Goals and highlights: Banfield 1(3)-(5)1 Boca Juniors in Copa Maradona 2021
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11:30 PMa year ago


Buffarini and the decisive shot that gave the 70th star to Boca.
11:22 PMa year ago

Stays at home

Boca Juniors wins the Maradona Cup title.
11:21 PMa year ago


Boca Juniors is the champion after winning 5-3 in the penalty shootout against Banfield.
11:20 PMa year ago

Goal of Boca! (3-5)

Julio Buffarini scores his penalty shot.
11:19 PMa year ago

Goal of Banfield! (3-4)

Juan Alvarez scores his penalty shot.
11:19 PMa year ago

Goal of Boca! (2-4)

Carlos Izquierdoz scores his penalty shot.
11:18 PMa year ago

Banfield misses! (2-3)

Jorge Rodriguez misses his penalty shot.
11:17 PMa year ago

Goal of Boca! (2-3)

Eduardo Salvio scores his penalty shot.
11:16 PMa year ago

Goal of Banfield! (2-2)

Agustín Fontana scores his penalty shot.
11:16 PMa year ago

Goal of Boca! (1-2)

Sebastian Villa scores his penalty shot.
11:15 PMa year ago

Goal of Banfield! (1-1)

Luciano Lollo scores his penalty shot.
11:15 PMa year ago

Goal of Boca! (0-1)

Carlos Tevez scores his penalty shot.
11:10 PMa year ago

End of the regular game

The second half ends in San Juan. Banfield and Boca are tied at one goal. The champion will be defined in a penalty shootout.
11:09 PMa year ago


Banfield's goal! Luciano Lollo heads off after an assist from Alexis Maldonado and ties the game on the last play of the match.
11:06 PMa year ago


Diego Gonzalez crosses into a dangerous shot by Martin Payero, and is left lying on the field due to a possible injury.
11:02 PMa year ago


Alan Varela's shot is passed by Banfield's goal after an assist by Carlos Tevez from a free kick. 
11:01 PMa year ago


Strong dialogues between the referee and the coach of Boca, where Sebastian Villa also participates, who receives a yellow card.
10:59 PMa year ago


Emmanuel Más is expelled from the game after receiving his second yellow card, this after a foul on Luciano Pons.
10:59 PMa year ago


Alexis Maldonado misses with a header after a corner kick by Agustin Urzi.
10:57 PMa year ago


Changes of Boca Juniors, Alan Varela and Carlos Tevez enter replacing Mauro Zarate and Ramon Abila.
10:56 PMa year ago


Diego Gonzalez is treated by the club's doctors after a foul received by Luciano Pons.
10:55 PMa year ago


Shot missed by Martín Payero that goes too high in free kick after a foul by Capaldo on Urzi.
10:52 PMa year ago


Banfield changes, Luciano Pons and Agustin Urzi enter the field replacing Giuliano Galoppo and Mauricio Cuero.
10:47 PMa year ago


Shot missed by Martin Payero from outside the area that goes too high for a direct free kick.
10:46 PMa year ago


This was the goal of Edwin Cardona that has in advantage to Boca against Banfield.
10:44 PMa year ago


Yellow card for Emmanuel Mas due to a foul on Martin Payero.
10:40 PMa year ago


Change of Boca Juniors, Eduardo Salvio enters replacing Edwin Cardona due to an injury.
10:39 PMa year ago


Change of Banfield, Juan Álvarez enters replacing Fabián Bordagaray.
10:39 PMa year ago


Edwin Cardona shoots from outside the area at the right angle, after an assist from Diego Gonzalez. The Colombian suffers an injury after the goal and possibly leaves the field.
10:36 PMa year ago


Goal by Edwin Cardona! The Colombian shoots from medium distance and puts Boca in advantage.
10:33 PMa year ago


Change of Boca Juniors, Diego Gonzalez enters replacing Jorman Campuzano due to an injury.
10:30 PMa year ago


Claudio Bravo receives a yellow card for a foul on Buffarini. Free kick for Boca.
10:29 PMa year ago


Buffarini sends a Center to the area but Arboleda controls well 
10:20 PMa year ago


Zambrano tries a through ball, but Villa is caught offside.
10:17 PMa year ago

Second half starts

The ball is now rolling again in San Juan.
Photo: Boca Juniors
Photo: Boca Juniors
10:03 PMa year ago

Statistics of first half

These are the statistics of the first half, where Banfield had the most arrivals but Boca kept the possession of the ball.
Stats by Sofascore
Stats by Sofascore
10:00 PMa year ago

End of first half

Half time in San Juan, Boca and Banfield tie without goals.
9:55 PMa year ago


Julio Buffarini receives a yellow card for dangerous play.
9:54 PMa year ago


Missed shot by Luciano Lollo, head shot from the center of the area that is lost by the left. Assistance by Martín Payero with a center to the area after a corner kick.
9:49 PMa year ago


Rejected shot by Sebastian Villa, shot from the right side of the inside of the area.
9:46 PMa year ago


Free kick for Boca after a foul on Abila. Cardona shoots directly but the ball crashes into the barrier.
9:39 PMa year ago


Good opportunity for Banfield, with another shot by Payero. The ball passed near the goalpost.
9:34 PMa year ago


Sebastian Villa makes a great individual move, enters the box and takes a shot that controls without problems Arboleda.
9:26 PMa year ago


Error in the back of Izquierdoz that recovers Cuero, but he precipitates and shoots very deviated of the goal.
9:23 PMa year ago


Free kick for Banfield, Payero tries a direct shot but it passes off the goal of Boca.
9:20 PMa year ago


Payero tries a medium distance shot but it goes straight to Andrada's position
9:18 PMa year ago


Shot deflected by Edwin Cardona passing very close to Banfield's goal
9:16 PMa year ago


Filtered pass from Cardona to Zarate, but the goalkeeper Arboleda is well anticipated
9:14 PMa year ago

The game starts!

The ball starts rolling in San Juan in the Maradona Cup Final
9:09 PMa year ago

On the field

Amidst fireworks, players from both teams take to the field to sing the national anthem.
8:47 PMa year ago

Warming up

Both teams are already on the pitch warming up for this match.
Photo: Banfield
Photo: Banfield
8:44 PMa year ago

Boca Juniors: Lineup

Andrada, Buffarini, Zambrano, Izquierdoz, Mas, Capaldo, Campuzano, Villa, Cardona, Zarate and Abila.
8:43 PMa year ago

Banfield: Lineup

Arboleda, Coronel, Maldonado, Lollo, Bravo, Galoppo, Rodriguez, Payero, Cuero, Fontana and Bordagaray.
8:41 PMa year ago

Penalties if there is a tie

In case of a tie in regular time, the final will be defined by penalties. It is worth mentioning that the losing team will play against Velez, winner of the Complementation Phase, to get a place in the 2022 South American Cup.
8:40 PMa year ago

The referees

The referee appointed for this duel is Facundo Tello, who will be accompanied by Juan Pablo Belatti and Hernán Maidana as assistant referees.
8:35 PMa year ago

The arrival of Boca Juniors

Boca Juniors also arrived at the San Juan del Bicentenario Stadium.
Photo: Boca Juniors
Photo: Boca Juniors
8:32 PMa year ago

The arrival of Banfield

Early on, Banfield arrived at the stadium for their game today in search of making history.
Photo: CAB
Photo: CAB
2:26 PMa year ago

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How to watch Banfield vs Boca Juniors Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are: TyC Sports.

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2:16 PMa year ago

Boca Juniors: Last lineup

Andrada, Fabra, Izquierdoz, López, Jara, Villa, Campuzano, González, Salvio, Soldano y Tévez.
2:11 PMa year ago

Banfield: Last lineup

Arboleda, Bravo, Sosa, Maldonado, Coronel, Rodríguez, Bordagaray, Galoppo, Payero, Cuero and Fontana.
2:06 PMa year ago

Boca Juniors: Team news

The Xeneize comes from suffering a hard elimination in the Libertadores and goes through the most critical moment since the arrival of DT Miguel Angel Russo at the beginning of last year. The victory received in Vila Belmiro (0-3) and the disappointing response of the team in terms of mood and soccer generated a deep malaise in the whole world.
2:01 PMa year ago

Banfield: Team news

Javier Sanguinetti plans to order only one modification with respect to the last goal against San Lorenzo (4-1): the central scorer Luciano Lollo will return for Alexis Sosa after serving a date of suspension.
1:56 PMa year ago

For a rematch

Xeneize seeks its 70th title after the disappointment it suffered in the Libertadores against Santos of Brazil.
1:51 PMa year ago

In search of making history

For Banfield, winning this title not only means a ticket to the Libertadores 2021, it would be the second Primera title in the history of the club.
1:46 PMa year ago

Kickoff time

The Banfield vs Boca Juniors match will be played at the San Juan del Bicentenario Stadium, in San Juan, Argentina. The kick-off is scheduled at 8:10pm ET.
1:41 PMa year ago


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