Goals and Highlights of Cruz Azul 8-0 Arcahaie on Round of 16 Concachampions 2021
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This is how Escobar closed the score

With this strong shot, the Paraguayan put the final goal in tonight's score.


12:17 AM2 years ago


The match ends with a resounding victory for Cruz Azul, beating Arcahaie 8-0. 
12:06 AM2 years ago


Excellent save by Marcelin after Angulo's header.
12:03 AM2 years ago


Juan Escobar shot outside the area with great force and Marcelin could not react in time.
12:00 AM2 years ago


Angulo missed with his head a very accurate pass from Huescas.
11:59 PM2 years ago


Yellow card for Mylove for a foul in midfield.
11:58 PM2 years ago


Santi Giménez missed a shot alone in the area.
11:57 PM2 years ago


Escobar sends the ball to Huescas, who left Angulo alone and scored another one. 
Arcahaie cannot react in the match. 
11:55 PM2 years ago

Good play by Santiago

He beat three defenders to give the ball to Reyes, who finished the ball off nicely.


11:52 PM2 years ago


Giménez drove a counter-attack, passed the ball to the goalkeeper, and Montoya scored again.
11:49 PM2 years ago


Giménez makes a good play to get past three opponents and passes the ball to Reyes, who finishes with a first-time shot.
11:45 PM2 years ago


Goal disallowed to Santiago Giménez for a non-existent offside.
11:38 PM2 years ago


Giménez won the ball from Marcelin in Arcahie's exit, and gave it to Montoya, who put the ball in without the goalkeeper.
11:33 PM2 years ago


At halftime, Pol Fernández and Aldrete were replaced by Juan Escobar and Alvarado.
11:28 PM2 years ago


The second half of the match begins.
11:23 PM2 years ago

Great finish by Elías

After a couple of attempts, the Mexican striker managed to score this very good goal.


11:18 PM2 years ago


End of the first half!

The global score: Cruz Azul 3-0 Arcahaie.

11:13 PM2 years ago


Good defensive cut by Colin with his head.
11:08 PM2 years ago


Yotún's long-range shot hit the post again.
11:03 PM2 years ago


The ball hit the post after a long-range shot by Walter Montoya.
10:58 PM2 years ago

Good header by Yotún

Elías and Yoshimar had a good understanding to generate this play.


10:53 PM2 years ago


Great volley from Hernández in the area after a long pass from Aldrete.
10:48 PM2 years ago


Good save by Marcelin after a powerful shot by Yotún in the area.
10:43 PM2 years ago


Montoya's shot over the top of the goal.
10:38 PM2 years ago

Early goal at the Azteca

This goal opened the scoring in the second minute of the game.


10:33 PM2 years ago


Gutiérrez was again left alone but the ball went wide of the left post.
10:28 PM2 years ago


A great cross from Hernández left Yotún alone and the Peruvian headed in the second goal.
10:23 PM2 years ago


Adrián Aldrete's shot goes just wide of the right corner.
10:18 PM2 years ago


Elías Hernández's shot goes way over the top.
10:13 PM2 years ago


Rivero's shot goes into the goalkeeper's hands.
10:08 PM2 years ago


After a bad rebound by goalkeeper Marcelin, Alexis Gutiérrez shot alone and scored the first of the night.
10:03 PM2 years ago


Referee Josué Torres blows his whistle and the match kicks off at the Azteca stadium.
9:58 PM2 years ago

Celestes must be careful

Although the statistics and the context are in La Máquina's favor, any draw other than 0-0 would give the visitors a pass.

9:53 PM2 years ago

Motivated Arcahaie

"Our objective is to qualify, we know that we are facing a great rival"; these were the words of the Haitian team's coach.


9:48 PM2 years ago

Lineup of Arcahaie

G. Marcelin (GK); G. Gabriel, J. Desronvil, S. Colin, R. Calixte, D. Jean, O. Alesy, W. Louis-Jean, R. Thomas, M. Dorvilien and C. Thomas (C).
9:43 PM2 years ago

Lineup of Cruz Azul

S. Jurado (GK); Alexis Peña, J. Reyes, I. Rivero, A. Aldrete (C), Y. Yotún, A. Gutiérrez, E. Hernández G. Fernández, Santiago Giménez. and W. Montoya.
9:38 PM2 years ago

Cruz Azul arrives motivated

Although Juan Reynosos will probably change the lineup again tonight, the light blue players are going through the best moment in their Liga MX history.
They have now won 12 consecutive games, equaling the best streak ever by León and Necaxa. 

9:33 PM2 years ago

Did the game time change?

Due to a broadcasting hitch on Fox Sports, the match will be rescheduled to kick-off at 10:30 p.m. time to ET. 
It will kick-off at 10:30 p.m. E.T.


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LIVE Broadcast begins

In a few moments we will bring you all the details of the match between La Maquina and Arcahaie of Haiti live from the Azteca stadium. 
Stay tuned for the match lineups!
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Stay here with us!

Stay with us to enjoy the match LIVE Cruz Azul vs Arcahaie, which will be the second leg of the round of 16 of the Concachampions 2021. 
In a moment, we will present you with the match lineups and minute-by-minute updates. 
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Last match between Cruz Azul and Arcahaie

The first leg was played last week, where the Mexican team had more possession of the ball, but could not score against an Arcahaie team that was dedicated to defending for the entire 90 minutes. 
There was little action up forward by the Haitians, and little idea for Reynoso's team, which, by the way, came out with a totally different lineup to the one it plays in Liga MX. 


9:13 PM2 years ago

How and where to watch Cruz Azul vs Arcahaie

If you want to watch the match on television, you can find it on Fox Sports 1 and TUDN USA.

If you prefer to follow it LIVE on the internet, stay with us on VAVEL USA. 

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Arcahaie's key player

A key player for Aracahaie was Sylvenson Colin, their central defender who tired to cut out crosses time and time again. 
He will have to come out very focused if he wants his team to achieve a feat at the Azteca stadium. 
9:03 PM2 years ago

Cruz Azul's key player

Elías Hernández played all 90 minutes of the previous match, and could have made the difference but was not convincing enough to score. 

In the second leg, he will try to make a difference for La Maquina to advance to the next round.

8:58 PM2 years ago

Arcahaie narrowly misses out the trip

Arcahaie FC was nearly not going to play in the second match due to financial problems, however, CONCACAF gave the Haitian team a loan of US$70,000, of the US$130,000 they need to arrive in Mexico. 

The payment will have to be paid with the money obtained by the visiting team from its participation in the Concachampions, but the second match will be played. 

8:53 PM2 years ago

Cruz Azul comes to define everything at home

In the last match between the two teams, the result was unexpected for the team coached by Juan Reynoso, who came out with an alternate team unable to score in Haitian territory. 
The match ended in a 0-0 draw to be decided in the second leg.

8:48 PM2 years ago

Kickoff time

The Cruz Azul vs Arcahaie match will be played at the Azteca stadium, in Mexico City, Mexico.

The kick-off is scheduled at 10:00 pm ET.

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