Goals and Highlights of Puebla 1-1 Chivas on Guard1anes 2021
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10:31 PM8 days ago

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10:28 PM8 days ago

Divided units

Fatigue weighed on the second half and after the equalization goal, this was the most dangerous play of the second half, by " chino" Huerta.


10:25 PM8 days ago


The match ended after a shot by Vega who tried to surprise the goalkeeper of Puebla. 

Tie at the Cuauhtémoc stadium: Puebla 1-1 Chivas. 

10:23 PM8 days ago


Escoto service within the area cut well by Hiram Mier with a hasty sweep.
10:18 PM8 days ago


Another change for Chivas: Beltrán leaves and Sergio Flores enters to make his debut in the first division of Mexican soccer.
10:16 PM8 days ago


Calderon's head shot in the area but went right into the hands of the goalkeeper.
10:12 PM8 days ago


Fault of Hiram Mier who leaves Ormeño lying on the field because of a blow to the back of his head.
10:10 PM8 days ago


Huerta's shot ended up on the side of Silva's goal without much danger.
10:08 PM8 days ago


Alvarez shot outside the area that passed near the Chivas goal.
10:06 PM8 days ago


Foul against Chino Huerta who tried to make the play passing the midfield.
9:58 PM8 days ago


Huerta shot in the area and Silva kept the ball after some complications.
9:57 PM8 days ago


Angulo and Peralta left and Huerta entered on his return to Guadalajara and Calderon.
9:55 PM8 days ago


Torres also left and Alexis Vega of Chivas entered.
9:54 PM8 days ago


Two changes in Puebla: De Buen and Araujo left and Daniel Alvarez and Cliford Aboagye entered.
9:51 PM8 days ago

Violent shooting from Ponce

With this shot, he managed to beat Silva starting the second half, kicking so hard that he bent his right hand.


9:44 PM8 days ago


Peralta recovered outside the area and shot across, but Silva again cut a very dangerous shot.
9:43 PM8 days ago


Anthony Silva cut off a very violent center in Ponce.
9:41 PM8 days ago


Yellow card for Diego De Buen.
9:39 PM8 days ago


The Puebla's defense got up early and Ponce fired a powerful shot that bent Silva's hand but the ball ended up in the goal. 

The Chivas are now tied! 

9:36 PM8 days ago


The second half begins in the Cuauhtémoc.
9:31 PM8 days ago

Puebla will look to keep the game

In the previous tournament they started by winning but it was difficult for them to get the result more than once. Will they make it today?
9:26 PM8 days ago

The forward from Puebla opened the score

Ormeño inaugurated the scores of the Guad1anes 2021 with this wonderful shot.


9:21 PM8 days ago


The first half ends with a partial advantage for the Puebla people.
9:16 PM8 days ago


Ponce's free kick ended up crashing the ball into the barrier.
9:11 PM8 days ago


Tabo shot out of the area that holds Gudiño well.
9:06 PM8 days ago


A great shot by Santiago Ormeño that for the second consecutive tournament opens the goals in the MX League.

Good center by Tabó after a better filtered pass by De Buen and Ormeño finished with a great header. 

9:01 PM8 days ago

Captain failed

This was the shot that Jesus Molina sent from the side from the 11 steps.


8:56 PM8 days ago

Great shot of Oribe

This was the most dangerous play in the game, the Chivas veteran stayed close.


8:51 PM8 days ago


Molina's shot went to the side of the goal after fooling Silva. 

The score remains 0-0.

8:46 PM8 days ago


The referee scored a penalty for Chivas!
8:41 PM8 days ago


Ormeño's shot after a good center from Tabó but the shot comes out without force.
8:36 PM8 days ago


Great finish by Oribe Peralta that ended up cutting Silva.
8:31 PM8 days ago


Salas tried to hit him in the area with his left foot but he didn't hit the ball.
8:26 PM8 days ago


Oribe tried to head the ball off, but it ended up being an offensive foul.
8:21 PM8 days ago


Gudiño came out well in front of Fernandez's arrival and cut the first one of the match.
8:16 PM8 days ago


 Jorge Antonio Pérez blows his whistle and... The match begins at the Cuahtémoc stadium!
The MX League starts!
8:11 PM8 days ago

New oportunitty for Peralta

The 36-year-old striker will be a starter in the opening match of Guard1anes 2021, with this he will seek to be a starter for the entire tournament in one that could well be one of the last.


8:06 PM8 days ago

Chivas' Lineup

R. Gudiño (GK), 3. Sepúlveda, 16. Ponce, 17. J. Sánchez, 21. H. Mier, 5. J. Molina (C), 15. U. Antuna, 19. Angulo, 20. Beltrán, 29. Torres and 24. O. Peralta. 

8:01 PM8 days ago

Puebla's Lineup

1. Silva (GK), 16. Segovia, 17. Gularte, 20. Araújo, 28. Paganoni, 5. Diego de Buen, 6. Salas (C), 26. Reyes, 10. C. Tabó, 14. S. Ormeño and 22. Fernández. 

7:56 PM8 days ago

Puebla starts without Covid-19

The directive from Puebla presented its report, where it announced that players and coaching staff were tested, fortunately without positive results.


7:51 PM8 days ago

Vucetich will look for continuing good way

The Chivas have only lost one game out of the last 7 in the Mexican League, and that was precisely when they were eliminated in the second semifinal against Leon.

7:46 PM8 days ago

Puebla debuts its Technical Director

The Strip's team will try to go all the way in front of the Rebaño Sagrado (Sacred Flock) with the help of their new coach, the Argentine Nicolás Larcamón. 

At 36 years of age, he will be the youngest strategist in Mexican soccer. Will he manage to make his debut with a victory?  

7:41 PM8 days ago

Live broadcast begins

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Last match between Puebla and Chivas

The last time this pair of teams met was on match day 3 of the Guard1anes 2020 tournament. 

In that match Puebla won with only one goal from their most outstanding player of the previous season, Santiago Ormeño.

7:26 PM8 days ago

How and where to watch Puebla vs Chivas Live?

If you want to watch the game on television, the broadcast will be provided by TUDN USA.

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Chivas' key player

One of the players who shone most in the last league was undoubtedly Cristian Calderon. 

The "chicote" humiliated America with very good goals, so it is expected that he will have an excellent start to the tournament.

7:16 PM8 days ago

Puebla's key player

All eyes will be on forward Omar Fernandez, who will be looking to score goals. 

The team of the strip had several offers for this player, but they did not allow his departure as he was a key part of the attack for the locales.

7:11 PM8 days ago

Puebla debuts goalkeeper

Before Vikonis' move to Mazatlan FC, the team from Puebla will substitute the position in the goal with the Paraguayan veteran, Antony Silva. 
He arrives with a lot of experience at his 36 years of age and comes from the Club Nacional Asunción of Paraguay.
7:06 PM8 days ago

Chivas and Puebla start a new tournament

This match will open the Clausura 2021 tournament, two teams that qualified for the liguilla in the last tournament, which left everything on the court but were unfortunately eliminated by the champion (Leon).
7:01 PM8 days ago

Kick-off time

The Puebla vs Chivas match will be played at the Cuauhtémoc stadium, in Puebla, México.

The kick-off is scheduled at 8:30 pm ET.

6:56 PM8 days ago


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