Goals and Highlights: River Plate 0-3 Palmeiras in Copa Libertadores Semifinal 2021
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Thank you

Thank you for following the live broadcast of River vs Palmeiras of the 2021 Copa Libertadores in its semi-final phase
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For a miracle

River will need a 3-0 win in Brazil to force overtime on the return leg, otherwise Palmeiras will be in the final.
10:23 PM2 years ago

End game

River Plate 0-3 Palmeiras.
10:23 PM2 years ago


Nico de la Cruz is reprimanded and then Borré's header is deflected.
10:20 PM2 years ago


River with a lot of frustration and they can't find a way to score the goal in the discount
10:18 PM2 years ago


Five more minutes are added
10:16 PM2 years ago


Perez leaves and Diaz enters, Cambio de River
10:15 PM2 years ago


Santos Borré jumps into the area, but turns his neck too much and the ball goes wide.
10:12 PM2 years ago


Menino with the forehand Armani saved a hand.
10:11 PM2 years ago


Technician Abel Ferreira is reprimanded
10:10 PM2 years ago


Alvarez went in and Fernandez came out instead of River.
10:09 PM2 years ago


Emerson Santos is painted yellow
10:07 PM2 years ago


Delayed diagonal from Breno that was passed through the entire area without finding a recipient.
10:06 PM2 years ago


Change of Palmeiras
They left Paula and Luiz Adriano
Santos and Willian entered
10:05 PM2 years ago


Breno cross-shot that goes off course. 
10:02 PM2 years ago


Suárez and Casco are gone
Enter Ponzio and Girotti
River Changes
10:00 PM2 years ago


Pinola's header and the ball goes sideways
9:58 PM2 years ago


Changes of Palmeiras
Enter Breno and Veiga
Rony and Scarpa come out
9:53 PM2 years ago

Goal of Palmeiras 3-0

9:51 PM2 years ago


Rafa Borré is reprimanded
9:50 PM2 years ago


Goal of Palmeiras
Viña combs the ball at the bottom of the nets and this is already scored.
9:48 PM2 years ago


Red card for Carrascal for an artful kick.
9:45 PM2 years ago


De La Cruz's distant shot that goes slightly up
9:43 PM2 years ago


Danilo's distant shot with power that rejects Armani.
9:39 PM2 years ago

Goal of Palmeiras 2-0

9:38 PM2 years ago


He missed it. Carrascal with the header to second post that went over
9:38 PM2 years ago


Borré's head that Weverton deflects on the side.
9:37 PM2 years ago


Danilo receives the yellow card.
9:36 PM2 years ago


Goal of Palmeiras
Luiz Adriano escapes and in the hand to hand defines the 2-0.
9:35 PM2 years ago


Rony's shot that goes off course and reaches Armani easily.
9:34 PM2 years ago


The second half begins
9:26 PM2 years ago

River 0-1 Palmeiras

9:17 PM2 years ago

Half time

River Plate 0-1 Palmeiras
9:16 PM2 years ago


One more minute is added
9:15 PM2 years ago


Fernández's free shot that hits the crossbar. Palmeiras is saved.
9:13 PM2 years ago


De Paula is cautioned and River will have a direct free kick.
9:12 PM2 years ago


Once again River missed it, Fernandez can't finish in the area, even though it was out of place.
9:10 PM2 years ago


Rony's shot that goes over the top of the goal
9:04 PM2 years ago


Rony's shot that goes over the top of the goal
9:02 PM2 years ago


Palmeiras' goal was cancelled out when Scarpa had already set the score at 2-0.
9:02 PM2 years ago

Goal of Palmeiras 1-0

9:01 PM2 years ago


Strong entrance and yellow for Gustavo Gómez de Palmeiras
8:58 PM2 years ago


Goal of Palmeiras
Rony takes advantage of the rebound and takes the powerful shot to make the 1-0. He already wins it.
8:55 PM2 years ago


There is a possible hand within the River area that the referee does not signal
8:52 PM2 years ago


Centre of Montiel within the small area that Borré is unable to finish off in the area
8:51 PM2 years ago


So far River has been much better, with more arrivals and possession of the ball, but has not been able to open the scoring.
8:46 PM2 years ago


Centre of De la Cruz that the Palmeiras defense rejects opportunely
8:43 PM2 years ago


River corner shot that if I fall I cut the first pole
8:39 PM2 years ago


Fernandez's free shot that crashes into the barrier
8:37 PM2 years ago


Carrascal missed it and could not define within the small area in front of Weverton's tackle.
8:35 PM2 years ago


Out of place of the Palmeiras
8:33 PM2 years ago


The first one in the game with Borré's shot that goes over the top.
8:30 PM2 years ago


Start the game.
8:27 PM2 years ago

They jump into the field

River and Palmeiras take the field in the first leg of the Copa Libertadores semi-final.
8:24 PM2 years ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the game between River and Palmeiras
8:19 PM2 years ago

Latest details

River is finishing his warm-up and has declared himself ready for the game against Palmeiras.

8:15 PM2 years ago

Reviewing the alignments

8:10 PM2 years ago

The hand to hand

These are some data of both teams in the Copa Libertadores.

8:05 PM2 years ago

In excellent condition

River will play at the Independientes stadium, which is in impeccable condition.

7:59 PM2 years ago

River's substitutes

14. Lux, 25. Bologna, 5. Zuculini, 9. Álvarez, 13. Sosa, 15. Girotti, 17. Díaz, 18. Beltrán, 21. Ferreira, 23. Ponzio y 30. Rollheiser.
7:55 PM2 years ago

My faith is my religion

This is how they support from Brazil, specifically in Sao Paulo, to Verdao in this Copa Libertadores.

7:49 PM2 years ago

XI River

Armani; Montiel, Pino, Rojas, Casco; Pérez, Fernández, Carrascal, De la Cruz; Suárez, Borré.
7:48 PM2 years ago

XI Palmeiras

Weverton; Marcos Rocha, Luan, Gustavo Gómez, Matías Viña; Danilo, Patrick de Paula, Gabriel Menino, Gustavo Scarpa; Rony, Luiz Adriano.
7:45 PM2 years ago

Breaking the drought

River have five official matches without beating Palmeiras, will they break that streak this day?
7:38 PM2 years ago

River's dressing room ready

River's dressing room, with the traditional uniform, is ready for the players to prepare and try to get some advantage.

7:34 PM2 years ago

They have already arrived

Thus River arrived at the stadium to face the first 90 minutes.

7:31 PM2 years ago

First game of the year

Palmeiras will have its first game of the year, as it has not played since last December 30th after advancing to the final of the Copa do Brasil.
7:30 PM2 years ago

We started

The Copa Libertadores is back for the semi-finals with a great rivalry between Brazil and Argentina, as this afternoon River will face Palmeiras.
5:49 PM2 years ago

Tune in here

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this River Plate vs Palmeiras match.
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Last games

On six occasions they have faced each other with a favourable balance for Palmeiras with two victories, three draws and only one defeat.
5:39 PM2 years ago

How to watch River Plate vs Palmeiras Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options is: Bein Sports

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Key player Palmeiras

The player to follow will be Rony, one of the architects of the verdão's qualification for this year's Libertadores and the final of the Copa do Brasil.

5:29 PM2 years ago

Key player River Plate

On this occasion, Rafael Santos Borre stands out, who in the last game stood out for scoring against Boca, and above all, for his hat-trick in the second leg of the quarter-final against Nacional, establishing himself as one of the top scorers of the Gallardo era.

5:24 PM2 years ago

Last lineup Palmeiras

Weverton: Viña, Gomez, Garcia, Rocha; Danilo, Menino, William, Veiga, Roni; Adriano.
5:19 PM2 years ago

Last lineup River Plate

Armani; Pino, Diaz, Rojas, Montiel; Perez, Carrascal, De la Cruz, Zuculini; Borre, Beltrán.
5:14 PM2 years ago

How did Palmeiras reach the semi-finals?

The verdão settled in at this stage, after defeating Paraguay's Club Libertad in the quarter-finals. They drew 1-1 in Asuncion and beat them 3-0 on Brazilian soil.
5:09 PM2 years ago

How did River reach the semi-finals?

The millionaire reached this stage after beating Nacional of Uruguay, with an overall score of 8-2. They won 2-0 in Buenos Aires and 6-2 in Montevideo.
5:04 PM2 years ago

Kick-off time

The River Plate vs Palmeiras match will be played at the stadium Libertadores de América, in Buenos Aires. The kick-off is scheduled at 7:30pm ET.
4:59 PM2 years ago

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