Goals and Highlights: Olimpia 1-2 America in Concacaf Champions League 2021
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Thank you for following the Olimpia vs América in the 2021 Concachampions. See you next time.
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Valuable victory

América took the away advantage and will need only a win, a draw or even a 1-0 loss in the second leg to advance to the quarterfinals.
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End game

Olimpia 1-2 América.
10:55 PM8 months ago

Goal Olimpia 1-2

10:55 PM8 months ago


3 minutes were added.
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Olimpia Goal

Arboleda's cross header, despite Ochoa's deflection, is sent into the back of the net.

10:51 PM8 months ago


Arboleda's shot was saved by Ochoa between the posts.
10:49 PM8 months ago


Chirinos hits the ball diagonally from behind and the ball goes wide.
10:46 PM8 months ago


Figueroa shoots at the near post and Ochoa stretches to save his goal.
10:45 PM8 months ago


Naveda's solo header from a direct free kick goes into the goalkeeper's hands.
10:44 PM8 months ago


Suárez's free kick crashes into the wall.
10:42 PM8 months ago


Diaz leaves with cramps and Benedetti enters, América's substitution.
10:40 PM8 months ago


Aquino's header and a great save by Menjívar at point blank range.
10:38 PM8 months ago


Rodriguez with a mid-range shot that goes wide.
10:37 PM8 months ago


Casildo left and García entered. Olimpia substitution.
10:34 PM8 months ago


Suárez enters and Lainez leaves, América changes.
10:34 PM8 months ago


Two set pieces were wasted by Olimpia, which did not take advantage of them.
10:31 PM8 months ago


Lainez is cautioned for a hard tackle.
10:29 PM8 months ago


Olimpia change 

Bengtson leaves. 

In comes Arboleda.

10:28 PM8 months ago


Lainez's cross from across the box goes wide.
10:25 PM8 months ago


Changes in America

In: Aquino and Aguilera

Out: Fuentes and Sánchez.

10:24 PM8 months ago


Olimpia tries, but in the last third of the field it fails to connect.
10:21 PM8 months ago


Mejía is cautioned for a strong foul in the midfield.
10:19 PM8 months ago


Pinto enters and Álvarez leaves, Olimpia change.
10:17 PM8 months ago


Valdez's header and a great save by Menjívar.
10:15 PM8 months ago


Diaz's cross shot goes wide.
10:11 PM8 months ago


Ochoa's poor start was not taken advantage of by Olimpia, and the American defense rejected the ball.
10:09 PM8 months ago


Núñez beats Ochoa to the ball, but his header goes wide.
10:08 PM8 months ago


Change for América.

Colula enters and Jorge Sánchez leaves.

10:07 PM8 months ago


Second half begins: Olimpia 0-2 América.
9:59 PM8 months ago

Olimpia 0-2 América

9:55 PM8 months ago

Olimpia 0-2 América

9:54 PM8 months ago

Olimpia 0-1 América

9:53 PM8 months ago

Half time

Olimpia 0-2 América.
9:51 PM8 months ago


América goal.

Diaz's shot from outside the box to increase the lead.

9:47 PM8 months ago


América goal.

Lainez's cross is headed in by Viñas to make it 1-0.

9:44 PM8 months ago


He missed it. In the one-on-one Aguirre misses and the ball passes close.
9:42 PM8 months ago


Richard Sanchez's cross is blocked by the defense.
9:41 PM8 months ago


Dangerous service that Cásares rejects at the near post.
9:38 PM8 months ago


Chirinos' shot from half distance goes high.
9:36 PM8 months ago


Sergio Diaz is painted yellow.
9:33 PM8 months ago


Diaz with a couple of bicycles inside the box and eventually earns a corner kick.
9:32 PM8 months ago


A foul on Sánchez is flagged in América's favor at midfield.
9:30 PM8 months ago


A cross into the six-yard box is unloaded without problems by Ochoa.
9:25 PM8 months ago


Olimpia presses and smothers America, but their play cannot continue due to an offside.
9:21 PM8 months ago


Cásares with a good defensive coverage where he steals the ball and sends it to the side.
9:17 PM8 months ago


Viñas manages to deflect the ball, which goes wide of the frame.
9:17 PM8 months ago


Leverón's header into Ochoa's hands.
9:16 PM8 months ago


Casildo's cross is deflected for a corner kick.
9:13 PM8 months ago


Fidalgo's shot from half distance goes wide.
9:11 PM8 months ago


Bengston's shot over the top of the goal.
9:06 PM8 months ago


The match between Olimpia and América begins.
9:03 PM8 months ago

They jump into the field

Olimpia and América take the field at this moment.
9:01 PM8 months ago

To minutes

We are minutes away from the start of the match between Olimpia and América.
8:57 PM8 months ago

In case you missed América's lineup

8:54 PM8 months ago

Olimpia's motivation for tonight's game

8:52 PM8 months ago

The América thus started to warm up

8:51 PM8 months ago

In case you missed Olimpia's lineup

8:47 PM8 months ago

Standing up for Mexico

Cruz Azul drew against Arcahaie and Leon is drawing against Toronto, which is why America will be looking to become the first Mexican team to be able to pull out a victory.
8:44 PM8 months ago

Olimpia's arrival

8:39 PM8 months ago

Return to ownership

Viñas, Naveda and Díaz return to the starting lineup for Santiago Solari's team.

8:33 PM8 months ago

Last game

Olimpia beat Real Sociedad 3-1 last weekend.
8:31 PM8 months ago

The support of Olimpia fans

8:23 PM8 months ago

Last game América

El América sufrió el sábado pasado pero venció en casa 2-1 al Necaxa en la Liga MX.
8:20 PM8 months ago

XI América

Ochoa; Fuentes, Valdez, Cásares, Sánchez; Fidalgo, Sánchez, Naveda, Díaz, Lainez; Viñas.
8:18 PM8 months ago

The Águilas ready for their first game

8:18 PM8 months ago

XI Olimpia

Menjívar; Casildo, Núñez, Paz, Leverón; Chirinos, Mejía, Álvarez, Rodríguez; Bengtson, Aguirre.
8:13 PM8 months ago

This is what the stadium looks like

8:07 PM8 months ago

This is how he trained

Yesterday, América held its last training session where Ochoa also made the trip along with the entire team, with the exception of Martín.

8:03 PM8 months ago

Making history

América seeks to become the biggest in CONCACAF and reach its eighth title.

8:01 PM8 months ago

This is how América arrived at the Nacional de Tegucigalpa

7:59 PM8 months ago

We start

América begins its participation in the Concachampions when it visits the always complicated Olimpia of Honduras. We begin.
6:43 PM8 months ago

Tune in here

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Last games

This will be the first time that two of the most important teams in Honduras and Mexico, respectively, will face each other in an international tournament.
6:33 PM8 months ago

How to watch Olimpia vs America Live TV and Stream

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Key player America

Santiago Naveda is expected to have minutes on the field, highlighting that despite his youth he has shined in this semester, especially at the start of Guard1anes 2021.

6:23 PM8 months ago

Key player Olimpia

Striker Jerry Bengtson is the experienced man up front who could make the difference from his boots throughout the 90 minutes.

6:18 PM8 months ago

No fans

The pandemic conditions in Central America have still allowed the stadiums to reopen and this game will be played without fans.
6:13 PM8 months ago

Last lineup America

Ochoa; Sanchez, Casares, Aguilera, Fuentes; Sanchez, Aquino, Dos Santos, Fidalgo, Lainez; Martinez.
6:08 PM8 months ago

Last lineup Olimpia

Menjivar; Flores, Casildo, Leveron, Portillo; Aguirre, Flores, Pinto, Figueroa; Chirinos, Bengtson.
6:03 PM8 months ago

America: not over confident

Despite their superiority, the Águilas should not be overconfident as they were against Cruz Azul and go for the win from the start to bring a more comfortable result back to Mexico.
5:58 PM8 months ago

Olimpia: take advantage of home advantage

Although the outlook looks complicated, Olimpia will have to take advantage of their home conditions in Tegucigalpa to gain an advantage that will allow them to dream of reaching the quarterfinals.
5:53 PM8 months ago

Kick-off time

The Olimpia vs America match will be played at the stadium Nacionald e Tegucigalpa, in Honduras. The kick-off is scheduled at 10pm ET.
5:48 PM8 months ago

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