Goals and Highlights: Nacional 2-2 América in stage 6 Liga BetPlay 2021-I
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11:13 PM7 months ago

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11:09 PM7 months ago

90+6' End of game!

End of the game at the Atanasio Girardot Stadium. 2-2 draw between Nacional and América.
11:07 PM7 months ago

90+4' Substitution on Nacional

Jarlan Barera was replaced by Tomas Ángel.
11:05 PM7 months ago


A cross that the defense was unable to deny. The ball was left for Yesus Cabrera, who crossed the ball and scored the equalizer.
11:03 PM7 months ago

90+1' Red Card

Neyder Moreno lasted 30 seconds. Tough tackle on Rafael Carrascal and was sent off.
11:01 PM7 months ago

90' Substitution on Nacional

Vladimir Hernández was replaced by Neyder Moreno.
10:59 PM7 months ago

85' Yellow card

Emmanuel Olivera was cautioned for Nacional.
10:57 PM7 months ago

84' Substitution for América

Daniel Quiñones comes on for Cristian Arrieta.
10:56 PM7 months ago

80' Oportunity for Nacional

Rafael Carrascal's shot was saved by Aldair Quintana.
10:55 PM7 months ago

79' Substitution on América

Aldair Rodríguez came on to replace Luis Paz.
10:52 PM7 months ago

79' Substitution on Nacional

Sebastián Gómez came on to replace Andrés Andrade.
10:50 PM7 months ago


The VAR referees looked at the play of the goal and sanctioned a handball by Jarlan Barrera before finishing.
10:48 PM7 months ago


A ball from Danovis Banguero, Jarlan Barrera controlled with his chest and then fired a shot that Joel Graterol could not control.
10:46 PM7 months ago

74' Oportunity for América

Baldomero Perlaza lost the ball and then Yesus Cabrera took a shot controlled by Aldair Quintana.
10:39 PM7 months ago

67' Oportunity for Nacional

Jarlan Barrera's tremendous pass to Vladimir Hernández and Joel Graterol came out in time to prevent him from scoring.
10:37 PM7 months ago

65' Yellow card

Jarlan Barrera cautioned for Nacional.
10:36 PM7 months ago


Nacional responded with a ball to Jarlan Barrera, who played a feint against Marlon Torres and Cristian Arrieta, and scored with his right foot.
10:34 PM7 months ago


A quick start by América ended with a deflected shot by Diber Cambindo. It was 4 against 2
10:32 PM7 months ago

62' Corner kick

Rovira, who was in possession of the ball, crossed the ball and was denied by the defense.
10:26 PM7 months ago

56' Yellow card

Cristian Arrieta cautioned for América.
10:26 PM7 months ago

55' Substitution in América

Rafael Carrascal enters, Luis Sánchez leaves.
10:22 PM7 months ago

51' Yellow card

Yellow for Jonatan Álvez after VAR review.
10:21 PM7 months ago

50' There is a review in the VAR

Jonatan Álvez assaulted Marlon Torres with an elbow and the play is reviewed in the VAR.
10:17 PM7 months ago

2nd half is start!

The second stage of the match is underway.
10:16 PM7 months ago

Substitution in America

Rodrigo Ureña came on and Emerson Batalla came off.
9:58 PM7 months ago

45+2' ¡Half time!

End of the first half. A 1-1 draw between Nacional and América in a match that had a good rhythm.
9:57 PM7 months ago

45' Additional time

Two more minutes will be played in the first half.
9:55 PM7 months ago

44' Corner kick

Nacional tries now. Candelo's cross deflected off an opponent.
9:53 PM7 months ago

40'America's approached

A ball from the right flank to Nicolás Giraldo, who shot but the ball went over the goal.
9:45 PM7 months ago


Cristian Arrieta's cross and Diber Cambindo scores his first goal in the América jersey to tie the game.
9:40 PM7 months ago

28' Nacional arrived

Jarlan Barrera tried with a cross shot, but it went wide.
9:38 PM7 months ago

27' Yellow Card on Nacional

Bryan Rovira is cautioned for a foul on Yesus Cabrera.
9:37 PM7 months ago

26' Yellow Card on América

Pablo Ortíz is cautioned for a foul on Andrés Andrade.
9:34 PM7 months ago


Cristian Arrieta own goal! Yerson Candelo's cross and the unmarked defender unluckily put it into his own net.
9:30 PM7 months ago

18' Nacional arrived

Jonatan Álvez shot, but the ball went over the goal.
9:29 PM7 months ago

17' Jarlan Barrera tries

The Nacional player's shot went wide.
9:28 PM7 months ago

16' Nacional arrived

Yerson Candelo's cross, the ball was left to Jonatan Álvez, who apparently took the ball down with his hand, but still shot the ball wide.
9:25 PM7 months ago

14' Nacional had it

Yerson Candelo's cross from the right, Vladimir Hernández headed and the ball went close.
9:24 PM7 months ago

13' América arrived

Diber Cambino won the ball, but it went wide.
9:21 PM7 months ago

7' America arrived

The ball was played to Santiago Moreno, he eluded Yerson Candelo's mark, shot and Aldair Quintana made a save.
9:20 PM7 months ago

3' Jarlan Barrera almost missed!

Cross that was closing and the ball hit the post.
9:20 PM7 months ago

2' Corner kick

Nacional is approaching the start of the match. He will lift the ball from the corner kick.
9:15 PM7 months ago


The game starts between Nacional and America.
9:14 PM7 months ago

Alternates - América

12. Diego Novoa (arquero), 06. Felipe Jaramillo, 13. Daniel Quiñones, 14. Aldair Rodríguez, 15. Rafael Carrascal, 18. Rodrigo Ureña, 29. Kevin Andrade.

9:11 PM7 months ago

Starting team - América

Formation: 1-4-3-3

| 01. Joel Graterol |
|17. Cristian Arrieta | 02. Marlon Torres | 26. Pablo Ortiz | 22. Nicolás Giraldo
| 10. Yesus Cabrera | 19. Luis Paz | 24. Luis Sánchez |
| 30. Santiago Moreno | 27. Diber Cambindo | 28. Emerson Batalla |

D.T.: Juan Cruz Real

9:10 PM7 months ago

Alternates - Nacional

13. Kevin Mier (arquero), 05. Geisson Perea, 06. Michael Chacón, 21. Tomás Ángel, 22. Neyder Moreno, 23. Alex Stik Castro, 27. Sebastián Gómez.

9:09 PM7 months ago

Starting team - Nacional

Formation: 1-3-2-3-2

| 01. Aldair Quintana |
|15. Yerson Mosquera | 18. Emmanuel Olivera | 30. Danovis Banguero |
| 14. Baldomero Perlaza | 08. Bryan Rovira |
| 19. Yerson Candelo | 07. Jarlan Barrera | 16. Vladimir Hernández |
| 10. Andrés Andrade | 44. Jonatan Álvez |

D.T.: Alexandre Guimarães

8:55 PM7 months ago

News at América de Cali

Héctor Quiñones and Guillermo Murillo will not be present in the red team. Daniel Quiñones and Aldair Rodríguez were included in the call-up list.
8:54 PM7 months ago

News at Atlético Nacional

The main novelties in the team are the inclusion of Neyder Moreno and Tomás Ángel in the call-up list and the departure of Déinner Quiñones.
8:52 PM7 months ago

Squad List - América de Cali

8:51 PM7 months ago

Squad List - Nacional

10:38 AM7 months ago

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Referee's group for Nacional vs América

Referee: Jorge Guzmán - Norte de Santander

Assistant No. 1: Sebastián Vela - Bogotá

Assistant No. 2: Herminzul Calderón - Asocafa

Emergent: Jorge Tabares - Antioquia

VAR Referee: John Perdomo - Huila

VAR Assistant: Gustavo Murillo - Chocó

10:23 AM7 months ago

Key Player - América

The player who deserves attention on this occasion is Luis Paz, who is the team's support in the middle of the field, one of the stars of America every day.
10:18 AM7 months ago

Key Player - Nacional

The man in question in this opportunity is Jefferson Duque, who with his goals has been very important in the first dates while the team continues to adapt to the DT's idea.
10:13 AM7 months ago

Nacional vs América history

In total, these two teams have played 250 matches. Nacional has won on 88 occasions, while América has won on 86 occasions, leaving a total of 76 draws.
10:08 AM7 months ago

América de Cali: last visit game

The red team's most recent away match was on February 12, when they won 1-2 in their visit to Boyacá Chicó in match day 6.
10:03 AM7 months ago

Atlético Nacional: last home game

The last time Antioque's green team played at home was on February 6, when they defeated Boyaca Chicó 2-0 on match day 5.
9:58 AM7 months ago

How does América de Cali arrive?

The scarlet team arrives to this game with the urgency of winning in order not to let their direct rivals slip away in the table. The start of the tournament for the two-time champions has not been the best.
9:53 AM7 months ago

How does Atlético Nacional arrive?

The team from Antioquia has had good results in its last few outings, which is why it is in the group of eight and improving match after match.
9:48 AM7 months ago


The Atanasio Girardot Stadium will be the venue for this match.
9:43 AM7 months ago

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