Goals and Highlights: El Salvador 2-1 Haiti in CONCACAF Men’s Olympic Soccer Qualifying
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Thank you for following the El Salvador vs Haiti telecast at the close of the CONCACAF Pre-Olympic group stage. See you next time.
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With hope burning

El Salvador won and needs Canada to lose by three goals (3-0) to advance to the next round.
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El Salvador 2-1 Haití
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Four more minutes are added.
9:24 PM3 years ago


A shot by Thomas that Romero flies in to deny the ball.
9:20 PM3 years ago


Perez's left-footed shot hits the net, but on the outside.
9:19 PM3 years ago


Louima's cross to the far post was picked up by Romero with no problem.
9:17 PM3 years ago


El Salvador changes

Hernandez leaves and Calvillo enters

Chávez enters and Menjívar leaves.

9:13 PM3 years ago


El Salvador tries with some centers that have been broken down.
9:09 PM3 years ago


Perez with the service taken by the goalkeeper inside the small area.
9:00 PM3 years ago


Jospeh's shot forces the goalkeeper to fly out for a corner kick.
8:59 PM3 years ago


Louima's header goes wide.
8:56 PM3 years ago


Changes for Haiti.

Francois and Jean entered

Archelus and Dorlus left.

8:55 PM3 years ago


Change of El Salvador.

Castillo enters and Rivas leaves.

8:52 PM3 years ago


Campos' header goes wide from a set piece.
8:47 PM3 years ago


Perez was alone in the area and his header went wide.
8:46 PM3 years ago


Diaz's shot from half distance is deflected for a corner kick by the goalkeeper.
8:43 PM3 years ago


Marvin Márquez put Marvin Márquez's diagonal shot over the top.
8:39 PM3 years ago


The second half begins.
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El Salvador 2-1 Haití

8:33 PM3 years ago

Goal El Salvador 2-1

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Half time

El Salvador 2-1 Haití
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El Salvador goal

Perez hits the post, but on the counter he makes no mistake to make it 2-1.

8:22 PM3 years ago


Rivas misses it on the rebound that the defense chests out on the line.
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Two more minutes are added.
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Louima tries to run down the left flank, but is robbed of the ball as he enters the box.
8:13 PM3 years ago


Diaz's shot from inside the area hits the net on the outside.
8:09 PM3 years ago


Louima gets the shot off and the defense saves at the line when it looked like the second.
8:05 PM3 years ago


Rivas' shot goes slightly over the top of the goal.
8:04 PM3 years ago

Goal Haití 1-1

8:03 PM3 years ago

Goal El Salvador

7:57 PM3 years ago


Goal Haiti

Louima's left-footed, slightly over-hit, but well-placed shot to tie the match.

7:55 PM3 years ago


Goal El Salvador

Perez scores inside the box and sets El Salvador dreaming.

7:54 PM3 years ago


Perez's mid-range shot goes high and wide.
7:51 PM3 years ago


Jerome is cautioned for a hard tackle.
7:51 PM3 years ago


Wendy's header from a corner is blocked by the goalkeeper's hand.
7:48 PM3 years ago


Márquez's shot into the goalkeeper's hands but El Salvador is coming closer.
7:46 PM3 years ago


Joseph with a deflected header that goes just wide. Haiti's first.
7:41 PM3 years ago


El Salvador with more control of the ball, but without being dangerous so far.
7:36 PM3 years ago


The match begins.
7:34 PM3 years ago

Everything is ready

Everything is ready from the field of the Jalisco Stadium for the start of the third game for both El Salvador and Haiti.
7:31 PM3 years ago

They jump into the field

El Salvador and Haiti are already on the field and both national anthems can now be heard.
7:26 PM3 years ago

In case you missed it... the lineups

7:21 PM3 years ago

Last result Haiti

Already with a full team, Haiti held Canada to a goalless draw.
7:12 PM3 years ago

Alternates Haiti

Alexis, Francois, Thomas, Experience, Lauture, Jean.
7:08 PM3 years ago

XI Haití

Jerome; Wendy, Dulysse, Jerome, Pierre; Dorlus, Bissainte, Archelus, Clerveaux, Louima; Joseph Jr.
7:06 PM3 years ago

Both teams are warming up

6:59 PM3 years ago

The souvenir photo

6:55 PM3 years ago

This is how El Salvador arrived at the Jalisco Stadium

6:49 PM3 years ago

Major category activity

This day El Salvador will face Grenada and Haiti will do the same against Belize.
6:43 PM3 years ago

Substitutes El Salvador

González, Henríquez, Portillo, Castillo, Alvarado, Calvillo, Chávez, Alguera.
6:42 PM3 years ago

XI El Salvador

Romero; Claros, Menjívar, Villalobos, Renderos; Martagena, Díaz, Dueñas, Pérez; Rivas, Márquez.
6:35 PM3 years ago

Last game

El Salvador is coming from a 1-1 draw against Honduras.

6:33 PM3 years ago

The schedule for the last round

6:30 PM3 years ago

Maintaining hope

If El Salvador or Haiti want to advance to the semifinals to face Mexico, they will have to score at least three goals and hope that Canada or Honduras loses by a landslide. Let's get started.
5:26 PM3 years ago

Tune in here

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Key player Haiti

Goalkeeper Alan Jérôme was the hero in the last game where he kept a clean sheet and will be looking to do the same for this game.

5:11 PM3 years ago

Key player El Salvador

Marvin Márquez came on as a substitute and in addition to changing the face of the offense, he scored the country's first goal in this tournament.

5:06 PM3 years ago

Last lineup Haiti

Jerome; Wendy, Dulysse, Jerome, Pierre; Archelus, Dorlus, Bissainte, Louima; Joseph Jr, Clervaux.
5:01 PM3 years ago

Last lineup El Salvador

Martinez; Saravia, Gomez, Campos, Renderos; Perez, Rivas, Molina, Rivas; Hernandez, Calvillo.
4:56 PM3 years ago

Haiti: everything to gain

They were not the favorites to advance and with everything against them, they will have to play without pressure and with the same attitude they had in the second half of the match against Canada where they also had chances to win it.
4:51 PM3 years ago

El Salvador: to be more effective

Against Honduras they wasted some opportunities and this Thursday they will have to be more effective if they want to think about any possible qualification.
4:46 PM3 years ago

For the miracle

Both El Salvador and Haiti need to win by several goals and wait for a winner in the match between Canada and Honduras to think about getting into second place in the group.
4:41 PM3 years ago

Kick-off time

The El Salvador vs Haiti match will be played at the stadium Jalisco, in Guadalajara. The kick-off is scheduled at 6:36pm ET.
4:36 PM3 years ago

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