Goals and Highlights Cruz Azul 4-1 Queretaro, 2021 Liga MX
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11:57 PM3 months ago

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11:52 PM3 months ago

Cruz Azul 4-1 Queretaro / Guardianes 2021

11:47 PM3 months ago

Light blue victory

The match is over!  Cruz Azul 4 - 1 Queretaro
11:42 PM3 months ago


Cruz Azul substitution, Jonathan Rodriguez comes out and Bryan Angulo comes in.
11:37 PM3 months ago


Cruz Azul substitution, Orbelín Pineda comes out and Misael Domínguez comes in.
11:32 PM3 months ago


Goal for Cruz Azul! Elías Hernández shoots inside the box.
11:27 PM3 months ago


Querétaro substitution, Kevin Ramírez comes off and Silveira comes on.
11:22 PM3 months ago


Querétaro substitution, Omar Mendoza comes out and Joe Gallardo comes in.
11:17 PM3 months ago


Cruz Azul substitution, Roberto Alvarado comes out and Elías Hernández comes in.

Cruz Azul substitute Luis Romo off, Víctor Yotun on

11:12 PM3 months ago


Querétaro substitution, Ángel Sepúlveda comes off and Jefferson Montero enters.
11:07 PM3 months ago


Cruz Azul substitution, Santiago Giménez comes off and Pablo Aguilar enters.
11:02 PM3 months ago


Querétaro tries with corner kicks. But to no avail. 
10:57 PM3 months ago


Change for Gallos Blancos de Querétaro, José Jesús Gurrola comes out and José Alfredo Ramírez comes in.
10:52 PM3 months ago

Second half begins


The sky-blue team is focused on the match.

10:47 PM3 months ago

First half ends

Cruz Azul wins it by a wide margin. 
10:42 PM3 months ago


AS CABECITA The Celestes score the 3-1 of the match. 
10:37 PM3 months ago


Sepúlveda brings Gallo close with a goal.
10:32 PM3 months ago


Goal!  Pineda responds and scores the second of the game
10:27 PM3 months ago


Cruz Azul fights for every ball possible. 

10:22 PM3 months ago


Goal for Cruz Azul! Aldrete has already put the home team ahead. 
10:17 PM3 months ago


Already the rooster wants to peck. Ramirez puts the ball in danger in the opponent's goal, Corona was forced to deny the ball. 
10:12 PM3 months ago


The Cabecita almost wet inside the field. 
10:07 PM3 months ago

Cruz Azul has possession of the ball. But neither team has yet managed to create the first danger on offense.
10:02 PM3 months ago

Match kicks off at the Azteca Stadium

Cruz Azul wants to go on a positive streak.  
9:57 PM3 months ago

XI Cruz Azul

Corona; Escobar, Domínguez, Romo, Aldrete; Pineda, Martínez, Baca, Alvarado; Rodríguez, Giménez. 
9:52 PM3 months ago

XI Querétaro

Ruíz, Cervantes, Mendoza, Roldán, Meza; Ramírez, Montes, Madrigal; Valencia, Gurrola, Sepúlveda.
9:47 PM3 months ago



In their last 13 games, the Cooperative's team did not score 8 goals. In those matches, the team was defeated.

9:42 PM3 months ago



The visitors are 12 games without a win. Nine defeats and three losses are their record, which they will be looking to shorten once and for all.

9:37 PM3 months ago


For whom will the triumph be? On the coaching staff side, both helmsmen will have the opportunity to face each other for the first time in a duel of these characteristics. On the one hand, Juan Reynoso, the coach who arrived this season to the sky-blue team, on the other hand, Héctor Altamirano, who is finding a squad full of young players who have responded to him in these days of the Guardianes 2021.  


9:32 PM3 months ago

This is how Cruz Azul arrived at the Azteca Stadium.

9:27 PM3 months ago


Juan Reynoso, the strategist, fulfilled his dream of coaching Cruz Azul. He said this in an interview with a national newspaper. The sky-blue tactician wants to shake up the uncertain start of the blue team.
9:22 PM3 months ago


The light blue did not fall in their basic games. In the Under 20 category, they tied 0-0 against the Bajío team, while in the Under 17 category they won by the minimum difference in La Noria. 
9:17 PM3 months ago


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Cruz Azul: Last Lineup

Corona, Domínguez, Aldrete, Jiménez, Martínez, Escobar, Rivero, Alvarado, Baca, Pineda y Giménez.
9:02 PM3 months ago

Queretaro: Last Lineup

Ruíz, Mendoza, Doldán, Cervantes, Meza, Ramírez, Madrigal, Valencia (C), Montes, Gurrola, y Sepúlveda

8:57 PM3 months ago

Machine without oil

Meanwhile, La MACHINE is not giving the kind of performance that its fans expect and is in 13th place with three points, the result of one win and two losses in the Guardianes 2021. 
8:52 PM3 months ago

Fighting cocks

The Bajío squad is coming off a 2-0 win over Pumas de la UNAM last week at the Estadio Corregidora and is in seventh place with 6 points in the current competition.
8:47 PM3 months ago

Cruz vs Queretaro online

In a game that closes the Saturday of the fourth day of the Guardianes 2021. Cruz Azul will host Querétaro, who are on a good run and want to keep winning against the popular teams.
8:42 PM3 months ago

Kickoff time

The Cruz Azul vs Querétaro match will be played at the stadium Azteca, in Mexico City. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:00pm ET.
8:37 PM3 months ago


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