Highlights and best moments: Boca Juniors 0-0 Santos in Copa Libertadores Semfinal 2021
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Thank you

Thank you for following the broadcast of Boca Jrs vs Santos in the first leg semifinal of the Copa Libertadores de America
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Nothing for anyone

Boca wasted the venue and drew with Santos, although the good news for Boca is that they did not concede a goal as visitors.
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End game

Boca Jrs 0-0 Santos
7:08 PM2 years ago


Jara took the shot on the delayed diagonal that went over the top of the goal.
7:03 PM2 years ago


Five more minutes are added
7:02 PM2 years ago


Both teams have resigned themselves to a draw and trying to win it in the return.
6:58 PM2 years ago


Villa commits a foul in midfield and is cautioned
6:54 PM2 years ago


Far shot by Tévez who sends the ball to the stands.
6:52 PM2 years ago


Madson went in and Kaio Jorge came out. Change of Santos
6:51 PM2 years ago


Ábila and Buffarini entered
Salvio and Soldano came out
Boca Jrs Changes
6:48 PM2 years ago


Powerless Cardona shot that goes out to the goalkeeper
6:47 PM2 years ago


They claim a foul on Kaio Jorge inside the area and the referee does not score.
6:45 PM2 years ago


Right hand well above Braga that does not cause problems
6:42 PM2 years ago


Take the hook and pull out the shot that goes off course. Near Boca.
6:37 PM2 years ago


Left-handed by Marinho with little strength within the area that Andrada tackles without problems.
6:36 PM2 years ago


González leaves and Cardona enters. Change of Boca Jrs.
6:34 PM2 years ago


Sandry was encouraged by the long-distance shot that was deflected.
6:34 PM2 years ago


Centre of Tévez that bursts the defensive to corner.
6:29 PM2 years ago


Sandry entered and Soteldo left. Change of Santos
6:29 PM2 years ago


They mark Jonatan's hand when he had already overflowed and put in the centre that Andrada saved
6:27 PM2 years ago


Marinho Center that refuses to manufacture the first pole
6:25 PM2 years ago


Out of place in Boca, but the Xeneizes got off to a better start and were more insistent on the opposition's goal.
6:19 PM2 years ago


Shot by Salvio, which John cuts to the first post. Near Boca.
6:18 PM2 years ago


The second half begins
6:03 PM2 years ago

Half time

6:03 PM2 years ago


Carlos Tevez's free shot that crashes into the barrier.
6:01 PM2 years ago


One more minute is added
5:59 PM2 years ago


Medium distance Marine shot that attacks Andrada sin give rebounds.
5:56 PM2 years ago


The match has been stuck in midfield and so far there is no clear dominance between Boca and Santos
5:47 PM2 years ago


Marinho's shot goes over the top of the goal
5:46 PM2 years ago


Centre of Soteldo that Andrada covers without difficulties
5:43 PM2 years ago


Centre of Soteldo that Andrada covers without difficulties
5:42 PM2 years ago


Santos begins to improve and now wins corner kick
5:39 PM2 years ago


Salvio makes a mistake and the centre comes out too far on the counter-stroke
5:36 PM2 years ago


Powerful shot but over Marinho's direct free kick
5:35 PM2 years ago


Gonzalez committed a foul and awarded a direct free kick to Santos
5:32 PM2 years ago


So far Boca is better on the field, with more possession of the ball and already with some arrivals in the area.
5:30 PM2 years ago

Near Boca

5:27 PM2 years ago


Villa's centre shot that deflects the defence and almost ends up in a goal.
5:25 PM2 years ago


Villa with the shot to the crossbar, although there was out of place
5:20 PM2 years ago


Villa's header that goes very far away from the arch
5:18 PM2 years ago


Strong clash on the field, where Marinho comes out with the worst part.
5:16 PM2 years ago


The match begins at La Bombonera
5:14 PM2 years ago

They are already on the court

Boca and Santos are already on the field and everything is ready for the initial whistle.
5:10 PM2 years ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the game between Boca Jrs and Santos.
5:04 PM2 years ago

It is ready

Andrada is already on the field warming up where he hopes to have a good game and contribute to the victory of Boca Jrs.
5:00 PM2 years ago

Reaching the final

The most recent occasion Santos reached the final was in 2011 when he beat Uruguay's Penarol 2-1.
4:55 PM2 years ago

Breaking the drought

The last time Boca won the Copa Libertadores was in 2007 when they beat Gremio of Porto Alegre 5-0 on aggregate.
4:49 PM2 years ago

Good memories

Boca recalled in their nets some goals to beat Santos the last time they met at La Bombonera.


4:46 PM2 years ago

The data in the Libertadores

These are the most important data in this tournament of Boca Jrs and Santos
4:41 PM2 years ago

The official match sheet

Boca vs Santos
4:35 PM2 years ago

XI Boca Jrs.

Andrada; Jara, López, Izquierdoz, Fabra; Capaldo, González; Salvio, Tevez, Villa, Soldano.
4:32 PM2 years ago

In spectacular condition

La Bombonera, one of the most traditional stadiums in Argentina, is preparing to host one more game in its history of the LIbertadores Cup.
4:28 PM2 years ago

XI Santos

John; Pará, Veríssimo, Peres, Jonatan; Alison, Pituca, Braga; Marinho, Jorge, Solteldo.
4:22 PM2 years ago

The data

Out of 10 matches, Santos has only lost in one and thus reached the semi-final round.
Santos 1x2 Defensa
- Saints 1x0 Delfín
- Saints 0x0 Olimpia
- Delfín 1x2 Santos
- Olimpia 2x3 Santos
- Santos 2x1 Defensa

- LDU 1x2 Santos
- Saints 0x1 LDU

- Grêmio 1x1 Santos
- Santos 4x1 Grêmio

4:20 PM2 years ago

The hand to hand

This has been the balance in the history between Santos and Boca Juniors, favoring the Brazilian team.
4:18 PM2 years ago

Already out

Half an hour ago the "Peixe" left the hotel on the way to the Bombonera for this match.
4:15 PM2 years ago

A lot of rivalry

Yesterday, Palmeiras scored a goal as a visitor to River. Will Santos of Brazil be able to repeat the same story today? We will find out...
4:14 PM2 years ago

We started

The second semi-final of the Copa Libertadores is just an hour away and we bring you all the details of Boca Juniors vs Santos.
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Tune in here

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Last games

On only four occasions in official matches have Santos and Boca Jrs.
7:11 AM2 years ago

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Key player Santos

The 23-year-old Venezuelan, Yeferson Soteldo, has been a key player in Santos' attack since his arrival and in the Copa Libertadores he has been no exception
7:01 AM2 years ago

Key player Boca Juniors

Eduardo Salvio is one of the best scorers in the championship with six goals and will be looking to increase his scoring quota in the Copa Libertadores
6:56 AM2 years ago

Last lineup Santos

John; Braga, Laercio, Peres, Felipe; Sandru, Alison, Cristiano, Marinho; Jorge, Soteldo.
6:51 AM2 years ago

Last lineup Boca Juniors

Andrada; Buffarini, Izquierdoz, Zambrano, Mas; Cardona, Capaldo, Campuzano, Villa; Ábila, Zárate.
6:46 AM2 years ago

How did Santos reach the semifinals?

Santos, Pele's team, beat Gremio of Porto Alegre 4-1 on aggregate to reach this round.
6:41 AM2 years ago

How did Boca Juniors reach the semifinals?

Boca suffered too much to reach this stage as, although they eliminated Racing by a 2-1 aggregate score, they had to come back from a 1-0 deficit in the first leg.
6:36 AM2 years ago

Kick-off time

The Boca Juniors vs Santos match will be played at the stadium La Bombonera, in Buenos Aires. The kick-off is scheduled at 5:15pm ET.
6:31 AM2 years ago

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