Goals and Highlights Pachuca 1-1 Juarez, Guard1anes 2021 Liga MX 
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Next match

On the next match, Pachuca visits Leon and Juarez receives Tijuana.
12:12 AM4 days ago

That was Pachuca's goal

Scored by Mauro Quiroga. 
12:10 AM4 days ago

90' FT

The match has ended! Pachuca 1-1 Juarez.
12:00 AM4 days ago

90'+4 GOAL

GOAL PACHUCA! Scored by Mauro Quiroga.
11:59 PM4 days ago


The referee adds four minutes to the match. 
11:58 PM4 days ago

90'+2 VAR

After checking the VAR, the referee decides that it is not a penalty for Pachuca.
11:56 PM4 days ago


The referee goes to the VAR to check a possible hand inside the Juarez area.
11:55 PM4 days ago

88' Modification Pachuca

Again a double modification. Leaves: Erick Aguirre and Gustavo Cabral. Enters: Bryan González and Efraín Orona.
11:49 PM4 days ago

82' Modification Juarez

Flavio Santos leaves because of a discomfort in his leg and Alan Mendoza enters.
11:43 PM4 days ago

77' Goal cancelled

Goal cancelled for Pachuca. Offside by Mauro Quiroga.
11:41 PM4 days ago


Close Pachuca! Felipe Pardo tries with a left-handed shot, but his ball goes off target.
11:39 PM4 days ago

72' Modification Pachuca

Double modification for Tuzos. Leave: Victor Guzman and Romario Ibarra. Enter: Felipe Pardo and Roberto de la Rosa.
11:35 PM4 days ago


Although Pachuca has possession, the ball is very hard fought on the half-court.
11:28 PM4 days ago

60' Modification Pachuca

Ismael Sosa leaves and Miguel Angel Herrera enters.
11:21 PM4 days ago

55' Red Card

Expulsion for Oscar Murillo. Double yellow card after a foul on Dario Lezcano.
11:18 PM4 days ago


Pachuca looks for the tie with constant centers to the area, but doesn't manage to connect in the best way.
11:10 PM4 days ago


The second half begins with a modification by Bravos. Andrés Iniestra enters and Francisco Contreras leaves.
10:58 PM4 days ago

That was the goal

Scored by Victor Velazquez.
10:53 PM4 days ago

45' MT

The first half ends! Pachuca 0-1 Juarez.
10:51 PM4 days ago


The referee adds three more minutes to the first half.
10:46 PM4 days ago

40' GOAL

GOAL JUAREZ! Scored by Victor Velazquez.
10:43 PM4 days ago


Yellow card for Oscar Murillo.
10:43 PM4 days ago


CLOSE ROMARIO IBARRA! Pachuca came close to scoring the first goal of the match after a shot at the far post that went slightly wide of the goal.
10:41 PM4 days ago


Juarez's attempt to take a free kick. Flavio Santos heads the shot, but Ustari cuts his shot well.
10:38 PM4 days ago


Shot by Victor Guzman that goes over the target. Pachuca has arrived more in this half hour of the game.
10:33 PM4 days ago


Pachuca continues to insist. Now Victor Guzman shoots at goal, but Hedgardo Marin intercepts his shot correctly.
10:27 PM4 days ago

20' Red Card

After checking the VAR, the referee decides to expel Marco Fabian. Juarez is left with 10 men.
10:24 PM4 days ago


The referee goes to the VAR to check a possible red card for Marco Fabian after an entry on Romario Ibarra.
10:20 PM4 days ago


Close Pachuca! Delayed diagonal of Catalán in the area for Ismael Sosa. But his ball passes slightly off target.
10:10 PM4 days ago


Medical assistance comes in to treat a discomfort in Acosta's arm.
10:06 PM4 days ago


First arrival of the game by Bravos. Alberto Acosta is encouraged to shot out of the area directly to the angle, but the ball goes slightly off.
10:02 PM4 days ago


The match has started! 
9:39 PM4 days ago

Lineup Juarez

Palos, López, Velazquez, Acosta, Marín, Intriago, Contreras, Esquivel, Santos, Fabián y Lezcano.

9:37 PM4 days ago

Lineup Pachuca

Ustari, Catalán, Cabral, Murillo, Guzmán, Aguirre, Sosa, Chávez, Ibarra, Sánchez y Quiroga.


9:26 PM4 days ago

The arriving

The players of the meeting have arrived at the Hidalgo Stadium with the corresponding hygiene protocols. 
Foto: Twitter Liga Mx
Foto: Twitter Liga Mx
9:21 PM4 days ago


The history of clashes between these two teams is short. The balance is in Juarez's favor with a win and a draw. This is the third game where the two sides are facing each other.

9:15 PM4 days ago

Covid-19 tests

Before starting the meeting, Club Pachuca informed through its social networks that there are two positive cases of COVID-19. The identity of these cases is unknown.


9:07 PM4 days ago

The stadium

The Miguel Hidalgo Stadium will host this match between Pachuca and Juarez. Inaugurated on February 14, 1993, it has a capacity for just over 30,000 spectators.
Foto: MxEstadios
Foto: MxEstadios
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Key Player Pachuca

Mauro Quiroga: After the departure of Franco Jara, Pachuca has not found a lethal striker to be the team's goal scorer. In this tournament they bet on the hiring of Quiroga who, despite not having a brilliant pass through San Luis, did it with Necaxa. The Argentinean could make his debut today as tuzo.
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6:02 PM4 days ago

Key Player Juarez

Dario Lezcano: The Paraguayan forward was the leader of his team's scoring last tournament with 10 goals, staying three goals away from being champion. He will be looking to repeat the quota in this Guard1anes 2021.
Foto: Imago7
Photo: Imago7


5:57 PM4 days ago

Last lineup Juárez

Palos; Lopez, Velazquez, Marin; Mendoza; Fernandez, Intriago, Contreras, Santos; Rabuñal, Lezcano
5:52 PM4 days ago

Last lineup Pachuca

O. Ustari; E. García, G. Cabral, O. Murillo, R. Salinas; V. Guzmán, F. Figueroa, E. Aguirre, L. Chávez; V. Dávila, R. de la Rosa.
5:47 PM4 days ago

The refereeing quartet

The central referee of this Pachuca vs Juarez will be Brian Omar Gonzalez; Michel Alejandro Morales, first line; Enrique Martinez, second line; Luis Enrique Santander, fourth assistant. 
5:42 PM4 days ago

Coach who debuts, wins?

Gabriel Caballero was dismissed before the beginning of the present tournament and the directive of the border team presented Luis Fernando Tena as the new coach of Bravos. In addition to him, Andres Iniestra, Ayron Del Valle and Luis Pavez will be joining the team. After losing the ticket to the playoffs on the last match against America, Juarez has a pending task with its fans since its incorporation to the first division and it is expected that this tournament will be the beginning of a team that will give surprises to more than one.
Foto: Twitter Juárez
Photo: Twitter Juarez
5:37 PM4 days ago

New faces

Despite the fact that Tuzos managed to get into the liguilla last year by eliminating Santos in the playoffs, the Hidalgo team has lost ground in recent tournaments. That's why Pachuca's directive has decided to back three players: Harold Mosquera from MLS, Mauro Quiroga and Matías Catalán from Atletico San Luis.

The team reported the following casualties: Victor Davila, Rodrigo Salinas and Leo Ramos. Pezzolano has a new opportunity to take Tuzos to the playoffs and take advantage of the new players that joined his team. 

Photo: VAVEL
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Kick-off time

The Pachuca vs Juarez match will be played at the stadium Miguel Hidalgo, in Pachuca, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:00pm ET.

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