Goals and Highlights of Toluca 3-1 Queretaro on Guard1anes 2021
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3:20 PM5 days ago

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Goals and Highlights

The goals that led to the match between Toluca and Queretaro:
2:56 PM5 days ago

95' The game is over!

Toluca turns Queretaro around and wins 3-1. 
2:56 PM5 days ago

94' Gil Alcalaavoids the fourth goal!

The Queretaro goalkeeper stopped a shot by Enrique Trivero, drowning out the goal scream. 
2:54 PM5 days ago

Compensation time

Five minutes were added to the game. 
2:54 PM5 days ago

91' VAR decision

No penalty! Despite the fact that William Da Silva's hand is in the area, the referee determines that there are no arguments to point out the penalty.  
2:48 PM5 days ago

88' VAR Review

Third intervention of VAR in the match for possible penalty for Queretaro. 
2:44 PM5 days ago

83' Already generated danger

Newcomers Ramirez and Gurrola combined to take out a shot that put Luis Garcia in trouble. 
2:43 PM5 days ago

82' New modification by Queretaro

The Brazilian Francisco Da Costa leaves the field, in his place Jose Ramirez enters. 
2:39 PM5 days ago

78' Toluca makes modifications

Enrique Trivero and Raul Lopez enter through Claudio Baeza and Michael Estrada. 
2:36 PM5 days ago

74' Toluca change

Oscar Ortega was admitted by Jorge Torres Nilo. 
2:34 PM5 days ago

73' Medical Care

Jorge Torres Nilo was helped with the emergency car. 
2:32 PM5 days ago

The third goal of Toluca

Michael Estrada scored the third goal for the Devils in this way. 
2:30 PM5 days ago

67' yellow card

Third yellow for the team led by Hector Altamirano. Fernando Madrigal receives the warning card. 
2:29 PM5 days ago

64' Change of Queretaro

64' Change of Queretaro
Out: Javier Ibarra and Angel Sepulveda
In: Jose Gurrola and Hugo Silveira
2:24 PM5 days ago

63' Toluca goal!

Michael Estrada heads into the area and shoots underneath the goalkeeper. 
2:22 PM5 days ago

60' Queretaro's Attempt

In the first instance, Francisco Da Costa charges a free kick that is deflected by the barrier. Then the Queretanos fail to hit a shot from the corner. 
2:18 PM5 days ago

57' Toluca Shoot!

The Diablos' response came quickly, Michael Estrada shooting from outside the area, but sending the ball over Gil Alcalá's goal. 
2:17 PM5 days ago

56' Danger in the Toluca area

Serving the area as a standing ball, the ball was prolonged walking around the whole area of the Diablos until it was finally cleared. 
2:14 PM5 days ago

52' yellow card

Queretaro receives a new yellow card, this time for Martin Rea. 
2:10 PM5 days ago

48' Queretaro tries to answer

Francisco Da Costa recovered the ball and drove it into the area, but a Toluca defender managed to take the ball away from him. 
2:05 PM5 days ago

The second half starts

The second 45 minutes are played in Toluca, State of Mexico. 
1:50 PM5 days ago

End of the first half

Adalid Maganda whistles at the end of the first half, Toluca beats Queretaro 2-1. 
1:49 PM5 days ago

Toluca's goal

Toluca turned the score around with this score by Pedro Alexis Canelo. 
1:47 PM5 days ago

45' Compensation time

Three minutes are added to the first half. 
1:45 PM5 days ago

Toluca's goal

Kevin Castañeda achieved the partial tie in this way. 
1:39 PM5 days ago

36' yellow card

Hugo Magallanes from Queretaro receives a yellow card. 
1:35 PM5 days ago

32' Toluca goal!

They turned it around! Rubens Sambueza put the ball in the area, Alexis Canelo arrived to head it off and left the Queretaro goalkeeper with no options. 
1:34 PM5 days ago

30' Toluca goal!

Kevin Castañeda from the outside of the area takes a corner shot, impossible for Gil Alcala. 
1:33 PM5 days ago

Queretaro's goal

This is how Angel Sepulveda collected the penalty that Queretaro has at the top of the score. 
1:25 PM5 days ago

23' Queretaro Goal!

Angel Sepulveda fools Luis Garcia and crosses his shot. 
1:24 PM5 days ago

22' VAR decision

Penalty kick for Queretaro! After reviewing the play in the VAR, Adalid scores the penalty kick for a foul on Fernando Madrigal. 
1:22 PM5 days ago

19' VAR Review

Adalid Maganda goes to VAR again, possible penalty for Queretaro 
1:20 PM5 days ago

17' yellow card

Claudio Baeza commits a foul near midfield and center Adalid Maganda decides to show him the yellow card. 
1:15 PM5 days ago

12' VAR Review

The referee reviewed the goal play in the VAR and determined to annul the goal to signal a foul on the Toluca goalkeeper. 
1:14 PM5 days ago

10' Queretaro Goal!

Serving the area, Luis Garcia went out through the ball, but did not control it. Angel Sepulveda just pushed the ball. 
1:08 PM5 days ago

5' Now answers Queretaro

Kevin Ramirez looked for the shot from the outside of the area, but Barbieri covered it up opportunely deflecting the impact. 
1:04 PM5 days ago

1' First approach of Toluca

Center to the area by Rubens Sambueza, Estrada appeared alone, but finished in an uncomfortable way
1:01 PM5 days ago

The game begins

Roll the ball on the Nemesio Diez court. Toluca and Queretaro open the Sunday's game. 
12:51 PM5 days ago

Line up Toluca

Garcia; Salinas, Barbieri, Rigonato, Torres Nilo; Vazquez, Baez, Sambueza, Castañeda; Estrada y Canelo.
12:50 PM5 days ago

Line up Queretaro

Alcala; Rea, Magallanes, Meza, Ramirez; Madrigal, Montero, Ibarra, Valencia; Da Costa y Sepulveda.
12:45 PM5 days ago

Toluca warm up

The Toluca is already doing pre-competitive work on the Nemesio Diez court. 
12:23 PM5 days ago

Ready plumage

With this clothing, Queretaro will face the Diablos Rojos at home.
12:22 PM5 days ago

Toluca has arrived

The team led by Hernan Cristante arrived at the Nemesio Diez. They are looking for their first three points of the tournament.
12:15 PM5 days ago

First experience in the First Division as head coach

Hector Altamirano arrived in Queretaro in the final days of the previous tournament. The "Pity" is having his first experience as head coach in the First Division, although he has already had his training in junior categories, as well as in Ascenso MX with Cimarrones de Sonora.
12:10 PM5 days ago

Queretaro on the way to the stadium

In this way, the Gallos Blancos team went to the Nemesio Diez Stadium.
12:05 PM5 days ago

The "Hell" is ready!

The Nemesio Diez Stadium is ready to see Toluca's debut against Queretaro.
12:00 PM5 days ago

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Last match between Toluca and Queretaro

These two teams met for the last time in the Guard1anes 2020 tournament. On the eighth day of that tournament, the Queretaro people beat Toluca four to one.
11:50 AM5 days ago

How to watch Toluca vs Queretaro Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your option is TUDN USA

If you want to watch in on internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!

11:45 AM5 days ago

Player to watch: Queretaro

At the age of 28, Gil Alcala became a reference for the Queretaro team to the extent of being a leader and captain. The security that the goalkeeper generates under the three posts places him as a future Mexican prospect.
11:40 AM5 days ago

Player to watch: Toluca

Pedro Alexis Canelo will not be the striker who fights for the leadership of the scoring table, but he is one of the compliant players in his field. The 28-year-old Argentinean manages to add up considerable amounts of goals tournament by tournament. In Guard1anes 2020 he scored six goals.
11:35 AM5 days ago

Queretaro signs up Ecuadorians with a European past

One of the surprises of the winter break was the team from Querétaro signing Ecuadorian players with a past in Europe. The management of Gallos Blancos decided to sign Antonio Valencia and Jefferson Montero, who formed part of their career in the Old Continent.
11:30 AM5 days ago

Toluca reinforces midfield

After being involved in a controversy last year, Jose Juan Vazquez was dismissed from Chivas. Toluca made the decision to count on his services for the 2021 Clausura.
11:25 AM5 days ago

A new era for Toluca and Queretaro

Both the Queretaro team and the Toluca team have their first head coach for this tournament. Hector Altamirano will make his debut with the Gallos Blancos, while Hernan Cristante will have his third stage as head coach of the Diablos Rojos.
11:20 AM5 days ago

Kick-off time

The Toluca vs Queretaro match will be played at the Nemesio Diez stadium, in State of Mexico, Mexico.
11:15 AM5 days ago

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