Goal and highlights: Chivas 1-0 Santos in Preseason Friendly
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10:28 AMa month ago

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10:28 AMa month ago

Chivas Guadalajara 1-0 Santos Laguna

In a preparation game, with a goal by José Juan Macías, Chivas defeats Santos 1-0.

Both teams will return to their cities to continue with their preseason against Guard1anes 2021; Guadalajara will debut on January 8 against Puebla and Santos on the 10th against Cruz Azul.

10:23 AMa month ago


Game over!
10:18 AMa month ago


Almost! Shot by Eduardo Torres that goes over the goal. Again, Chivas was close to his second score.
10:13 AMa month ago


Olivas! The Chivas defender is attentive and on the line he rejects Aguirre's shot.
10:08 AMa month ago


Ignacio Jeraldino receives the yellow card.
10:03 AMa month ago


One more movement from Chivas: Miguel Jiménez leaves and Raúl Rangel enters.
9:58 AMa month ago


New changes in Chivas: Zahid Muños and Alejandro Organist enter by Oscar Macias and Carlos Cinsneros.
9:53 AMa month ago


Start the last quarter!
9:48 AMa month ago


The third half is over!
(Photo: Santos)
(Photo: Santos)
9:43 AMa month ago


Lajud! Santos' goalkeeper rejects Cesar Huerta's powerful new shot.
9:38 AMa month ago


Metal! Santos is saved again, now after a shot by Ronaldo Cisneros that hits the post.
9:33 AMa month ago


Almost! Shot by Cesar Huerta that comes out just from the side of the goal. Guadalajara continues to look better.
9:28 AMa month ago


For his part, Santos also modified his line-up; he now plays with Lajud, Orrantia, Doria, Govea, Andrade, Games, Adrian, Jair, Jordan, Aguirre and Jeraldino.
9:23 AMa month ago


Chivas changes most of its eleven: they line up with Jiménez, Van Rankin, Briseño, Olivas, Orozco, Flores, O. Macías, Torres, R. Cisneros, C. Cisneros and Huerta.
9:18 AMa month ago


The third quarter is already in play!
9:13 AMa month ago


The second half is over!
9:08 AMa month ago


Carlos Acevedo! Santos' goalkeeper extends and avoids the score of Miguel Ponce, who continues to attack on the left side.
9:03 AMa month ago


Chivas keeps insisting! Miguel Ponce controls the ball with his chest, takes off an opponent and takes a shot that passes just over the top.
8:58 AMa month ago


Chivas makes its first move: Antonio Rodriguez enters for Raul Gudino.
8:53 AMa month ago


Start the second quarter!
8:48 AMa month ago


The first half is over!
(Photo: Santos)
(Photo: Santos)
8:43 AMa month ago


Almost! In combination with Oribe Peralta, Uriel Antuna came close to increasing Chivas' lead after he hit the ball that came out very close to Santos' goal
8:38 AMa month ago


New warning from Chivas, now with a shot by Miguel Ponce that goes just above the santista goal.
8:33 AMa month ago


Raul Gudino! The red-and-white goalkeeper holds and contains Alan Cervantes' shot well.
8:28 AMa month ago


With a pass from Jesus Angulo, Jose Juan Macias scores and puts Guadalajara in the lead.
8:23 AMa month ago


Almost! Fernando Beltrán takes a shot from outside of the area that crashes into the crossbar. The laguneros are saved.
8:18 AMa month ago


The game begins in Playa del Carmen!
8:13 AMa month ago

It's about to start!

Four 25-minute halves will be played.
8:08 AMa month ago

Santos: lineup

Acevedo; Diaz, Torres, Rodriguez, Prieto, Cervantes, Gorriaran, Isijara, Preciado, Valdes y Ocejo.
8:03 AMa month ago

Chivas: lineup

R. Gudiño; J. Sánchez, H. Mier, G. Sepúlveda, M. Ponce, J. Molina, F. Beltrán, J. Angulo, U. Antuna, O. Peralta y J. Macías.
7:58 AMa month ago

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Santos: last lineup

C. Acevedo; J. Díaz, H. Rodríguez, M. Dória, D. Andrade, A. Cervantes, F. Gorriarán, J. Isijara, A. Preciado, D. Valdés y O. Rivero.
7:43 AMa month ago

Chivas: last lineup

R. Gudiño; M. Ponce, A. Briseño, H. Mier, J. Sánchez, J. Molina, I. Brizuela, C. Antuna, A. Vega, C. Calderón y J. Macías.
7:38 AMa month ago

Santos: team news

For his part, Diego Valdés expressed his feelings about how Santos is preparing.
7:33 AMa month ago

Chivas: team news

Isaac Brizuela spoke about the objectives that Chivas will have in Guard1anes 2021
7:28 AMa month ago

Second preseason game

Likewise, Santos will finish his first part of preparation tomorrow; in his first friendly match, he scored 6-2 against Cancun FC.
As for his staff, so far his only reinforcements are Ignacio Jeraldino and Jesus Isijara.


7:23 AMa month ago

First Preparation Set

This week, the Chivas will complete the first part of their preseason, as they return to Jalisco on Wednesday.

For the time being, only the incorporation of Cesar Huerta has been added, although there are several elements such as Alejandro Mayorga and Josecarlos Van Rankin who have returned from their respective loans, but who are still unsure of their place on the team.

7:18 AMa month ago

Chivas Guadalajara vs Santos Laguna

The Chivas Guadalajara vs Santos Laguna match will be played at Cancún, Quintana Roo, México. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:00 am ET.
7:13 AMa month ago


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