Goal and highlights: Pumas 0-1 Leon in Liga MX Guard1anes 2021
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3:20 PM15 days ago

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3:20 PM15 days ago

Goal and highlights

3:15 PM15 days ago

Pumas 0-1 León

This afternoon, León broke its losing streak with a narrow victory over Pumas, who will remain at the bottom of the standings, thanks to a goal by Ángel Mena.

With this result, La Fiera - who have a game pending - reached seven points, while UNAM remained with five.

On the eighth date of the Liga MX Guard1anes 2021, the team from the capital will visit Chivas and the team from Guanajuato will host Cruz Azul.

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3:10 PM15 days ago


Game over!
3:05 PM15 days ago


Three minutes are added.
3:00 PM15 days ago


Juan Pablo Vigón joins the list of those cautioned for the match.
2:55 PM15 days ago


Leon makes more moves: Nicolas Sosa and Osvaldo Rodriguez come in for Angel Mena and Jean Meneses.
2:50 PM15 days ago


Cota! Good save by Rodolfo to contain Iturbe's service.
2:45 PM15 days ago


Last change for Pumas: Leo López comes in for Facundo Waller.
2:40 PM15 days ago

With this goal, Leon is beating Pumas

2:35 PM15 days ago


Pumas makes more moves: Juan Iturbe and Bryan Mendoza replace Gabriel Torres and Carlos Gutiérrez.
2:30 PM15 days ago


Metal! Juan Pablo Vigón's header hits León's left post. The equalizer was close.
2:25 PM15 days ago


Ángel Mena scored in front of Alfredo Talavera to put La Fiera ahead on the scoreboard.
2:20 PM15 days ago


Talavera! The UNAM goalkeeper holds on and saves Yairo Moreno's powerful shot.
2:15 PM15 days ago


León makes a couple of changes: José Rodríguez and Joel Campbell come in for Rubén González and Víctor Dávila.
2:10 PM15 days ago


Pumas made two moves: Ignacio Dinenno and Alan Mozo came in for Favio Álvarez and Jesús Rivas.
2:05 PM15 days ago


The match is stopped so that Jesús Rivas can receive medical attention.
2:00 PM15 days ago


Tala! The Mexican goalkeeper saves Luis Montes' volley shot.
1:55 PM15 days ago


Good save by Alfredo Talavera to prevent Ángel Mena from reaching the ball and finishing.
1:50 PM15 days ago


León's first change: Fernando Navarro comes in for Andrés Mosquera.
1:45 PM15 days ago


The second half begins!
1:40 PM15 days ago


After 45 minutes, Pumas and León have not hurt each other at the Olímpico Universitario.

La Fiera has had most of the possession, but has not managed to generate as much danger as UNAM in the final minutes; Rodolfo Cota is already a factor.

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(Photo: Getty)
1:35 PM15 days ago


End of the first half!
1:30 PM15 days ago


Cota! Once again, the Mexican goalkeeper prevents Pumas from scoring, this time after a shot by Carlos Gutiérrez.
1:25 PM15 days ago


Almost there! Cota and his defense keep Torres from pushing the ball into the net. Leon is saved, again.
1:20 PM15 days ago


Rodolfo Cota! With one hand, the visiting goalkeeper sends Gabriel Torres' good header to the corner.

The clearest play of the match so far.

1:15 PM15 days ago


Talavera made a good save to prevent Dávila from controlling the ball correctly and finishing.
1:10 PM15 days ago


The action resumes. For the moment, both teams have lacked clarity in the last zone.
1:05 PM15 days ago


The match is stopped so that Andrés Mosquera can receive medical attention.
1:00 PM15 days ago


Almost there! Ángel Mena's counter-attack ends with a cross shot that goes just wide of the home goal.
12:55 PM15 days ago


Víctor Dávila's header goes wide of Alfredo Talavera's goal.
12:50 PM15 days ago


Favio Álvarez's shot barely goes over Rodolfo Cota's goal.
12:45 PM15 days ago


Facundo Waller is the second cautioned player of the match.
12:40 PM15 days ago


For complaining, Jean Meneses became the first player to receive a yellow card.
12:35 PM15 days ago


Dangerous service from Jean Meneses that Víctor Dávila fails to finish. Pumas is saved.
12:30 PM15 days ago


Game on!
12:25 PM15 days ago

Leon: substitutes

A. Blanco; F. Navarro, O. Rodríguez, P. Hernández, J. Rodríguez, H. Uribe, F. Ambriz, M. Juárez, J. Campbell y N. Sosa.
12:20 PM15 days ago

Pumas: substitutes

J. González; A. Mozo, L. Quintana, G. Moreno, L. López, A. García, Á. García, J. Dinenno, J. Iturbe y B. Mendoza.
12:15 PM15 days ago

León: lineup

R. Cota; A. Mosquera, W. Tesillo, J. Barreiro, L. Montes, Y. Moreno, Á. Mena, J. Meneses, R. González, J. Ramírez y V. Dávila.
12:10 PM15 days ago

Pumas: lineup

A. Talavera; J. Vásquez, J. Rodríguez, J. Rivas, N. Freire, E. Lira, F. Álvarez, F. Waller, C. Gutiérrez, J. Vigón (C) y G. Torres.
12:05 PM15 days ago

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11:55 AM15 days ago

Leon: last lineup

A. Blanco; A. Mosquera, J. Barreiro, O. Rodríguez, J. Rodríguez, L. Montes (C), Á. Mena, J. Meneses, J. Ramírez, V. Dávila and J. Campbell.
11:50 AM15 days ago

Pumas: last lineup

A. Talavera; J. Rodríguez, J. Vásquez, N. Freire, E. Lira, F. Álvarez, F. Waller, C. Gutiérrez, J. Vigón (C), G. Torres y E. Montejano.
11:45 AM15 days ago

These are the players with whom Leon traveled to the nation's capital.

11:40 AM15 days ago

Pumas is close to completing a year without losing at home.

11:35 AM15 days ago

The champions, looking to get back on track

For their part, the León team has not started the championship in the expected way either; so far, after one win, one draw and three losses, they have accumulated four points.

Last Friday, La Fiera visited Tijuana, where they lost 2-0 to Xolos.

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(Photo: Getty)
11:30 AM15 days ago

The UNAM, looking for a reaction

Pumas have not had a good start to the tournament; so far, they have five points, the result of one win, two draws and three defeats. 

On the previous matchday, the Auriazules lost 1-0 to Deportivo Toluca in their visit to the Nemesio Diez Stadium.

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(Photo: Getty)
11:25 AM15 days ago

Kickoff time

The Pumas vs Leon match will be played at the stadium Olimpico Universitario, CDMX, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 1:00 pm ET.
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(Photo: Getty)
11:20 AM15 days ago

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