New York arrived

The blue team is already in place to try and overturn a 1-0 score against the Tigers. 

Will they achieve the feat?


10:43 PM9 months ago

Meeting between French people

The Tigers arrived yesterday afternoon at the Orlando, Florida facilities, where they will be encased to play the final of the competition. 

In that place Pierre Gignac took a few moments to say hello and spend time with his compatriot, French soccer legend and current technical director of the Montreal Impact, Thierry Henry.

10:38 PM9 months ago

The championship that Tigres has not achieved

Despite being a vintage team in the Mexican League, the University players have come very close to winning the CONCACAF Champions League, but the furthest they have gone is to the final.

They lost against America in 2016, against Pachuca in 2017 and more recently against Monterrey in the regional classic that was the final in 2019.

10:28 PM9 months ago

Live broadcast begins

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How and where to watch Tigres vs New York FC

If you want to watch the broadcast on TV, the broadcast will be on Fox Sports 2 and TUDN USA. 

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9:28 PM9 months ago

Last lineup of NYCFC in Concachampions

S. Johnson (GK); A. Tinnerholm, M. Chanot, A. Callens, J. Sands, R. Matarrita, A. Ring (C), A. Mitrita, I. Tajouri, K. Parks and H. Araujo.
8:58 PM9 months ago

Last lineup of Tigres in Concachampions

N. Guzmán(GK); L. Rodríguez, H. Ayala F. Meza, J. Dueñas, G. Pizarro (C), R. Carioca, J. Aquino, E. Vargas, J. Sierra and A. Gignac.
8:23 PM9 months ago

NYCFC key player

Valentin Mariano Castellanos has had a great season and many goals for New York.

The 22 year old Argentinean footballer has achieved such a level that he is currently selected as the national team of his country in the under 23 category.

7:43 PM9 months ago

Tigres key player

Once again the Mexican team will appeal to the offensive power offered by the French forward, Pierre Gignac.

He was the team's top scorer in Guard1anes 2020, and the second best in the season, just below Cruz Azul's Jonathan Rodriguez.

6:58 PM9 months ago

New York FC will try to come back

The picture seems complex, but because in the United States the locals are New Yorkers again, and although they come with a disadvantage on the scoreboard they could achieve the feat.


6:08 PM9 months ago

Tigres with the advantage

For the minimum, but those directed by "Tuca" Ferreti bring the advantage, that's why after nine months they will seek to close the series.


5:13 PM9 months ago

Changes to the rules

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the tournament had to be adjusted, it will only be played in the United States. 

The teams will play the second leg of the quarterfinals except for Cruz Azul vs Los Angeles FC, which will be one game away. 

From the semifinals on, all of them will be to a single duel. 

4:13 PM9 months ago

The competition resumes

Finally, after a long time of expectation, the teams will be able to close the tournament that was paused since March.
3:08 PM9 months ago

Kick-off time

The Tigres vs New York City match will be played at the Orlando City Stadium, in Orlando, Florida.

The kick-off is scheduled at 10:30pm ET.

1:58 PM9 months ago


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