Goal and Highlights: Queretaro 1-0 Atlas, 2021 Liga MX
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The goal of victory

This was the goal that gave Queretaro's team the victory. 
11:58 PMa month ago

Finish the game

Queretaro modified in the second half and the changes resulted to beat the Atlas by the minimum. 
11:55 PMa month ago

90' Added time

Three minutes are added to the game. 
11:52 PMa month ago

86' Queretaro's Goal!

Francisco Da Costa from long distance puts the ball out of Camilo Vargas' reach. 
11:51 PMa month ago

85' Changes of Queretaro

Angel Sepulveda and Gonzalo Montes come out, in their place Joe Gallardo and Jose Ramirez enter. 
11:46 PMa month ago

80' New change of Atlas

Javier Correa leaves and Brayan Trejo enters. 
11:41 PMa month ago

75' Camilo again!

The Zorros' goalkeeper beats Kevin Ramirez hand to hand. 
11:40 PMa month ago

74' Second Atlas replacement

Milton Caraglio leaves the game, Ozziel Herrera enters in his place. 
11:39 PMa month ago

73' Antonio Valencia shot!

The Ecuadorian shot from long distance and Camilo Vargas shows off by deflecting the shot to one hand. 
11:34 PMa month ago

68' Change of Atlas

Jeremy Marquez enters the field by Pablo Gonzalez. 
11:33 PMa month ago

68' Malcorra's Attempt

Victor Malcorra looked for the middle distance shot, but his shot goes very far. 
11:30 PMa month ago

65' Second modification of Queretaro

Francisco Da Costa enters through Hugo Silveira. 
11:26 PMa month ago

60' yellow card

Pablo Gonzalez from Atlas receives the yellow card for a foul on Gonzalo Montes. 
11:24 PMa month ago

57' Enter and shoot

Kevin Ramirez, as soon as he came in, looked for the shot on goal, Camilo Vargas didn't want any complications and diverted to the corner. 
11:23 PMa month ago

56' Queretaro Changes

Jose Gurrola and Kevin Escamilla leave the field, Juan Meza and Kevin Ramirez enter. 
11:18 PMa month ago

52' Atlas Domain

Queretaro has complications in maintaining possession of the ball, Atlas seeks to stalk the rival area, although without much danger. 
11:09 PMa month ago

Second half starts


The second 45 minutes are played at La Corregidora. At the moment Queretaro and Atlas tie without goals. 

10:51 PMa month ago

End of the first half

The referee does not compensate for minutes and decides to whistle the end of the first half. 
10:50 PMa month ago

43' Atlas attempts to answer

Javier Correa shoots with his head, but the ball goes outside. 
10:48 PMa month ago

42' Camilo Vargas!

The goalkeeper of Atlas stopped Hugo Silveira's shot. 
10:47 PMa month ago

40' Penalty for Queretaro!

Center to the area, the referee sees Santamaria holding Hugo Silveira and scores the penalty. 
10:44 PMa month ago

37' Foul in favor of the Atlas

The referee calls a foul on Victor Malcorra in the area next to the left side. 
10:36 PMa month ago

29' Now Javier Correa tries

The Zorros' forward enters the area and looks for the shot to the second post, escaping from the side. 
10:33 PMa month ago

26' Caraglio shot

Milton Caraglio takes courage to shoot from long distance, Gerardo Ruiz takes a shot to deflect to corner. 
10:29 PMa month ago

22' Danger gone

Antonio Valencia's center that intercepts Martin Nervo and Camilo Vargas in two times ends up calming the danger. 
10:22 PMa month ago

15' The game is restarted

The referee gives possession to the Queretaro who resumes the actions of the game. 
10:20 PMa month ago

13' Game stopped

The game stops to give medical attention to Angel Sepulveda, who was hit on the head by the ball. 
10:19 PMa month ago

12' New shot of Madrigal

Again Kevin Madrigal shot from medium distance and sent the ball over the goal. 
10:17 PMa month ago

10' Queretaro seeks to surprise

Kevin Madrigal took the ball behind midfield and tried to surprise Camilo, but nothing happened. 
10:15 PMa month ago

8' yellow card

Jose Doldan of Queretaro receives the first yellow card of the game for a foul on Javier Correa. 
10:12 PMa month ago

5' Caraglio tries it

Center of Renato Ibarra that the reinforcement Caraglio looked for to connect of luxury, but the ball leaves by a side. 
10:09 PMa month ago

2' Danger for Queretaro

Queretaro tried to play his way out, but lost the ball. For their good fortune, they make up for the mistake along the way. 
10:06 PMa month ago

Game on

The ball moves in Queretaro, Mexico. Atlas visits the Gallos Blancos. 
10:02 PMa month ago

Teams take to the field

Queretaro and Atlas are already in the court of La Corregidora for the protocol act of the Liga MX. 
9:56 PMa month ago

Atlas preparing for the match

Images of previous exercises performed by Diego Cocca's team.
9:45 PMa month ago

Queretaro Lineup:

Ruíz; Mendoza, Doldán, Cervantes; Escamilla, Madrigal, Montes, Valencia, Gurrola; Sepúlveda and Silveira. 
9:45 PMa month ago

Atlas Lineup:

Vargas; Barbosa, Santamaría, Nervo, Reyes; Ibarra, González, Rocha, Malcorra; Correa and Caraglio. 
9:25 PMa month ago

Atlas arrival at the stadium

In this way, the Zorros arrived at the Querétaro stadium with the mission of achieving the six points reflected in the percentage table.
9:20 PMa month ago

U-20 Gallos strikes

On the other side, the U-20 team from Queretaro beat the sub-champion of the category. Raul Marquez, Pablo Romagnoli and Mauro Perez collaborated in the scoring of the Queretaro triumph.
9:18 PMa month ago

Triumph of Atlas U-17

The representative of the Atlas U-17 triumphed 2-3 in CEGAR. Although the locals went ahead through Diego Rivas, Atlas turned around thanks to Luis Egurrola's goals on two occasions and an own goal by Saul Espinoza. Miguel Vazquez scored Queretaro's second goal on the final.
9:15 PMa month ago

Court ready to receive soccer

La Corregidora Stadium is ready for the debut of the Gallos Blancos at home.

9:10 PMa month ago

Queretaro ready at the stadium

Following all the security protocols, the players of Queretaro are already in La Corregidora.

9:05 PMa month ago

Those called by Atlas

Atlas is fully equipped for tonight's game against Queretaro. Renato Ibarra and Jesus Angulo have rejoined the team after being absent last week.

9:00 PMa month ago

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Last match between Queretaro and Atlas

The last time these two teams met was just at the dawn of the championship, the sixth date of the tournament was being played. It was precisely the now Atlas head coach, Diego Cocca, who made his debut on the bench against Queretaro. Edgar Zaldivar ended up giving the victory to the Zorros.
8:50 PMa month ago

How to watch Queretaro vs Atlas Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your option is TUDN USA

If you want to watch in on internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!

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Player to follow: Atlas

Milton Caraglio. Atlas' fans suffered for not having a striker with the same effectiveness as the Argentinean and when it was believed that Julio Furch would be that solution, he got injured. Caraglio himself returns to appear as the player the fans sighed for.
8:40 PMa month ago

Player to follow: Queretaro

Antonio Valencia. The Ecuadorian player not only made his debut with Queretaro, but he also carried the captain's badge in his match against Toluca. Valencia, despite his age, can be that differentiating player that Hector Altamirano needs.
8:35 PMa month ago

Milton Caraglio presented

Although he already had his first minutes as a player of the Zorros in the previous game against Monterrey. Milton Caraglio was officially introduced as a reinforcement for Atlas.
8:30 PMa month ago

Queretaro seeks to remove the spine of defeat

Hector Altamirano's team made its debut by falling at Toluca's home. A refereeing job with numerous errors ended up affecting the Gallos Blancos. Now they will try to add their first three units against Atlas.
8:25 PMa month ago

Six points in dispute

Destiny put Queretaro and Atlas on the second day. The duel has more color when it is known that six points that will be reflected in the percentage table are in dispute.
8:20 PMa month ago

Kick-off time

The match Queretaro vs Atlas will be played at La Corregidora stadium, in Queretaro, Mexico, at 10:06pm ET.  
8:15 PMa month ago

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