Penalties and highlights: Al-Ahly 3-2 Palmeiras in Club World Cup Qatar
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12:50 PM25 days ago

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12:50 PM25 days ago

Penalties and highlights

12:45 PM25 days ago

Al-Ahly 3-2 Palmeiras

On penalties, the Red Devils defeated the albiverde team, with a great performance by their goalkeeper, El Shenawy.

The Red Devils took third place in the Qatar 2020 Club World Cup.

12:40 PM25 days ago

Penalties: 3-2

Shenawy saves Felipe Melo's shot to give Al-Ahly the win.
12:35 PM25 days ago

Penalties: 3-2

Ajayi makes a good catch and overtakes Al-Ahly again.
12:30 PM25 days ago

Penalties: 2-2

Gómez also scores for Palmeiras to level the scoreboard.
12:25 PM25 days ago

Penalties: 2-1

Goal! Hany gives Al-Ahly back the lead
12:20 PM25 days ago

Penalties: 1-1

Scarpa scores and ties the score.
12:15 PM25 days ago

Penalties: 1-0

Post! Marwan's shot hits the metal.
12:10 PM25 days ago

Penalties: 1-0

Adriano misses his shot and misses the chance to tie the score.
12:05 PM25 days ago

Penalties: 1-0

Weverton saves Elsoulia's shot.
12:00 PM25 days ago

Penalties: 1-0

The Shenawy! The Egyptian goalkeeper blocks Rony's shot.
11:55 AM25 days ago

Penalties: 1-0

Goal! Benoun gives Al-Ahly the lead
11:50 AM25 days ago


The match is over! There will be penalty kicks to define the third place in the competition.
11:45 AM25 days ago


Three minutes are added.
11:40 AM25 days ago


Palmeiras makes more moves: Menino, Danilo and Scarpa come in for Willian, de Paula and Veiga.
11:35 AM25 days ago


Paula's individual move that goes wide of the Egyptian goal.
11:30 AM25 days ago


New changes for Al-Ahly: Taher and Akram come out and Marwan and Dieng join the team.
11:25 AM25 days ago


The match is stopped for a moment after a collision between Taher and Makye; both are already receiving medical attention.
11:20 AM25 days ago


De Paula is the third Palmeiras player to receive a yellow card.
11:15 AM25 days ago


It doesn't count! Ajayi takes advantage of the rebound after Weverton's save to score; however, his goal is disallowed for offside.
11:10 AM25 days ago


Weverton! Great scissor kick by Elsoulia that the Brazilian goalkeeper keeps out with one hand.
11:05 AM25 days ago


In the final minutes, the pace of the game slowed down.
11:00 AM25 days ago


Al-Ahly's first changes: Sherif and Ajayi came on for Afsha and Bwalya.
10:55 AM25 days ago


Palmeiras made two interesting offensive transitions that did not end with a shot due to good marking by the Egyptians.
10:50 AM25 days ago


Once again, Al-Ahly has taken the initiative and taken possession of the ball, but still manages to generate danger.
10:45 AM25 days ago


The complementary part begins!
10:40 AM25 days ago


The first half ends! For now, Al-Ahly and Palmeiras are drawing.
(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)
10:35 AM25 days ago


Willian becomes the second cautioned player of the match.
10:30 AM25 days ago


Two minutes are added.
10:25 AM25 days ago


Once again, El Shenawy saved another own goal, this time by holding Adriano's header.
10:20 AM25 days ago


The Shenawy! With one hand, the Egyptian goalkeeper blocks Rony's well placed header.
10:15 AM25 days ago


Another warning from Al-Ahly, now through a cross-shot from Afsha that Weverton easily contains.
10:10 AM25 days ago


Good save by Weverton to prevent Bwalya from shooting from in front of the goal.
10:05 AM25 days ago


Another shot by Rony goes well over Al-Ahly's goal.
10:00 AM25 days ago


The first yellow card of the match goes to Weverton for delaying the restart of play.
9:55 AM25 days ago


Elsoulia failed to capitalize on Melo's poor run, and the Egyptian midfielder's shot went just wide.
9:50 AM25 days ago


Both teams continue with their inaccuracies in the final zone, which has prevented them from generating chances.
9:45 AM25 days ago


In the meantime, Palmeiras retreats in the middle block and when they get the ball, it is easy for them to reach the opponent's goal through short possessions.
9:40 AM25 days ago


For now, Al-Ahly has taken the initiative to have the ball, but is finding it difficult to make progress in the opposition half.
9:35 AM25 days ago


A scissors kick from outside the area by Rony that El Shenawy controls without major problems.
9:30 AM25 days ago


First warning of the match: Amro Elsoulia's header goes over the Brazilian goal.
9:25 AM25 days ago


So far, neither team has had long possession of the ball, due in part to the imprecision of both teams.
9:20 AM25 days ago


Game on!
9:15 AM25 days ago

Palmeiras: substitutes

M. Rocha; E. Santos, B. Kuscevic, A. Emperur, Z. Rafael, G. Scarpa, L. Esteves, L. Lima, J. dos Santos, V. Silvestre, G. Menino, D. dos Santos.
9:10 AM25 days ago

Al-Ahly: substitutes

A. Ramadan, M. Mohsen, M. Sherif, A. Dieng, A. Lotfi, S. Mohsen, S. Samir, J. Ajayi, M. Ahmed
9:05 AM25 days ago

Palmeiras: confirmed lineup

W. Pereira; M. Viña, G. Gómez, L. García, M. Rocha, P. Paula, F. Melo, R. Silva, R. Velga, W. Gomes y L. Adriano.
9:00 AM25 days ago

Al-Ahly: confirmed lineup

M. El Shenawy; M. Hany, B. Banoun, A. Ashraf, Y. Ibrahim, H. Fathi, A. Al Sulaya, A. Tawfik, M. Magdi, T. Mohamed y W. Bwalya.
8:55 AMa month ago

Palmeiras has already arrived at the Qatar Foundation Stadium.

(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)
8:50 AMa month ago

Al-Ahly is already at the Qatari stadium

(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)
8:45 AMa month ago

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8:35 AMa month ago

Palmeiras: last lineup

W. Pereira; M. Rocha, L. García, G. Gómez, M. Viña, D. Dos Santos, G. Merino, R. Vega, Z. Rafael, R. Da Siva and L. Adriano.
8:30 AMa month ago

Al-Ahly: last lineup

E. Mohamed (C); A. Ayman, B. Benoun, A. Maaloul, H. Mohamed, M. Kahraba, F. Hamdy, E. Hussein, E. Amro, A. Mohamed and M. Taher.
8:25 AMa month ago

Palmeiras, CONMEBOL representatives

For their part, the Albiverdes will compete for this symbolic prize after being defeated 1-0 by Tigres in the semifinals.
(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)
8:20 AMa month ago

Al-Ahly, CAF representatives

The Red Devils failed to reach the final after losing 2-0 to Bayern. They will now seek third place.
(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)
8:15 AMa month ago

Live: Al-Ahly vs Palmeiras

The Al-Ahly vs Palmeiras match will be played at the stadium Estadio Qatar Foundation, Qatar. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:00 am ET.
(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)
8:10 AMa month ago

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