Goals and Highlights: Honduras 2-1 USA in CONCACAF Men’s Olympic Soccer Qualifying
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Thank you!

Thank you for following the Honduras vs. United States CONCACAF Pre-Olympic semifinal.
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Another failure

The United States continues to fail to qualify for the Olympic Games and has been eliminated. Honduras will travel to Tokyo and play in the final.
7:02 PM8 months ago

End game

Honduras 2-1 USA
7:01 PM8 months ago


Cardoso's header from a corner goes over the top.
6:59 PM8 months ago


The U.S. is pressing on the basis of centers that have not been effective.
6:57 PM8 months ago


Five minutes are added.
6:57 PM8 months ago


Dangerous service looking for Soto, but the defense turned the ball away for a corner kick.
6:55 PM8 months ago


Lewis leaves and Cardoso enters. Change of USA.
6:52 PM8 months ago


Vuelto steals the ball from the goalkeeper, but finishes over the top of the goal.
6:51 PM8 months ago


Rosales came out and Vuelto came in. Honduras substitution.
6:47 PM8 months ago


Martinez and Pinto enter

Obregón and Palma leave

Honduras changes.

6:41 PM8 months ago


They called for a penalty kick in favor of the U.S. but there was an offensive foul beforehand.
6:40 PM8 months ago


Earlier there was a change in Honduras where Rivas left and Núñez entered.
6:39 PM8 months ago


Time of rehydration.
6:39 PM8 months ago


Dotson is replaced by Tesstmann. Change for the United States.
6:35 PM8 months ago


Direct free kick to the goalkeeper's post, which Guity deflects.
6:34 PM8 months ago


Meléndez is cautioned for a foul on the edge of the area.
6:32 PM8 months ago


Palma's free kick goes over the goal.
6:31 PM8 months ago


Soto entered and Perea left, instead of the United States.
6:29 PM8 months ago


Lewis' shot is saved in the small area by the defense.
6:24 PM8 months ago


Ander Herrera of USA was cautioned.
6:23 PM8 months ago

Goal USA 1-2

6:22 PM8 months ago

Goal Honduras 2-0

6:21 PM8 months ago


USA goal. Yueill's mid-range shot to score the goal.
6:21 PM8 months ago


Reyes is left with the ball in the area, but his shot goes slightly wide.
6:20 PM8 months ago


Goal Honduras

A big mistake by the goalkeeper and Luis Palma pushes the ball in.

6:11 PM8 months ago


The second half begins.
6:00 PM8 months ago

Goal Honduras 1-0

5:59 PM8 months ago

Honduras 1-0 USA

5:57 PM8 months ago

Half time

Honduras 1-0 USA.
5:55 PM8 months ago


Honduras Goal

Obregón scores alone in the six-yard box to open the scoring.

5:53 PM8 months ago


Rivas is caught offside just as he was tasting the one-on-one.
5:51 PM8 months ago


Four more minutes are added.
5:47 PM8 months ago


A long shot that hits Obregón in the back and a good opportunity for Honduras.
5:36 PM8 months ago


Garcia is left lying after a strong kick.
5:35 PM8 months ago


Palma's long-range shot is saved by the goalkeeper.
5:27 PM8 months ago


Another shot by Rodriguez that Ochoa saves.
5:24 PM8 months ago


Rodriguez with a mid-range shot that Ochoa saves.
5:22 PM8 months ago


A very high shot from Lewis.
5:21 PM8 months ago


Rivas with a long-range shot that went wide.
5:18 PM8 months ago


Lewis's left-footed cross is deflected wide.
5:15 PM8 months ago


Dangerous service that the goalkeeper of Honduras sends away for a corner kick.
5:11 PM8 months ago


Obregón came close to the first after Ochoa's save, but was offside.
5:06 PM8 months ago


The match kicks off at Estadio Jalisco.
5:03 PM8 months ago

In case you missed the lineups...

5:00 PM8 months ago

They jump into the field

Honduras and the United States take the field and both national anthems will now be played.
4:55 PM8 months ago

Who will qualify for the Olympic Games?

4:50 PM8 months ago

Jalisco Stadium in excellent condition

4:45 PM8 months ago

Substitutes USA

Marcinkowski, Araujo, Pineda, Saucedo, Tessmann, Freese, Michel, Cardoso, Soto.
4:39 PM8 months ago

Substitutes Honduras

Meléndez, Núñez, Vuelto, Perelló, Pinto, Facussé, Martínez, Ramos.
4:35 PM8 months ago

How does USA arrive?

The United States finished second in the group after defeating the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica, in addition to the loss to Mexico.
4:30 PM8 months ago

How does Honduras arrive?

Honduras finished top of Group B with a win over Haiti and two draws with Canada and El Salvador.
4:26 PM8 months ago

All or nothing in 90 minutes

4:20 PM8 months ago

Solid defense

The United States conceded only one goal and that came in a 1-0 loss to Mexico last Wednesday.
4:15 PM8 months ago

Catrachos know the playing field

4:10 PM8 months ago


Ochoa; Keesler, Glad, Yueill, Lewis, Mihaelovic, Ferreira, Vines, Perea, Herrera, Dotson.
4:08 PM8 months ago

XI Honduras

Barrios; Maldonado, Decas, Meléndez, Reyes, Rodríguez, Obregón, Rivas, Palma, Rosales, García.
4:04 PM8 months ago

With support

The senior national team sent a message to the U-23 team to help them reach Tokyo 2020.
4:02 PM8 months ago

For classification

Honduras is seeking its fourth straight qualification to the Olympic Games, and was the team that shot the most shots in the group stage, with 43.

3:59 PM8 months ago

We start

The first finalist of this tournament and the first country to qualify for the Olympic Games on behalf of CONCACAF will be defined.
11:41 AM8 months ago

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Key player USA

Sebastián Saucedo has been one of the most outstanding players in the North American midfield, capable of generating something from his boots that could make a difference in the game.

11:26 AM8 months ago

Key player Honduras

Denil Maldonado is the leader in the defense and, in addition, he is one of the specialists in set pieces, remembering that he already scored a goal against Canada.

11:21 AM8 months ago

Last lineup USA

Ochoa; Herrera, Keesler, Pineda, Araujo; Dotson, Perea, Cardoso; Soto, Mihalovic, Saucedo.
11:16 AM8 months ago

Last lineup Honduras

Guity; Meléndez, Maldonado, García; Decas, Palma, Rodríguez, Arriaga, Reyes; Rivas, Obregón.
11:11 AM8 months ago

United States: making history

The U.S. has failed to qualify for two Olympic Games, making this the most important match in this category in recent years.
11:06 AM8 months ago

Honduras: no slip-ups

They have conceded two goals in the tournament, both of them due to defensive errors, which is why they will have to be attentive during the 90 minutes, especially down low.
11:01 AM8 months ago

For the ticket to Tokyo

The first ticket to the Olympic Games is up for grabs and the match looks very even, with the possibility that whoever makes the fewest mistakes will reach the final.
10:56 AM8 months ago

Kick-off time

The Honduras vs USA match will be played at the stadium Jalisco, in Guadalajara. The kick-off is scheduled at 5pm ET.
10:51 AM8 months ago


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