Highlights and best moments: Xolos Tijuana 0-0 Pumas in 2021 Liga MX
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Thank you!

Thank you for following the broadcast of the Xolos Tijuana vs Pumas on the first date of the Guard1anes 2021 tournament.
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Nothing for anyone

Xolos and Pumas played a good game, but were unable to reflect it on the board that went scoreless tonight. Both have their first point of the tournament.
12:00 AM11 days ago

End game

Tijuana 0-0 Pumas.
12:00 AM11 days ago


Angulo, from Tijuana, is cautioned.
11:59 PM11 days ago


Lack of Vigon and Xolos will have a last one.
11:57 PM11 days ago


Add 3 more minutes.
11:54 PM11 days ago


Cortizo gets the yellow card

Gutiérrez leaves and García enters.

11:52 PM11 days ago


Martinez is out of place and Xolos' offensive play goes away.
11:50 PM11 days ago


Long service from Iturbe to Dinenno and Pumas' counter-stroke is wasted.
11:48 PM11 days ago


Dry head in a corner shot that cuts Orozco off again.
11:46 PM11 days ago


Medium distance shot from Vigon that cuts through Orozco with no problem.
11:44 PM11 days ago


Change of Tijuana. Castillo leaves and López enters.
11:41 PM11 days ago


Pumas almost scored, but Waller missed in front of goal alone.
11:39 PM11 days ago


Manotas head that comes out deflected.
11:38 PM11 days ago


Change of Xolos.

Pavez leaves and Cortizo enters.

11:36 PM11 days ago


Iturbe shot that goes through the side of the goal.
11:35 PM11 days ago


Change of Pumas:

Amauri Garcia leaves 

Enter Juan Manuel Iturbe

11:33 PM11 days ago


One more hit on the right side by the Xolos, but they don't get a direct.
11:30 PM11 days ago


Xolos field corner shooting.
11:29 PM11 days ago


Facundo Vigon is fouled and causes a direct free kick to be disallowed
11:23 PM11 days ago


Dinenno shoots but the ball goes out of the goal.
11:21 PM11 days ago

Xolos attacks again

Castillo shoots a goal and Talavera rejects.
11:15 PM11 days ago

Dangerous play for Pumas

Xolos disparo al arco de Pumas y desviado.
11:13 PM11 days ago

The second half starts

The complementary part begins.
10:55 PM11 days ago

Half time

Xolos 0-0 Pumas.
10:53 PM11 days ago


One more minute is added.
10:51 PM11 days ago


Shot of Vigon that passes above the goal in front of Jona's deflection.
10:47 PM11 days ago


Castillo throws the heel that Talavera deflects and sends to a corner shot.
10:43 PM11 days ago


Long service looking for Castillo, but Talavera anticipates and keeps the ball.
10:40 PM11 days ago


Castillo's counter-stroke that miraculously saves Talavera.
10:39 PM11 days ago


Little by little Pumas begin to tilt the field and begin to have more arrivals in the rival framework.
10:35 PM11 days ago


Vigon's header and great Orozco's bran.
10:34 PM11 days ago


Dinenno's centre shot that passes through the whole area and does not fall for the first goal.
10:29 PM11 days ago


A great Talavera save that makes the bail out before Manotas' shot. Xolos fence.
10:25 PM11 days ago


Corner shot that goes long, even though Dinenno is lying at the first post.
10:20 PM11 days ago


Out of place of Sansores.
10:15 PM11 days ago


Centre of Castle that goes to second post.
10:11 PM11 days ago


Medium distance shot from Tijuana that goes over the goal.
10:09 PM11 days ago


The party begins.
10:02 PM11 days ago

We are minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the game between Tijuana and Pumas.
9:59 PM11 days ago

The second match

We are minutes away from experiencing the second game of the Guard1anes 2021 tournament, remembering that right now Puebla and Chivas are drawing 1-1.
9:53 PM11 days ago

In impeccable condition

This is what the Caliente Stadium looks like for your first game of the Guard1anes 2021 tournament.

9:49 PM11 days ago

This is how Pumas arrived

Complying with the health protocols, Captain Alfredo Talavera arrived at the Caliente Stadium in this way.

9:41 PM11 days ago

Tijuana cliffs

Pablo Guede did make some modifications to the squad and brought in the following players:

Mauro Manotas (Dyamo, MLS), Esteban Pavez (Al-Nasr), Brayan Angulo (Puebla), Gonzalo Jara (Mazatlán), Miguel Sansores (Mazatlán), Fidel Martínez (Shanghái, CHN), Eduardo Tercero (Tigres), Junior Sornoza (Liga de Quito, ECU).

9:33 PM11 days ago

Pumas Bank

These players will be benched by Pumas, with the possibility that they may enter in exchange:

20 - Julio González (P) 4 - Luis Fernando Quintana 7 - Sebastián Saucedo 11 - Juan Manuel Iturbe 13 - Gerardo Moreno 17 - Leonel López 19 - Jesús Rivas 29 - Bryan Mendoza 205 - Ángel García 210 - Emanuel Montejano

9:30 PM11 days ago

XI Tijuana

Orozco; Angulo, Guzmán, Jara, Loroña; Pavez, Rivera, Borbona, Castillo; Sansores, Manotas.
9:27 PM11 days ago

Of long tablecloths

Jonathan Orozco, goalkeeper of Tijuana, is of long tablecloths since this Friday he will complete 450 games in the MX League.

9:24 PM11 days ago

XI Tijuana

Talavera; Freire, Vázquez, Mozo, Rodríguez; Lira, Vigón, Gutiérrez, García, Waller; Dinenno.
9:18 PM11 days ago

Revenge Season

The Pumas have the upper hand after losing the final and will now look to return to the group stage in search of their eighth title.
9:12 PM11 days ago

The Under 20's score

The Xolos of the U-20 had no major problems in getting the win against Pumas at the Caliente stadium with a 4-1 victory.

9:08 PM11 days ago

Season of consolidation

Marcel Ruiz will have to take advantage of the opportunities he has to establish himself in Pablo Guede's starting eleven during the Guard1anes 2021 tournament.

9:04 PM11 days ago

Different past, same goal

Pumas reached the final and Xolos was left without a group, but both leave with renewed hopes so that in this Guard1anes 2021 they can give a joy to their fans.
9:02 PM11 days ago

We started

In the return of the Liga MX, Xolos of Tijuana and Pumas are looking to score their first three points of the tournament and we bring you all the details of that.
5:44 PM11 days ago

Tune in here

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Xolos Tijuana vs Pumas match.
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Last games

The balance favors Pumas because of their three wins over two losses in the last five games; their last visit was in the 2019 Apertura with a 1-0 loss.

5:34 PM11 days ago

How to watch Xolos Tijuana vs Pumas Live TV and Stream

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Key player Pumas

The Argentinean Juan Dinenno is still with the team and before the departure of Carlos Gonzalez he will be the vital man in the forefront of the team.

5:24 PM11 days ago

Key player Xolos

Fidel Martinez will have a new revenge in the border and will arrive with desire to mark the difference after his passage by the football of China and what better than doing it against his ex-team.

5:19 PM11 days ago

Referee for Xolos Tijuana vs Pumas

The arbitration of the Xolos vs Pumas will be carried out by Saul Alfredo Silva Pineda.
5:14 PM11 days ago

Pumas Movements

The university students were one of the teams that did not reinforce themselves and let Carlos Gonzalez, Alejandro Mayorga and Andres Iniestra go.
5:09 PM11 days ago

Tijuana Movements

Mauro Manotas, Fidel Martinez and Junior Sornoza are the main additions to the team, although they let go of elements such as Mauro Lainez, Miguel Barbieri and Jorge Aguilar.
5:04 PM11 days ago

Pumas: consolidation

The Pumas of UNAM will try to repeat what they did in Guard1anes 2020 when they reached the final, but now it looks more complicated with some players leaving.
4:59 PM11 days ago

Xolos: much to compose

The confidence was given back to Pablo Guede and Tijuana wants to forget a bad campaign and at least get into the top 12 of the tournament.
4:54 PM11 days ago

Kick-off time

The Xolos Tijuana vs Pumas match will be played at the stadium Caliente, in Tijuana. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:06pm ET.
4:49 PM11 days ago

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