Goals and Highlights: LAFC 2-1 Cruz Azul of Concacaf Champions League 2020
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Thank you!

Thank you for following the broadcast of the quarterfinals of the Concachampions between the LAFC and Cruz Azul.
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Next rival

The LAFC will face America in the semi-finals next Saturday, in search of a ticket to the grand final.
1:28 AM9 months ago

Another failure

Cruz Azul closes a 2020 for oblivion and has been eliminated from the Concachampions after falling 2-1 against the LAFC.
1:28 AM9 months ago

End game

LAFC 2-1 Cruz Azul.
1:27 AM9 months ago


Corner shot that Cruz Azul does not take advantage of, where Jurado had gone to finish off.
1:23 AM9 months ago


Free shot of Vela that goes over the top.
1:23 AM9 months ago


5 more minutes are added.
1:22 AM9 months ago


Blessing is fouled outside the area and a direct free kick is awarded to the LAFC.
1:20 AM9 months ago


El Monir entered and Blackmon left, instead of the LAFC.
1:17 AM9 months ago


Cruz Azul changes

Pineda and Alvarado left

Enter Dominguez and Rivero.

1:15 AM9 months ago


Cruz Azul was trying to mount its offensive, but Yotun is cautioned for claiming a foul on Opoku.
1:12 AM9 months ago


Changes to the LAFC

Enter Rodriguez and Blessing

Se van Rossi and Cifuentes.

1:07 AM9 months ago


Medium distance shot of Escobar from above.
1:06 AM9 months ago

Goal of LAFC 2-1

1:03 AM9 months ago



Opoku with the shot from outside the area to get ahead 2-1.

1:02 AM9 months ago


Vela with the half turn shot that covers the celestial defence.
1:02 AM9 months ago


The LAFC begins to tilt the court and through fixed tactical plays is trying to do so.
1:00 AM9 months ago


Sailing shot that controls two strokes Sebastián Jurado.
12:55 AM9 months ago


Blackmon is left lying on the field after falling badly into the field.
12:53 AM9 months ago


Romo was trying to connect with Alvarado, but the ball was too long inside the box.
12:51 AM9 months ago


A long filtered pass but Carlos Vela was out of place.
12:50 AM9 months ago


Change of LAFC. Musovski left and Opoku entered.
12:44 AM9 months ago


Rossi's cross and satin shot that Jurado takes out with a slap.
12:44 AM9 months ago


Cruz Azul changes:

Enter Caraglio and Aldrete

Salen Gimenez and Hernandez.

12:41 AM9 months ago


Shooting with Cifuentes power that brings out the defense.
12:38 AM9 months ago


The second half starts.
12:37 AM9 months ago


12:22 AM9 months ago

Half time

The first time is history... LAFC 1-1 Cruz Azul.
12:21 AM9 months ago


Free shot of Vela that cuts Jury without major problems.
12:20 AM9 months ago


Now Orbelin knocks down Vela and it will be a direct free kick.
12:18 AM9 months ago


The defender Pablo Aguilar is painted yellow.
12:17 AM9 months ago


Alvarado missed it, who drove and within the area took the crushed shot that went sideways.
12:15 AM9 months ago



Carlos Vela defines to the right of the goalkeeper who, despite the throw, does not prevent the tie in the 38th minute.

12:13 AM9 months ago


Jury knocks down Vela inside the area and the whistler has scored a penalty.
12:12 AM9 months ago


Centre to second post that is badly headed and goes sideways. Goal kick in favour of the Machine.
12:11 AM9 months ago


Dangerous shot that controls without rebounding Sebastian Jurado.
12:10 AM9 months ago


Great sailing move that leaves it to Musovsky, but Jurado makes a good bail out and avoids the first one from the LAFC.
12:07 AM9 months ago


Yotun with the diagonal throughout the area that timely rejects the angelic defense.
12:05 AM9 months ago


He tries to overtake Vela on the right-hand side, but the defence anticipates and refuses to corner.
12:03 AM9 months ago


Strong shock that Santiago Giménez receives accidentally in the face.
12:00 AM9 months ago


Free shot by Elías Hernández that goes over the goal.
11:59 PM9 months ago


Orbelin is fouled outside the area and there will be a direct free kick.
11:57 PM9 months ago


It seemed that Elías was going solo, but first a midfield foul was sanctioned.
11:56 PM9 months ago

Gol Cruz Azul 1-0

11:54 PM9 months ago


Delayed Baca diagonal passing through the whole area, although it had already left the pitch before.
11:52 PM9 months ago


Goal of Cruz Azul

Yotun shoots it "Panenka" style and the Machine already wins it from the penalty spot.

11:51 PM9 months ago


Penalty kick in favour of Cruz Azul after a clear push when the LAFC lost the ball.
11:47 PM9 months ago


Romo anticipates the striker, who is already licking his whiskers to make the first one.
11:46 PM9 months ago


Rossi steps on the area and takes out the shot that crashes into the crossbar. The Blue Cross was saved.
11:46 PM9 months ago


Cruz Azul has started the match in a better way, where they have already cancelled a goal, but they press on the exit and try to have depth on the wings.
11:42 PM9 months ago


Goal annulled to Cruz Azul when Romo had already sent the ball to the bottom of the net.
11:41 PM9 months ago


Vela knocks down Escobar and Cruz Azul has a direct free kick.
11:39 PM9 months ago


Centre looking for Giménez who anticipates the doorman.
11:37 PM9 months ago


The game begins.
11:36 PM9 months ago


A minute's silence is respectfully observed.
11:33 PM9 months ago

They jump into the field

Both teams, along with the refereeing corps, take to the field for the final quarter-final.
11:33 PM9 months ago

Since 2014

The last time Cruz Azul was champion of this tournament was in 2014, so in this edition they will be looking for their seventh title.
11:29 PM9 months ago

In optimal conditions

Orlando City Stadium looks in impeccable condition to host the fourth game of the quarterfinals of the Concachampions.

11:24 PM9 months ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the only quarter-final game within 90 minutes of the Concachampions League between the LAFC and Cruz Azul.
11:18 PM9 months ago

The casualties of the Cruz Azul

Jesús Corona, Andrés Gudiño and Jaiber Jiménez for coronavirus, as well as Jonathan Rodríguez for a muscle disease will not be present for this game.
11:15 PM9 months ago

New Technician

Luis Armando González will be the interim technical director of the Cruz Azul and will be supported by Joel Huiqui and Óscar Pérez.
11:11 PM9 months ago

LAFC goes for MLS

The LAFC wants to be the only MLS team to reach the semi-finals, after Honduras' Olimpia and Mexico's Tigres and America have already played their respective series.
11:06 PM9 months ago

America awaits you in the semi-finals

America has completed their pass to the semi-finals and next Saturday they will face the winner of this game, will it be the LAFC or the Cruz Azul?
11:02 PM9 months ago

From the negro

The LAFC will be the administrative premises and will today wear its traditional black uniform.

10:59 PM9 months ago

The absence

Jonathan Rodriguez was not considered within the initial departure and the confidence has been received by Santiago Giménez.
10:58 PM9 months ago

XI Cruz Azul

Jurado; Aguilar, Escobar, Romo, Domínguez; Alvarado, Pineda, Baca, Yotún; Hernández, Giménez.
10:52 PM9 months ago

From the inicio

The duo Vela and Rossi will start this match and promise to cause a severe headache for Cruz Azul's defence.
10:50 PM9 months ago


Vermeer; Segura, Kaye, Blackmon, Murillo; Cifuentes, Atuesta, Palacios, Musovski; Vela, Rossi.
10:47 PM9 months ago

This is how the LAFC came about

A little over half an hour ago the LAFC team arrived at the stadium to try and get their ticket to the semi-finals.

10:43 PM9 months ago

On the slope of the future rival

Should Cruz Azul defeat the LAFC, they would be facing America in the semi-finals, who are drawing 0-0 with Atlanta United in the second leg.

10:42 PM9 months ago

Beware of Carlitos

It is time for Vela to continue to shine against Mexican teams, so Cruz Azul will have to be careful with him.

10:36 PM9 months ago

Without Siboldi

Cruz Azul arrived a few days ago in the United States to prepare and face this tournament with the task of winning it to go to the Club World Cup.

10:33 PM9 months ago

They have already arrived at the stadium

The Cruz Azul arrived at Orlando City Stadium with the appropriate security measures due to the coronavirus pandemic.

10:29 PM9 months ago

We start

LAFC and Cruz Azul define the last Champions League semi-finalist to a single match at 90 minutes. We begin with the coverage of this great game.
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Tune in here

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Los Angeles FC vs Cruz Azul match.
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90 minutes away

It should be recalled that the first leg was not contested because of the pandemic, so the semi-final will be decided by a single game; in the event of a draw there will be penalties. For the first time these teams will be playing against each other.
10:29 PM9 months ago

How to watch Los Angeles FC vs Cruz Azul Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options is: TUDN.

If you want to directly stream it: Streaming services.

If you want to watch in on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!

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Key player Cruz Azul

Jonathan Rodriguez hopes to keep the gunpowder burning and lead the Machine to the semi-finals of the international tournament.

10:29 PM9 months ago

Key player Los Angeles FC

This is the golden opportunity for Carlos Vela to shine and lead the Angelina ensemble to its first Concacaf title.

10:29 PM9 months ago

Without a fans

It should be noted that the remaining matches to define the champion will be played without an audience in the stands.
10:29 PM9 months ago

Last lineup Cruz Azul

Jurado; Dominguez, Aguilar, Escobar, Martinez; Baca, Romo, Rivero, Alvarado, Pineda; Rodriguez.
10:29 PM9 months ago

Last lineup LAFC

Sisniega; Harvey, Blackmon, Murillo, Segura; Kaye, Atuesta, Blessing, Torres; Vela, Wright-Phillips
10:29 PM9 months ago

Cruz Azul: face the music

In the face of the embarrassing elimination in the semi-finals of the MX League, Cruz Azul has the obligation to come out of this series in good shape and become champions to give at least one joy to their fans.

10:29 PM9 months ago

LAFC: Mexican club eliminated again

Los Angeles qualified for the event after eliminating the Leon and will seek to continue in the same vein in the face of a falling machine.
10:29 PM9 months ago

Kick-off time

The Los Angeles FC vs Cruz Azul Impact match will be played at the stadium Orlando City, in Florida. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:30pm ET.
10:29 PM9 months ago


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