Goals and Highlights: Boca Juniors 2-2 River Plate in Superclasico Maradona Cup 2021
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Vibrant tie

Boca and River offered goals and spectacle in the 2-2 draw in their first match of the year, remembering that they will play the Copa Libertadores in the middle of the week.
9:25 PM24 days ago

End game

Boca 2-2 River
9:25 PM24 days ago


Foul on Andrada at the corner kick
9:24 PM24 days ago


Far shot of Borré hitting Mas
9:23 PM24 days ago


Villa is cautioned.
9:20 PM24 days ago


Five more minutes will be played in extra time
9:19 PM24 days ago

Goal Boca 2-2

9:15 PM24 days ago


Goal of Boca 
Villa defines in the hand to hand against Armani and the game is tied.
9:14 PM24 days ago


Strong head-on collision between Izquierdoz and Borré, so the game has stopped.
9:11 PM24 days ago


Villa's individual play with the power shot going over the top
9:10 PM24 days ago

Goal River 2-1

9:10 PM24 days ago


Enzo Perez is expelled and this will be a 10 vs 10
9:09 PM24 days ago


Ferreira power shot that hits the net from above
9:08 PM24 days ago

Goal River 1-1

9:07 PM24 days ago


Goal of River
I head-butted the post furthest from the goalkeeper to turn it around 2-1
9:05 PM24 days ago


Villa free kick where the ball hits the outside net
9:05 PM24 days ago


Montiel is warned by a landmark on the outskirts of the area
9:04 PM24 days ago


Goal of River
Girotti's head inside the chicapara area for the 1-1
9:01 PM24 days ago


Change of River
Nico de la Cruz leaves
Enter Ponzio
9:00 PM24 days ago


Centre of Ferreira that is diverted and takes Andrada without problems.
8:58 PM24 days ago


Ferreira and Girotti join
Carrascal and Pinola are out
River Changes
8:54 PM24 days ago


Villa tries the individual inside the area, but Armani covers the first post.
8:51 PM24 days ago


Enzo Perez is reprimanded for kicking too hard.
8:51 PM24 days ago


Cardona leaves and Jara enters. Change of Boca Jrs.
8:50 PM24 days ago


Nacho Fernández's centre that comes to Andrada's hands.
8:48 PM24 days ago


He's going to be expelled.
Campuzano makes a strong entrance and receives a double yellow card. He leaves the game
8:46 PM24 days ago


Boca Jrs. Changes
Zarate and Wanchope leave
Tévez and Soldado enter
8:44 PM24 days ago


Good exit of Armani that Wanchope takes in defining or passing and goes a good one to Boca
8:43 PM24 days ago


River still has more of the ball but, as in the first half, is unproductive in the final stretch
8:40 PM24 days ago


Poisonous centre to second post that clears Boca in the second post
8:37 PM24 days ago


Mauro's shot very weakly into the goalkeeper's hands
8:34 PM24 days ago


River Changes
Se van Beltrán and Zucolini
They enter: Suárez and Fernández
8:34 PM24 days ago


Second half starts: Boca 1-0 River
8:18 PM24 days ago

Half time

Boca 1-0 River
8:18 PM24 days ago


Carrascal is reprimanded
8:16 PM24 days ago


Two more minutes will be added.
8:14 PM24 days ago


Filtered pass looking for Borré who comes out perfectly on time the goalkeeper of Boca
8:12 PM24 days ago


Villa falls inside the area, but the ball is taken away cleanly
8:10 PM24 days ago


Medium-distance shot from De la Cruz to the goalkeeper's hands
8:10 PM24 days ago

Boca 1-0 River

8:08 PM24 days ago


Zuculini shot that covers left without many problems.
8:03 PM24 days ago


Outside of Wanchope
8:02 PM24 days ago


Very deviated shot of Zucolini from medium distance
8:00 PM24 days ago


Campuzano is admonished
7:57 PM24 days ago


Direct free throw by Nicolás de la Cruz who goes to the second post
7:56 PM24 days ago


Medium distance shot from Villa that goes over the top.
7:53 PM24 days ago


Capaldo power shot that saves Armani.
7:52 PM24 days ago


River still dominates but the options have not been as clear to tie the game.
7:48 PM24 days ago


Carrascal power shot to the post
7:47 PM24 days ago


Centre to first post where they asked for a penalty on Beltrán but nothing is sanctioned
7:47 PM24 days ago

Goal Boca 1-0

7:46 PM24 days ago


Buffarini gets the yellow card
7:43 PM24 days ago


They claimed a fault from Buffarini that the referee did not concede on Carrascal.
7:41 PM24 days ago


Goal of Boca Jrs.

Centre to second post Wanchope Ábila for the 1-0

7:37 PM24 days ago


Villa is demolished on the outskirts of the area. Free shot at Boca Jrs.
7:35 PM24 days ago


Shot of Borré that covers Andrada.
7:33 PM24 days ago


Outside of Wanchope Ábila
7:30 PM24 days ago


The match between River and Boca begins
7:27 PM24 days ago

Teams take to the field

Both Boca and River already enter the Bombonera
7:26 PM24 days ago

Minutes away

We are just a few moments away from the initial whistle between Boca and River, in the Argentine Superclásico
7:20 PM24 days ago

Closed door

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, all games in Argentina are still played behind closed doors.
7:13 PM24 days ago

The Diego Maradona Cup ball is ready

7:12 PM24 days ago

To remember

Both Boca and River will have midweek activity in the Copa Libertadores, which is why, especially Boca, rested some of the starting players for the Copa Libertadores games.
7:08 PM24 days ago

Boca's substitutes

Rossi, López, Fabra, Jara, Varela, Obando, Ávila, Zeballos, Maroni, Tevez, Soldano and Salvio.
7:05 PM24 days ago

River's substitutes

25. Bologna, 14. Lux, 26. Aguirre, 4. López, 23. Ponzio, 13. Sosa, 10. Fernández, 21. Ferreira, 7. Suárez, 15. Girotti y 30. Rollheiser.
7:02 PM24 days ago

This is how Boca came to the stadium

6:57 PM24 days ago

XI River

Armani; Montiel, Rojas, Pinola, Díaz; Pérez, Zucolini, Carrascal, De la Cruz; Borré, Beltrán.
6:53 PM24 days ago

XI Boca

Andrada; Buffarini, Zambrano, Izquierdoz, Mas; Villa, Campuzano, Capaldo, Cardona; Zárate, Ávila.
6:50 PM24 days ago

River's guests

6:45 PM24 days ago

Second superclassic

The referee Rapallini from La Plata will face the second Superclásico of his career , because his first experience was on September 1st 2019, in the 0-0 draw at the Monumental.
6:40 PM24 days ago

This is what the wardrobe looks like

River Plate's dressing room is ready for the players to just take the field and get ready to try and establish themselves as the sole leader in the standings.

6:33 PM24 days ago

The referee of this match

The referee Fernando Rapallini will be in charge of directing the actions of this game.
6:32 PM24 days ago

In excellent condition

The "Bombonera" is in impeccable condition to host yet another edition of the Boca-River rivalry.

6:30 PM24 days ago

We started

With more than a year of not facing each other, we bring you the coverage between Boca and River in the Diego Maradona Cup.
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Tune in here

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Boca Juniors vs River Plate match.
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Latest games

The last Superclassic they played was on 22 October 2019. The match was for the semi-finals of the Copa Libertadores, and Boca won by the slightest of margins, although River had won the first leg 2-0.

12:43 PM24 days ago

How to watch Boca Juniors vs River Plate Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are: TyC Sports and Fanatiz TV.

If you want to directly stream it: Streaming services.

If you want to watch in on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!

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Key player River Plate

The experienced porteiro Franco Armani is a guarantee of safety under the three sticks and knows perfectly what it is like to play this type of match.

12:33 PM24 days ago

Key player Boca Juniors

Despite his veteran status, Carlos Tevez remains the soul of the offensive and a key player who could mark the victory.

12:28 PM24 days ago

Last lineup River Plate

Armani; Montiel, Rojas, Pino, Angilieri; Zuculini, Perez, De la Cruz, Carrascal; Suarez, Borre.
12:23 PM24 days ago

Last lineup Boca Juniors

Rossi; Buffarini, Zambrano, Avila, Mas; Zeballos, Capaldo, Varela, Cardona; Abila, Zarate.
12:18 PM24 days ago

How does River arrive?

The "Millonarios" also lead the ranking with 7 points, but are below their opponents in turn by goal difference. Similarly, they will face Palmeiras next Tuesday, January 5, in the Copa Libertadores.
12:13 PM24 days ago

How does Boca arrive?

Miguel Ángel Russo's team leads the Zona Campeonato A with 7 points, and is in the semi-finals of the 2020 Copa Libertadores, where they will face Santos on Wednesday 6 January.

12:08 PM24 days ago

Kick-off time

The Boca Juniors vs River Plate Impact match will be played at the stadium Bombonera, in Buenos Aires. The kick-off is scheduled at 5:30pm ET.
12:03 PM24 days ago

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