Goal and Highlights: Mexico 1-0 Costa Rica in International Friendly Game 2021
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Great victory

With an effective second half in which they wasted several chances, Mexico took their first win of 2021 with a narrow victory over Costa Rica.
4:57 PM17 days ago

Goal México 1-0

4:56 PM17 days ago

End game

México 1-0 Costa Rica.
4:55 PM17 days ago


Watson made a mistake on the service cut by defender Romo.
4:54 PM17 days ago


Five minutes were added.
4:53 PM17 days ago


Cruz's header goes wide.
4:51 PM17 days ago


Mexico Goal 

On a two-touch play from a corner kick, Lozano makes it 1-0.

4:44 PM17 days ago


Álvarez could not put it inside the small area and it ended up flying away.
4:43 PM17 days ago


Ruiz comes off and Martínez comes on for Costa Rica.

Corona replaces Corona and Álvarez comes on.

4:38 PM17 days ago


Triple wall outside the area that ends with Lozano's shot that passes close.
4:34 PM18 days ago


Lozano and Pineda both hit the crossbar within seconds of each other and Mexico's goal was snuffed out.
4:33 PM18 days ago


Romo's shot from half distance goes wide.
4:30 PM18 days ago


A pass from Orbelín that Lozano crosses to Lozano without much power, making it easy for Navas to make a save.
4:29 PM18 days ago


Herrera and Orbelín enter. Gutiérrez and Dos Santos leave. Mexico changes.
4:26 PM18 days ago


Ruiz's cross header goes wide. Costa Rica close.
4:24 PM18 days ago


Venegas' free kick is deflected for a corner kick.
4:22 PM18 days ago


Matarrita with the overflow, but the cross easily reaches the hands of Talavera.
4:19 PM18 days ago


Lozano's long-range shot passes close to the goal.
4:17 PM18 days ago


Sanchez's cross shot that passes through the small area and does not find a recipient.
4:13 PM18 days ago


Corona hits it from outside the area and the ball goes wide.
4:10 PM18 days ago


A cross to the near post is blocked by Corona.
4:09 PM18 days ago


The second half begins.
4:06 PM18 days ago


Change of Costa Rica. Lassiter enters and Oviedo leaves.
4:00 PM18 days ago

Near Lozano

3:53 PM18 days ago

México 0-0 Costa Rica

3:50 PM18 days ago

Half time

México 0-0 Costa Rica.
3:49 PM18 days ago


Lozano's header was saved by Navas, although he had been flagged offside.
3:47 PM18 days ago


Jesús Corona hits a first-time shot very weakly at the goalkeeper.
3:43 PM18 days ago


Talavera was left lying on the ground and the medical team went in to attend to him.
3:41 PM18 days ago


Ruiz doesn't shoot on goal, he wants to give the ball away and then Talavera anticipates to grab the ball.
3:39 PM18 days ago


Costa Rica has evened the game, but there are no dangerous actions in both goals.
3:36 PM18 days ago


Talavera had already released the ball, even though he had made the save afterwards.
3:31 PM18 days ago


Lozano's shot from half distance goes over the top.
3:29 PM18 days ago


Corona's overflow and Arteaga's first-time shot ends up flying over.
3:26 PM18 days ago


Watson's header into the hands of Talavera.
3:24 PM18 days ago


Dos Santos' free kick into the wall.
3:20 PM18 days ago


Watson is cautioned by Costa Rica.
3:16 PM18 days ago


Lozano's cross is cut out by the defense at the near post.
3:11 PM18 days ago


Gutiérrez claimed a push, but the referee did not sanction anything and a corner kick was awarded.
3:10 PM18 days ago


Mexico has started the game better, although it has not been able to be deep.
3:08 PM18 days ago


Direct free kick by Mexico, but Moreno was ruled offside.
3:03 PM18 days ago


The match between Mexico and Costa Rica kicks off.
2:57 PM18 days ago

Enter the field

Mexico and Costa Rica are already on the field and their respective national anthems are already being sung.
2:53 PM18 days ago

To minutes

The teams are about to enter, while the substitutes are already in the stands.
2:47 PM18 days ago

Many changes

Marino made many changes for this game, although all eyes will be on what Luis Romo can do.
2:43 PM18 days ago

They are ready

Mexico has also declared itself ready and took the opportunity to take a souvenir photo.


2:37 PM18 days ago

They go with the black t-shirt again

2:35 PM18 days ago

Substitutes México

Ochoa, Orozco, González, Álvarez, Gallardo, Montes, Rodríguez, Herrera, Lainez, Pineda, Álvarez.
2:31 PM18 days ago

XI México

Talavera; Arteaga, Moreno, Salcedo, Sánchez; Romo, Dos Santos, Gutiérrez, Pizarro; Corona, Lozano.
2:23 PM18 days ago

Match data

2:19 PM18 days ago

For a rematch

Héctor Moreno and El Tri will be looking to put on a better soccer display compared to the narrow loss to Costa Rica.

2:15 PM18 days ago

Declare themselves ready

Today morning was Costa Rica's last training session and they have declared themselves ready to defeat Martino for the second time.
2:12 PM18 days ago

Mexico's arrival at the stadium

2:11 PM18 days ago

XI Costa Rica

Navas; Fuller, Navas, Watson, Calvo; Oviedo, Cruz, Ruiz, Campbell, Sequeira; Venegas, Brown.
2:09 PM18 days ago

Tata's respect for Costa Rica

2:06 PM18 days ago

For the first victory

Both Mexico and Costa Rica were unable to win in their first matches and will now be looking to give their fans something to cheer about.
2:05 PM18 days ago

Extending the streak

Mexico has not lost six games against Costa Rica in any competition.

2:00 PM18 days ago

We start

Mexico will be looking for its first win of 2021 and this match will serve as an appetizer, because in a few months they will face Costa Rica again, but in the Nations League. We begin.
8:40 AM18 days ago

Tune in here

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Last games

The Aztecs have the advantage in their last five matches with a record of three wins and two draws and are still undefeated.

8:30 AM18 days ago

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Key player Costa Rica

If there is someone who knows how to play against Mexico, it is Joel Campbell, as he is a player of Leon and his ability to step on the opponent's area will be key throughout the 90 minutes.

8:20 AM18 days ago

Key player Mexico

Mexico's best player now is Jesús Corona, whose overflowing runs down the flanks could be the key to generate damage in this match.

8:15 AM18 days ago

Last lineup Costa Rica

Moreira; Oviedo, Calvo, Waston, Fuller; Sequeira, Ruiz, Tejeda, Campbell; Brown, Venegas.
8:10 AM18 days ago

Last lineup Mexico

Ochoa; Gallardo, Salcedo, Montes, Rodriguez; Alvarez, Herrera, Corona, Pineda, Guardado; Lozano.
8:05 AM18 days ago

Costa Rica: show signs of improvement

The Ticos did not look too bad last Saturday against Bosnia and Herzegovina, although they were held to a goalless draw. On neutral territory, they will be looking to give a blow of authority in CONCACAF.
8:00 AM18 days ago

Mexico: to put on a better show

After the defeat against Wales, Mexico will have to improve a lot on the field, especially on offense, where it was left to do its homework.
7:55 AM18 days ago

Kick-off time

The Mexico vs Costa Rica match will be played at the Stadion Wiener Neustadt, in Austria. The kick-off is scheduled at 3pm ET.
7:50 AM18 days ago


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